Powerwand Magic

I’ve posted about this in the past, but feel it was not understo

Can you give more specific info? Or a book to read or info?
I don’t understand exactly how you have to spin the magic wand with repect to what…

(clockwise to the south opposite to the north damming,opposite speeding)

Doesn’t make much sense to me

When aiming powerwand to south, use 45 degree angle and rotate clockwise in circles(small to larger)This will dam ether, clouds will break up. If you aim north rotate counter clockwise. To speed ether(break up storms) Spin in opposite direction. Complete opposite in southern hemisphere. Check out Trevers weather engineering video and book ‘The Cosmic Pulse Of Life’ From his work with radionics you’ll come to realize more than slyphs live in the sky

Bear, does the weather react with some kind of a delay ? Like… after 20-30 minutes of the sky clearing after ending of the powerwand action ?

Kozma, It typically likes to stay sunny after damming. Today was densely overcast. Took longer (45 min) to become party sunny. Forecast was cloudy( no sun ) . Once clouds broke up you could see chemtrails and slyphs having fun. This works when clouds are around 8,000 to 12,000 feet. Not much luck with high white outs yet.

Yo’ Bear, i asked, because i did that powerwand action yesterday. There was a grey, cloudy and rainy weather. Well, i was sitting in my room, doing circles by your description, and read a book. After 15-20 minutes i stopped, and looked through the window. Clouds were there. So i was like “hmm i wasn’t doin’ that properly dang it” [Image Can Not Be Found]; Than i went to the computer and 30 minutes later i saw sun through the window. Went outside and… there was a big blue perimeter around the house, about six-seven kilometers wide. Beautiful, deep blue hole.A chemplanes usually flying low attitude around, were like that: [Image Can Not Be Found]
But all that came with a delay about half an hour.
After grey cover returned, i repeated powerwand action, this time for 15 minutes, coudln’t do more 'cause i got bored
And sky completely cleared out… 45 minutes later…
So, that’s why i was curious about the delay, because in my case it’s happening. I wonder, if i take my miniwand outside, it won’t be interfered with a home electric grid running on 50 Hz, maybe delay will be shorter… 'dunno. Will see. Anyway, thank you for your precious information !

Interesting. I sometimes put my mini-PW (ordered from Orgonise-Africa) toward the sea here in Reunion Island and there is often a visible effect on the atmosphere over the sea, after some minutes/hours.

But a PW is powered with a battery, so it cannot last eternally I’d suggest to try to connect a solar panel to a PW to have an everlasting energy booster.

I think a CB has exactly the same effect when pointed toward a specific direction, hasn’t it ? Or maybe I missed something

Yes I would believe so, that’s what I want to try when I get back home, attach my CB to a rope on the top and let it balance sideways and then making it turn around on the base. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the effects

Kozma great results! I do it without a power source doesn’t matter. On Saturday my son’s baseball practice was going to be cancelled do to cold and drizzle. He really wanted to play so…30 minutes later… sunny and 10 degrees warmer

great results here too in Sweetserrelande, chems hardly stick. Now we have to find out to make rain because it’s gonna be a little dry

I have done today the experiment with the Powewand from Andy…CtBuster
Unbelievable!! It was cloudly overall in Vienna…and after some minutes, first the black clouds turned white and then disappeared
So there were visible the chemtrails, but after some times they have gone away too. I had alway the powerwand inside home and only today I have seen how powerful it is. I have tried in south direction, moving it clockwise.
soon the video. Thanks Bear for the tip, I am going to read that book too.
It it possible to post videos here, or should I make it on you tube?

Anyway another great succes…someone else had fun doing it too. Now there are no clouds…

Makes me happy to see so many good people having this knowledge. If you dam ether long enough you’ll create giant thunder clouds and rain. (takes hours) It makes sense for rain to only come at night anyways…I have to mention wind and strong storms can be altered as well. I have many hawks and falcons circling when damming ether. They like it

I’ve seen him do it. (Bear Claw) and yes it’s astounding!

could you give me the link with the original instructions?

I guess I don’t understand. Do you mean from Trevor? This is just experimenting with power wands using some of his ideas. Simple rotation at 45 degree angles will produce visible cloud changes. Everyone who’s interested should do your own experiments for yourself and post results to share. I’m sure some of you will discover new results/ideas.

BC, are you saying the ether flows from east to west in the southern hemisphere? I think we talked about that but forgot the outcome…

EB Yes, seems as if thats the case. You would do an opposite rotation than us northerners.

well, I have made a video with my mobile phone, and I tried to make a decent video.
This video is made up of many fragments, anyway in chronological order.
Site is Donau Insel, 200 m away from UN!

Nice work
How long did it take to turn that sky blue? Get tired

To see the first blu hole it took only 10 min. The Powerwand was turned on. But we see that if we do not continue to rotate it we loose the “good wave”. Anyhow after I think 40 min it was not any longer necessary to rotate it but only point it to the clouds. I have been taking an ice while my girlfried was having fun with the powerwand. She says it is her favourite game [Image Can Not Be Found]
The final seconds are after more than an hour.
We could “cancel” the chem clouds too. You can see how much blu it was!
Anyway this is I think the same experience that Ighina made with his swirl:

Towards the end of the video he opens the sky with a swirl in the garden. Anyway tere is a thread dedicated to him in this forum.