President O'Bomber---friend To Mossadomites

Don Croft
06 Jun 2008 15:31
Subject: President O’Bomber—friend to Mossadomites
Am I the first to use this nickname? In what was essenially his inauguration speech to the wealthy Zionists of Chicago he promised to waste Persia ASAP on their behalf.

He had earlier sworn to get rid of all the nukes in the US arsenal but I had no idea that he intended to shoot them all at the Persians.


06 Jun 2008 17:12
Subject: Re: President O’Bomber—friend To Mossadomites
One has to wonder what was it that he had to give away in return for being the first African-American presidential candiate in the history of the US…

It seems pretty clear at his point that national elections are a joke. In US or pretty much anywhere.
In Portugal, were you have a multitude of parties, there are (surprise-surprise) 2 major ones. If you ask any Joe on the street there, they won’t be able to tell you the difference between the two.
The only remarkeable other parties would be the Greens, the Nationalists and the Communists (I think this must be one of the last communist parties standing), but then these are usually radical enough in their views that they scare the majority of the voters that actually bother to go to the election booths to put their vote in one of the 2 big parties.

Then a lot of people vote for what is usually the charismatic candidate. If there is no charismatic candidate they’ll vote for the “less of all evils” candidate. And usually within one or two years they’re bemoaning their new prime-minister.

They know it in their hearts the whole national assembly, with the tiniest of exceptions, is a group of “well-dressed” people (mostly men of course) who are there to fill their pockets and the pockets of the ones in their family or circle and get a nice fat retirement pension when their term is done.
Ask anyone there… except for the hardcore political militants, whoever will be asked this will laugh and then admit to it.
People do have some faith in local elections though, because what’s being done or not done on a local level they can much more easily relate to, and in a lot of small towns they actually know the people, directly or via-via, who are running their local council.

And the funny thing is, a lot of people there, from their thirties up, believe they wold be better off with a “good dictator”!
They say it half joking, but looking at all the all the turmoil surrounding them, unemployment, etc it actually starts seeming, in the back of their heads, as a good idea to have one person arbitrarly decicing what they can or cannot do. They say things like “we were better in Salazar’s time” and that “he would have cleaned that scum off the streets already” – this a reference to violent youths getting out of hand – which the media exploits and makes it sound 100 times worse.

Meanwhile, behind stage, whichever clown gets put / planted there as prime-minister will of course follow orders and we can guess of who.

Did you know where was the 1999 Bilderberg conference? In Sintra, Portugal. That town, on the base of a lush green hill where a beautiful forest starts has as much of striking as of strange vibrations – and two castles and a palace to booth. My father’s place is a 15 minute drive from there.

Heck, I think I’m going to start translating some tutorials into portuguese. That country needs orgonite!


P.S. Sorry if I got a little bit carried away with the off-topic Mr. Yellow

Don Croft
07 Jun 2008 10:25
Subject: Re: President O’Bomber—friend to Mossadomites
All of that is on-topic, Carlos, and thx for your comments. In fact, any rational discussion about an alternative to excessively centralized political and economic power is so rare, right now, that it’s a little disheartening.

Focusing political and economic power at the local level is a key aspect of this paradigm we’re all moving into, I think. Why not elect delegates, locally, who can create weaker regional and even weaker national governments, perhaps then choosing natinoal delegates to create even a global arrangement based on how the internet works so well? We rarely hear the names of the people who run the internet but there’s no exploitation or power grabs from these folks, so why should representative, distant government be any different?

Carol and I were nervous about Obama because if his owners had managed to script the right speeches for him, he would have validated the existence of this parasitic regime to a lot of people who have become disgusted with 8 years of a blatantly stupid predator in that position. If the world odor had played their cards right they could really have taken advantage of the ‘First Black President’ scam but his overt warmongering gesture last week probably snapped the right people out of that romantic fantasy.

In real terms, it hasn’t mattered who is president since about 1913, which is when Wilson and the Congress secretly gave the US Government to European bankers with a fake consitutional amendment. The overt handover wasn’t for another 20 years with the establishment of NationalSocialism in the US, as in much of Europe.

Keeping people’s attenton rivetted on fake national politics has been a good way, worldwide, to prevent us from taking responsibility locally which is the only arena we still have.

It takes more and more open discussion to turn this juggernaut of global brain policing around: not good juju (Swahili word that means ‘magic’), predator blasting or even gifting, I think.


Don Croft
07 Jun 2008 10:29
Subject: Re: President O’Bomber—friend to Mossadomites
It’s probably also useful for the masses to finally recognize that the global dope trade and massive-scale mind control programs are responsible for the ‘troublemakes in the street’ as well as for all the top academics, clergy, corporate ‘leaders,’ politicians, scientists, pschiatrists, etc., who are mandated to keep this global facade active.

Ignoring those two very big things results in continued confusion and powerlessness, I think, which is what all two-legged, professional parasites live to exploit.


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