Probably A Hoax?

louis onder
30 Sep 2008 18:46
Subject: Probably A Hoax?
A good friend of mine sent me an article and I thought I would forward it just in case there’s more here than meets the eye. My personal experience is these things don’t happen the way we would like to because most of us aren’t tuned in to be able to witness this type of experience(s)
I have to say this one has a billion to one chance of ever happening, and then I made a grave error, I started to think about the reason a space ship would want to hover over our state. That’s when it floored me! I think it would be safe to say Alabama has anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 pieces of orgonite mostly in the mid to northern parts. This would make us look pretty attractive now wouldn’t it. My opinion is I will believe it when I see it, but for the record I will offer this post to all because if it doesn’t happen, others will approach this subject with CAUTION! As most of you already know, I am not afraid step out on a limb because that is the only way to learn how to climb and plus it’s fun! The attached article may coincide with Dannion Brinkley’s prediction for this year. (A clear understanding of holograms may shed light on the universe of assumed phenomenal objects)


Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?
by Stephane Wuttunee

Posted: 14:30 September 8, 2008

Blossom Goodchild
Like wildfires in the Australian outback, rumors of an upcoming mass televised UFO sighting over American skies are taking the Internet by storm. Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress and author, has the international Ufology community on its ear with channeled information concerning the eminent appearance of a massive extraterrestrial spacecraft for October 14th, 2008. Calling themselves ‘The Federation of Light’, these Beings from another world have stated to Goodchild that they intend not only to make themselves known, but also to remain more or less in place for a full 72 hour period, thereby providing the media with ample opportunity to once and for all capture on film evidence that will silence the skeptics and debunkers forever. The predicted rendezvous point? Alabama.


Dannion Brinkley
And here’s the kicker; she isn’t the only one making the prediction. Unbeknownst perhaps even to themselves, statements made by other individuals in the past corroborate her findings, one of these being immortalized on paper by Dannion Brinkley. In his latest book (entitled “Secrets of the Lightâ€? and published in 2004) on page 222 Brinkley says:

“By the year 2008, the fact that we are not alone in the universe will be made undeniably clear to everyone on the planet. With millions of planets and billions of stars, I cannot fathom how we could ever thought in any other terms. However, for those who have doubted, the extraterrestrials will make themselves known. I believe they feel they have no choice but to show themselves as we verge on self-annihilation, genocide and toxic poisoning. The truth of our inter-galactic lineage will become common knowledge. If I am to believe the vision, the truth of our intergalactic lineage will cause humanity to take one wild ride.�

A few things stand out in all this. For one, it is rather unusual for channels and mediums to give exact dates and places for events to occur – let alone the appearance of an alien spacecraft. Some leeway and margin of error is usually provided to allow for interpretation (and for people with less than honorable intentions, room to squiggle out from). Not in this case. Goodchild is adamant and steadfast on the date.

Another point to keep in mind is that from reading the materials on her web site (, Goodchild herself seems at odds with the information – almost as if she thinks herself unfit for the task of bringing this information to the world. This again, is quite unusual for channels and mediums. If anything, such people rarely exhibit doubt or disbelief in their own predictions.

01 Oct 2008 12:36
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
If such an event would indeed occur, most people would be very confused and afraid, I think. Like in mass hysteria…. It probably makes a good plan B for the NWO to declare martial law and equivalents worldwide, if recession fails. But I doubt if during the looting and chaos, anyone would come to us and ask about the benefits of orgonite… Shocked

Then again, the recent nationalization of several banks, to prevent further recession (even in Europe), opened the eyes of many (worldwide) to the injustice of spending loads of public tax money on helping these giant financial gamblers.

If a holographic UFO sighting over Alabama – I prefer a failed version with obvious computer glitches like in a B-movie, or starring Tom Cruise if it definitely has to be a slick show Mr. Violet – would educate humanity as well about technologies used to freak them out for more governmental control (like in tsunami sea-bed nukes and all army intervention laws that followed), it all would make sense, I suppose……

It’s a shame I still don’t trust channelers for one (holographic) bit/byte.
Must be my level of consiousness.


Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
01 Oct 2008 14:57
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Its not a good idea to put any kind of authority on Dannion Brinkley or anyone else for that matter. I’m not making any kind of character judgments about him, but in my opinion, you can have many good insights and be a “world class psychic” and still get scamed and have some things wrong. I think that his insights on “life after death” and our nature as spiritual beings are quite interesting, but he buys into the Global Warming scam, thinks that hurricane Katrina and the asian tsunami was some kind of natural event due to “end times”, time accelerating etc, etc and buys into scumbags like Jose Arguelles without giving it a second thought. His avoidance of any conspiracy information kind of puts me off, too, but maybe he’s just playing it safe. Much of his “evidence” of the “end times” scenario, the earth accelerating in frequency and all that are easily exposed as the actions of the World Odor’s sewer rats. Whenever I hear 2012 I just cringe, like when I hear or read “Assended Masters” or see the 11:11 Mkid trigger somewhere. I don’t see the ambience improving because of astrological cycles, but becasue of intelligently placed orgonite.

If a massive UFO event was going to happen it would most likely be a “Project Blue Beam” kind of operation to scam people into accepting the NWO. I find it pretty funny that when/if ever an event like this were to happen, it would be people like us who would be the most fierce skeptics and question the validity of the event. I personally have little interest in the alien issue, I don’t deny it, but I think its not that important. Getting rid of the parasites in government, media, religion and academia is.


louis onder
01 Oct 2008 19:58
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Great points Alejandro, I was not aware of Brinkley’s viewpoints nor his misconceptions. We all know about global warming and the weather control agenda, to us it’s old news.
Carolien, wonderful point too about the NWO they always have their hands in on everything and it would be hard to believe that other worldly forces would catch them with their pants down. My experience with the NWO is nothing in politics or whatever, happens by accident. (All the stuff going on right now in the world has been planned for centuries) But the one thing we all agree on is, orgonite kicks their AXX without fail every time! But if something does materialize, we’ll show them what a real redneck wedding’s all about !!! YEE-HAW !!

Each day gets more and more exciting !!!

Thank you,


03 Oct 2008 06:45
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
I think it would be safe to say Alabama has anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 pieces of orgonite mostly in the mid to northern parts

My gosh Louis!! That is alot of orgonite gifted! Bear with me a little as my mind just got carried away with that amount of orgonite gifted. A Tb is roughly about 100 grams in weight…so….

2500-5000 metric tonnes in weight of orgonite gifted! Amazing stuff Louis!

Should be interesting to see if the predicted UFO event will take place after all.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

(South East Asia Orgonite)

drakull [at] gmail [dot] com
03 Oct 2008 16:33
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Hari, that would be 2,5 to 5 metric tons, not thousands of tons, still a heck of alot of orgonite!

louis onder
03 Oct 2008 19:06
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
I have been nothing less of obsessed with gifting from the beginning. We recently discovered a few death towers not too far away that have not been gifted, but all of these will be history in the near future. I am 50 years old and have gifted everything from projects, police stations, rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods and everything in between (alot of it on foot) using the quarter mile per tower buster rule in atleast 20 counties. Gifting is the biggest adventure of my lifetime and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I can honestly and soberly (I do not drink or do drugs) say that I personally believe something outside of myself is responsible for the motivation that runs through me. I have never been this involved in anything else near this magnitude in my life. Last year we went bankrupt (all is well now) but I increased my gifting activity when orders started pouring in from my orgonite website. There is no way this can be an accident or coincidence. In a nutshell, I am just enjoying the ride. Now what about the UFO, if it comes (and that’s a longshot I know) the entire crew will get the etheric buzz of their lives when they park over the state of Alabama.

No worries mates !


15 Oct 2008 17:15
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Yet another failed channeled prediction, what a surprise! Hopefully this will help some newage junkies to start questioning channeled crap with a bit of critical judgement, although I don’t have my hopes up, its seems to be the nature of newage programing to get reinforced with every failed prediction or promise from the “gurus”. This reminds me of the Jehovah’s Witness phony predictions for the end of the world for 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 1994. The “Watchtower Society” (JW) is still going strong, unfortunately. My opinion of Dannion Brinkley just went down the toilet too, although I still think his life after death tales are interesting (if true). The more I review his site the less diference I see from all the other newage crap.


louis onder
15 Oct 2008 20:05
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Good comments Alejandro, I agree that the whole thing was a rather cultish kind of no-show and it’s good for people to see the before and after for the record. But just think if something had appeared, and if anyone claimed it was extraterrestrial in nature, their statement would be absolutely ludicrous if all they saw was something in the sky. An object in the sky does not prove there is life on other planets. Many reputable people state the UFOs and their occupants are interdimensional or etheric and this makes more sense than the run of the mill extraterrestrial scenario.
How can anybody prove an image they see is anything more than just an image appearing within our awareness? This is why I used the hypothesis of the NWO using holograms to fool us like they may already have done in various psyops to further their agendas over the past 20 years or so. (I look for holograms to be exercised right before our eyes on a mass scale)
I personally have seen many unexplainable (atleast to myself) objects in the sky on a number of occasions but I cannot honestly say what they were because there are many plausible options that could explain whatever it was that I saw. But if they ever do want to come to Alabama, we say y’all come!

God Bless,


Don Croft
15 Oct 2008 20:06
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
A feature of disinformation, generally, is that the source can be wrong repeatedly but it won’t affect the subscribers’ devotion to the site.

I constantly suggest to people (the ones who insist on promoting disinformants to me, personally) that the designed-in feature of all disinformation is to stop the subscriber from attending to his own inner guidance. It’s a form of addiction and charisma and excitation is the replacement for discernment, in this case.

One guy kept defending a particularly charismatic disinformant to me as a ‘good-hearted guy,’ and I agreed that if you disregard this guy’s insistence that Jesus and all the Prophets are evil, that reptiles are vastly superior to people and that there’s no hope for us, at all, then sure, I agree that he’s a wonderful man Cool


Don Croft
15 Oct 2008 20:10
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
And, of course, if any wonderfully nice space man with a big ship offers to rescue me from the stinking world order, I’ll politely decline his offer because The Operators, after all, seem to have things firmly in hand and any of us who will, indeed, honor our own instinctive guidance over the histrionics of channelers and clever CIA spinmeisters, won’t feel inclined to look for rescue.

There’s just something about doing the work, ourselves, that makes the inevitably beautiful outcome that much more precious, I think. I do hope all the newagers will take a ride away from here, though, along with their bornagain chump peers. I think that would speed the demise of the corporate world order a bit, so everyone but the bad guys win.


Don Croft
15 Oct 2008 20:13
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
I think that the measurable, observable results that Louis has achieved in his region are more significant to any rational person than a hovering spaceship could be, even if the latter were genuine. There are lots of huge spaceships out there, as far as I can tell—good, bad and indifferent ones.


15 Oct 2008 21:40
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
I think its important to note that the great majority of psychics are pretty gullible and take most of what the see at face value. I’ve seen in the EW chats that the psychics routinely have to pierce through various levels of veils and misdirects to get to the real juicy info and targets. Being the parasites they are, the sewer rats are masters in hiding, after all. Much of what newage psychics see that is of any importance is probably veiled in bullshit and not the real info at all, and they are unable or unwilling to see past this.

I go to a university filled with newagers and there are a couple of pretty skilled psychics there. There is this one very nice lady, not a heavy duty newager, who once peeked at my aura and told me “I see a hooded priest (jesuit) there, I think you were a tormented priest in one of your past lives, and that is bringing you trouble.” She suggested to embrace this freak as part of myself, as she could feel I was resisting him, to “further my spiritual healing” yikes! I thought that was pretty funny and explained to her that the jesuit she saw was no past life, but a scumbag jesuit trying to mess with me. It was a good cue to start boosting him and expel him from my space. This is a good example of how newage dogma (brainwashing) will skew the interpretation of what psychics see. This is the reason why newage psychics will not be of any help fighting the world odor. The world odor really figured out a very effective method of neutering the possible treat from psychics with theosophy and of killing the rest who wouldn’t take the bait, only a few slipped through the cracks.

What Don has said about most resisting psychics being murdered by fast cancer in the 90’s is something that I can confirm. I once had an Australian girlfriend who was a bit psychic and who’s mom was very skilled witch (one of the good ones). Her mom died of cancer in a very, very short time period (in a matter of weeks since getting the first symptoms) inexplicably, and the doctors were perplexed because she showed all the symptoms of testicular cancer (?!?) but being a woman this was impossible of course. The serial killers also had never seen such a fast acting cancer. This old girlfriend of mine was the first person I met who had a burning hate towards the world odor which she got from her mom, so I’m sure her mother was quite a threat to these freaks. She was quite tramatized by her mom’s death and thought MDs were the lowest of the scum on earth, I guess she never met a jesuit Cool


Don Croft
16 Oct 2008 15:48
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Thanks for bringing up your school circumstances, Ale. In fact, if I were in your situation I’d probably have chosen that college for the same reasons you did.

The two or three professors in a school like that who have actual substance and commitment make the entire experience worthwhile, I think. That could probably be said of any mainstream university, too, unless one is attending for purely technical training.

What shocked me about scientists and alternative doctors, though, after I got into the healing trade some years ago, is that most of them are programmed to be irrational and prefer abstruse, complicated and unsubstantiated theories to simple, demonstrable truths. Rare alternative doctors like Doc Stevo, Dr Paul and Dr Dirk have the commitment to pierce these institutional veils, discover then apply some workable, consistently successful approaches.

Thx, too, for mentionoing your girlfriend’s mom. Too bad she didn’t know about zappers becuase the injected cancers seem to be pretty easy to cure with zappers on account of not having a strong emotional component. The rare cases of cancer I’ve encountered through customers which weren’t decisively cured with a zapper within three weeks involved exceptionally strong emotional (guilt?) components; almost like the people were committing suicide. Very weird, actually. If I were a doctor, or a shrink like Dr Reich, maybe I could understand this stuff.

Carol and I met a powerful psychic when we first started doing this work together. We had lunch with her, then attended a channeling session, which Carol said was clean and substantive, involving some friendly aliens. Since I wasn’t psychic I didn’t get much from the session, other than a nice euophoric feeling from the energy. This gal got cancer, shortly after that, and wouldn’t use a zapper. She told us that she felt it was her destiny to ‘teach the people in the hospital about spirituality.’ I think she had a good heart but was simply confused. She had done contract work for the CIA whenever her fed contact wanted it. I’m pretty sure they didnt’ tell her what they were using her for–at least not telling her much–and her misplaced patriotism caused her not to be suitably suspicious. It’s skilled psychics like her, we believe, who are often used to surveille those of us who are in the front ranks on the battlefield. This psychic died quickly after getting cancer, too. I once read some documentation on injectable cancer but I don’t remember teh source. Apparently, this tactic has been deployed by the CIA, at least, since the 1970s. They can also electronically induce heart attacks in certain circumstances. ‘Natural’ deaths ensure that no attention will be directed to the murderers, of course, though we’re doing that right now Cool

I hope this helps to illustrate how vast and omnipresent the CIA’s human resources are. MI6 is slightly less pervasive, since they essentialaly originated and own the CIA, and the Chinese agencies that are apparently over these agencies and over th rest of the sewer rat agencies have a lot of personnel but seem to mainly rely on the Western felons, at least in our cases. Sewer rat agencies like the CIA and the Mossadomites® can squirm all they want but they’re unable to counteract the will of their new masters, we believe. That said, there are apparently elements in teh US, British and Israeli governments who would cut off their own noses to spite their faces in terms of gratuitiously nuking Teheran, any time. I hope we and the other informal groups can discover and prevent those plots until these governments are finally thrown down by their constiituents.

Last night, Carol, Dooney, Stevo and I had another private session to waste the resources that were being expended to disappear us all from the market place, yet again. We have to do this every few weeks in order to stay in business. The next-worse case of agency interference is Andy of and the next in line is Georg of
though in Georg’s case there are occasionally some pretty heinous physical aspects, probably due to his present, successful role in healing Africa. The worst of our physical attacks in the US are routine poisonings, but those of us in the chatroom who get hit that way seem to be getting healthier, overall, thanks to zappers, PCA Rx and other handy protocols. The few prolific giftgers on EW who get poisoned but won’t avail themselves of the group’s help are sort of getting whittled down, physically, but who’s to say that their personal sacrifice isn’t noble?

We’re going to have another followup session, tonight, because the Triads are apparently deploying thousands of new thoughtforms against the four of us. Every few months the Chinese try something brand new on us. Another new aspect of the current Chinese assault is their use of etheric mirrors, which is something we haven’t ever seen with the European and African traditional dirty-magic assaults. Last night, we had to move through ranks of CIA felons before the psychics could discover the Triads and the ‘Old Hag’ who has been in charge of ruining our livlihoods. Another confirmation that the CIA is under the direction of Peking, now. Ale mentioned the psychic seeing the hooded figure in his energy field. This is how easy it is for a skilled psychic to see etheric predators and parasites but it becomes a discernment issue for the psychic if he or she is conditioned to enable institutional predators. The African psychics are more pragmatic about this stuff. I watchd Mr Kizira, in Uganda, routinely expel a parasitic entity from a young woman, after which she rapidly healed from a physical ailment. The psychics iin the chats have done more than perhaps any other psychics to specifically identify the predators and parasites that have plagued gifters and nearly all of them have been professionals in sewer rat agencies, seconded by contractors, such as African and European dirty-magic tossers, then less by aliens, though aliens apparently predominated in the first couple of years. It’s been incredibly interesting to see the shifts in predators’ power centers in the years that we’ve been doing this as a group, regularly.

The funny part about China’s role as the new top layer of the world order’s DOR-fueled dungheap hierarchy is that their position is pretty precarious; entirely dependent on the good graces of a billion Chinese who, until now, haven’t questioned the ‘good will and integrity’ of the Peking regime. Watch how fast that illusion crumbles as soon as grassroot Chinese start making and tossing orgonite! I’m going to ask the group for special protection for Hong Kong Johnny after he gets the basic orgonite instructions translated into Chinese for the web. He’s reporting a predominance of Sylphs over Hong Kong, with intermittent dark entities in teh sky, which Carol says is the Triads’ frustrated efforts to drive away the Sylphs with their filthy magic.

When Pajama People in the West are forced ot face the factt that China now owns and rules the world, all of their infantile, inappropriate patriotism and jingoism will vanish in a single breath. Of course it’s wonderful to be pleased with one’s cultural origins but love for one’s country only becomes toxic when it’s at the expense of another nation, race or religion. It was said by a well-known Persian philosopher and Turkish prisoner, Abbas Effendi, before WWI broke out, that there were three false gods in the world: racism, nationalism and communism. I think that we’ve seen a sharp decline in two of those poisonous ideologiies in recent decades but the residual nationalism that makes the US and Britain’s mass murder agenda in the Mideast possible needs to go away in order for us to have world peace. Those two terrorist states, along with Israel, seem to be the holdouts in this emerging global paradigm Cool

Even though Russia and China have the remaining mliitary forces that can be regarded as a global threat, those two countries seem to be mainly focused on prosperity for themselves, now, rather than military conquest. I think that as soon as the populations of those two countries fall in love with gifting, then those ‘swords will be turned into plowshares’

I think Russia and China are prudent enough not to try to invade any country that has an armed populace. I don’t think the US, Britain and Israel have yet learned that essential lesson but at least their military forces on the ground are too small to attempt it in any country bigger than Luxembourg, the present Iraq and Afghanistan morass notwithstanding.

When I was a kid European countries were just learning to get along with each other and, now, they’ve opened all their borders, use a single currency and behave toward each other the way US States behave toward each other. This general trend is a powerful confirmation that the world is becoming one country in real terms.

Palestinians bought a couple tons of weapons-grade plutonium from the CIA in the early 1980s. I remember reading about it on a back page of a mainstream newspaper. That means everyone has weapons grade plutonium and can make bombs with it if they feel like it. I think that the reason only the US has actually murdered people with radioactive material in bombs, as late as 1999 in Belgrade and presently in the two aforementioned countries, indicates who the real terrorist threat is, right now. We work our butts off in the chatrooms to interfere with US, British and Israeli designs for initiating World War Three.

Guess who else is stopping these terrorist states, right now: China forced the US to remove North Korea from their short list of ‘terrorist states’ last week Cool

There’s a popular theory that if even a con artist or burglar gets in the habit of acting sincere to his intended targets for a long enough period of time, he may actually develop a conscience. I don’t hold my breath waiting for someone to develop a conscience but if China’s current prosperity induces that government to keep the world’s economy on an even keel for the sake of a billion of their mainland constituents’ continuing misplaced trust and support, then I’m going to support their peace-seeking efforts. We surely know that excessively centralized power is corrupt and corrupting but we also know that orgonite can shift the balance toward the positive side if there’s enough of it in the environment, evenly distributed. A rational observer can see that this happened in South Aftica, economically if not yet politically, due mainly to Georg’s massive-scale efforts. It’s probably the best testbed for orgonite’s effects on the economy. Political freedom depends on economic freedom, after all, so I don’t think it’s a difficult shift away from centralized power, once enough people have begun to experience relative prosperity. Nobody’s crediting governments with their prosperity, afer all, except maybe the mainland Chinese. Otherwise, we know that we prosper in spite of topheavy, innately oppressive national governments.


Don Croft
16 Oct 2008 16:38
Subject: Re: Probably A Hoax?
Carol often reminds me that most of the credible people who have a working interest in metaphysical subjects are going through or have gone through one or another newage paradigm. The ones who get stuck in those Theosophy-based paradigms are the ones whom many of us find so annoying; those are the ones who swarm every progressive movement in an effort to recruit people away from it, then crap in the punchbowl. They use charisma and a boatload of mind control triggers and most of them don’t even do it consciously.

I’ve mentioned that this massive scale social agenda is not an accident and that the overarching Theosophy paradigm that all these groups are patterned on was designed specifically for this purpose, over a century ago. The CIA and MI6 have directly run that show since WWII. The Theosophists, themselves, did it before WWII, under the direction and financial support of a couple of the London Bankster/aristocrat families that Dooney mentioned in another thread. Russell and Huxley have always been predominant, for instance. To show how deeply this programmed schizophrenia runs, Bertrand Russell got a Nobel Peace Prize shortly after he publicly stated that he thought all people of color should be eliminated and that nuclear bombs would be a good short solution to ‘the problem.’ He was a hippie icon but of course Theosophy was also the foundation of the hippie movement. His sentiments might help us understand why nearly all the hippies were Europoids, at least, as are the vast majority of newagers today.

It’s tough to convince just about anyone to look objectively at the vastness of this metaphysicala global brainwash protocol and I know I’m usually wasting my words in trying. The designed-in euphoric response that newage programming induces in so many people pretty much guarantees that these folks will generally not choose to approach non-traditional subject matter rationally and without those Theosopny blinders on. I’m grateful that we at least have Dr Reich to look toward for an example of the rational, productive approach to non-traditional science!

That said, my association with newagers in the past helped me find my way here. My second wife was (is?) a gifted psychic and healer, for instance, in whose presence (we worked together) I had some powerful, confirming experiences regarding elementals, friendly aliens and subtle-energy dynamics. A couple of months before I was cuckolded, she shook me by the shoulders and said, ‘You HAVE to believe in reincarnation!’ In fact, I was in the wait-and-see mode about that at the time, but was swayed away by her expressed dogmatic insistence Wink . One of the least pleasant aspects of Theosophy drones is their lack of personal integrity and the same is true of the bornagain-chump phenomenon, by the way, which is probably why Jimmy Swaggart got rewarded for his pedophelia. I don’t care if anyone else believes in Theosophy tenets as long as they show me the courtesy of not force-feeding them to me or our readers. In that way, too, Theosophy-promoters are just like their bornagain-chump peers: essentially shallow and irrational belief paradigms compel them to ‘share’ those beliefs outwardly in a socially toxic way.

Integrity might be its own reward but in functional terms, it’s what gives us personal credibility. The only way to earn and keep respect is to be ruthlessly honest and guileless. There are some folks who constnatly defend disinformants to me because some of what these liars present is truthful. These people wouldn’t even be writing to me if I weren’t careful to present only genuine information and heartfelt observations, of course, because nobody is artificially propping up Etheric Warriors the way those disinformation sites are supported and promoted. Thanfully, enough people are willing to exercise their own discernment (instead of sloughing it off to clever liars) that EW has a solid, active audience and is compling an impressive amount of empirical evidence, from around the world, of orgonite’s raw power to change bad into good.

There surely are exceptions to the rule of intellectually dishonest Theosophy preachers, of course. Trevor James Constable openly preaches Theosophy but the science aspects of his research/experimental presentations are very good; he seems willing to keep those two things (ideology and work) separate. It’s not so good that he publicly attacks our work but I’m happy to allow that he’s only doing it because he’s got some honest misconceptions due to not having experimented with orgonite directly.

As ever, as well as we can divorce pure experience from ideological assumptions will determine how effectively we can share those experiences with others. This new paradigm we’ve entered does not favor dogmas or ideologies and I’m thankful for that. Enough contributors to EW have born this in mind in their presentations that EW has earned a fine reputation for being a reliable source of usable information, I’m proud to say.

I admire Alejandro for plowing through four years of that institution. I’m hoping that he’ll find and keep some allies, there. I wasn’t able to endure even mainstream university education for more than a couple of years because I couldn’t stay awake in class. I’ve got some regrets about that because, as Lao Tzu said, ‘There’s something ponderous and one-sided in the learning of the self taught.’ I’m hoping that my reading of a variety of credible authors counts as not being entirely self-taught Cool and I think Dr Reich blazed a trail for many of us by simply being the very first scientist to explore and quantify some of the unspeakable vastness of etheric energy dynamics, from which all of the sciences, religions, magical systems, arts and philosophies have emerged, after all.

The finite mind crumbles in the face of evident realities that it can’t encompass but in this new paradigm we don’t feel as inclined to exploit or control, so the mind can remain healthy (and free of infantile dogma), now.


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