Profound scientists of our times

Here’s an interesting site to read about some genious-brains whose ideas never got published. 

More specifically Viktor Schauberger’s works are worth studying though he was forced to work for nazis during the WWII by threatening his family would be killed if he refused to do so.

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Schauberger’s son lives in British Columbia and apparently has replicated his father’s free energy device that uses spiral water tubes. My friend, Bill Muller, knew him personally and vouched for him. Muller invented the magnet motor generator. Bill told me that there were three other legitimate free energy device inventors in BC, alone, whom he knew personally. We can extrapolate from that and assume that there are many, many more in the world.

The problem is that the scores of successful free energy device inventors out there haven’t felt safe to share their work in the media, including the internet, so that the grandstanders/poseurs like Dennis Lee, who mostly work for the CIA or other sewer rat agencies, get most of the attention. Lee had stolen one of Muller’s demonstration engines and sabotaged it, by the way. That’s what he was promoting. I learned that from Bill’s daughter the day after Bill was murdered in Feb, '04.

If I was able to find a legitimate inventor, others can but it’s likely to take some legwork rather than just looking on the internet.

Meanwhile, thanks for helping to keep the subject alive, Pekka. As soon as someone survives promoting free energy I think the rest will be easy and the oil cartel will fall, along with the rest of the world odor.


Free energy is a hot topic. I noticed in 1997, after I began visiting Wilhelm Muller in Canada, that when I talked to people about what I’d witnessed nearly everyone, including the PJ folks, wanted to know more and to have their own free energy device. In those days, almost nobody wanted to hear about zappers, by the way, though I’d had first hand experience curing a lot of cancer and AIDs sufferers by then. It’s better now, thank grid, and the exceptions are now the ones who don’t want to know about zappers.

Carol got the following from a ‘new arrival’ to orgonite who is hot to trot and since his quest started with an active interest in suppressed free energy tech I thought it would be a nice addition to Pekka’s thread:

Dear Don and Carol Croft,

I got your email address from the confirmation page because I just bought
the terminator zapper (exciting). I just thought you might be pleased to
know that you’ve freed more pajama people! You are absolutely right that
the younger people (I’m 24) are starting to wake up from the orgonite.
pretty ridiculous how programmed our parents are though. You also need to
know that your book spared me a great deal of anger/frustration. I’ve been
on a research rampage ever since I found out about suppressed energy
technology which eventually led me to orgonite through joe cell research.
All of this research was piling up and I was beginning to think that there
was no hope for humanity to overthrow the federal mafia. Life Etheric
showed me otherwise. You should also know that I’ve stopped smoking weed
while reading this book and don’t plan on starting again. Truthfully I’ve
always been looking for a reason to quit and now I have to face the fact
that I was temporarily neutered by it. Ironically whenever I smoked it all
I wanted to do was research, but I haven’t found anyone else who shares
compulsion. For this reason I can’t say I regret the habit entirely but
now it’s time for action.

I live in Richmond,VA. It would be great if you could tell me about any
targets that need special attention, otherwise I’ll keep gifting the
HA! I just now had a flash (perhaps the future) of a video game where
can run around as a psychic and gift DOR generating equipment and watch the
field transform in real time. And of course it wouldn’t be a video game if
you didn’t have to defend yourself against the sewer rats with succor
punches and powerwands : )

I wish you both the best and thank you for making a differance in my life
and in Richmond.

-W +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++W, I can’t think of a better way to throw oneself into an unshackled search for truth than toseek information about free energy tech. I think anyone can see that this one subject holds the potential for the entire destruction of the world odor and the subsequent prosperity’of our specie. Real independence and freedom is an energy dynamic, after all, much more thana mere political dynamic. I think more and more folks are recognizing that the politicalproblems will sort themselves out once the economic horrors have been dealt with. Anyonecan see that the oil cartel is the root cause of the Mideast adventures, for instance. Won’t it be hilarious when undergound oil is suddenly a second-rate commodity, the way whale oil suddenly became in the mid-1800s? The only thing standing in the way of that, now, is the sewer rat agencies’ practice of murdering inventors. I think the internet is about to put a stop to that. Richmond is prime real estate for the sewer rats and you’re going to get some pretty powerful confirmationsalong the way. If you get in a bind on account of your gifting, let me know so we can run some interference, okay? Meanwhile,please get some coaching from [email protected] because most of what the sewer rats can throw at us is easily handled by the technique she’ll teach you. A Succor Punch will block most of the electronic surveillance around you and a zapper will keep you from gettingsick from their poisons if you put it on as soon as symptoms show up. Before zappers came along lots of activists were dying from fast cancer and other bioweaponry. For the few among us who get dosed with heavy metals Dr von Peters is on hand for individual help when zappers and ChemBuster fail to bring us back to vitality after a poison episode.I doubt this will deter you because you’ve been bitten by the Gifting bug . Genuine self empowerment is heady stuff and it’s awfully good to know who humanity’s real enemies are. ~Don

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