Propaganda Or Legit?


a friend commented;

"A case of ‘some people will buy anything’? Or a smoothly-produced
piece of propaganda got up to look like new-age junk science?

I’m going with the latter."

and I agree with him.


I had to laugh at that one! A clear attempt to debase orgone. The good thing about it is it just gives us more credibility when you consider that, why would anyone go to so much trouble of a production like this unless they were concerned about the growing use of orgone and it’s positive effects?

haha that was a funny advertisement…

Even more curious details are these:
I checked on to see to whom this domain belongs… because on the video it is an advertisement for orgoneproducts dot org

First curiosity, the domain information was updated 21h ago, 11h (time of this post) back to yesterday 05h when Mark posted the first comment => 30h approximately elapsed so the domain information was updated just 8-9 hours after this post? I wonder what was changed?

well here’s some partial info:

Registrant Contact Information:
Name: Tetsu Liew
Organization: Visualscope Studios
Address 1: 815, 1st Ave, #188
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Zip: 98104
Country: US
Phone: +1.4252698012
Email: Email Masking [email protected]

So I googled ‘Testsu Liew’ to see if it’s a know person, I wasn’t surprised of the results
first page in the results:

Intro of the interview

Henk : Dear Tetsu, Could you please give some short feedback about your company, I learned your company is working since 1984 in Premium and gift business ? Does your company import products from China, or do you source from US suppliers ? For which major corporations does your company work ?

Tetsu : Although most of the products we sell are made in China, we work with trusted intermediaries in the United States to procure the imports. Some of our suppliers import the items directly from China on our behalf. Others buy the products and imprint them for us as needed.
Our company has worked extensively with many major corporations and nonprofits during the twenty plus years we have been in business. These include: American Express, Barnes & Noble, Citicorp, Prudential Investments, the United Nations, MTV, OppenheimerFunds, Universal Motown Records, Young & Rubicam, Elsevier and Continental Airlines.

Hmm just from the names of the companies he worked for, I know I can’t really trust that website
haha going through the website made me laugh even more…
look at the description of the cloudbuster!!

actually the whole description is interesting
Orgone Chembuster / CloudBuster- This is based on the Don Croft model of Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbuster. The difference between the Croft model and Reich’s essentially lies with the addition of Quartz crystals into the Orgone mix. Dr. Reich’s original cloudbuster needed a running source of water to clear the unit. I make my Chembuster / CloudBusters a little different from Don Croft, I do use the crystals, Quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, jade and turquoise. I do not however use aluminum, I follow Reich’s warning not to use Aluminum. Most Chembuster’s use Aluminum as the main metal. I use steel shavings Reich’s traditional metal; as well as Copper, Zinc, Silver, and a bit of Monoatomic Gold. I prepare the resin with a crystal singing bowl, and a Schauberger water implosion coil to create structured resin. I will also add in some herbs such as garlic and pure carbon in the form of charcoal.

What is that for a device… and the picture shows a CB with 4 pipes lol and a base with very little metal but a lot of resin!
For sure it is NOT based on the Don Croft model

look at that ‘wonderful device’:

(pictures from the cloudbuster page)

The pipes are not even 7ft/2m tall, maximum 1m from what I see…
The diameter is surely not 1.5 inches, maybe 0.5 with some luck. WIth what? like 2-3kg of resin?

Any research on google image for ‘Don Croft cloudbuster’ will show what a don croft style cloudbuster is…
found that image from orgoniseafrica

All that for just 337$ I think I have found a perfect example of what a rip-off is

Well I think that’s enough I don’t need to look further, the ‘Mini Cloudbuster’ on the same page at the bottom is even more ridiculous!

The answer to this topic title is quite obvious…

just 5 minutes after I posted this message I heard a very fast ‘military like’ plane over my house… lol the parasites are addicted to watching what’s up with this forum [Image Can Not Be Found]

So it could well be they are crap ineffective knock offs of legit orgone / orgonite tech?

Enough money behind it to put out a viral advertisement with high production costs.


I read an interesting article about how propaganda trumps the truth. []
Supporting statements inclued quotes from none other than Adolf himself.

I used that URL (posted my Mark in the beginning of this thread) and got the YouTube message, ‘This URL contains a malformed video ID’ so maybe the attention you drew to it, Mark, scared Whomever into withdrawing it.

The Chinese aspect of this caused me to wonder if it’s not an end run around Hong Kong Johnny’s Mandarin/Cantonese information that the Chinese secret police are not allowing onto the Chinese internet.

If so, it’s a wonderful confirmation that the bloodstained commie ratbastards are worried about orgonite unseating them


The Youtube link works fine for me.

Guys, I don’t feel that EW is an appropriate place to specifically criticize competitors and I have my foot in my mouth over this but this is a pretty old thread, I see.

Carol got this email just now and forwarded it to me:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tetsu Liew <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Forum abuse issue
To: [email protected]

Dear Carol
My name is Tetsu Liew, and I run a web development company. It has come to my attention that some personal information is present on your forum, in particular,……php?t=2012 Post #3.

I was the webmaster for the owner of… had nothing to do with the site itself however.

This poster has made some unsubstantiated claims about my integrity though. I would greatly appreciate if you could delete this posting.

Thanks in advance,


I don’t see any unsubstantiated claims in this thread so I’m not going to censure it. In future, we probably ought to avoid using thisforum to post critical comments like this. The sewer rats pine for any opportunity to make a substantial claim that EW is ‘uncharitable toward others.’ Over the years I’ve found it profitable to generally not mention the fakers and saboteurs under whom EW is buried in the search engines.


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