Proper Way to Expose Disinformants ;-)

God Like Productions is a popular website that is ostensibly dedicated to sharing conspiracy information and ‘undermining the cabal.’ Andy Schwarm sent me the following about the site’s facilitarors. Note the CIA’s joined-at-the-hip relationship to the US Air Force . CIA was spawned by MI6 during WWII. Art Bell, Jeff Rense and Clifford Carnicom are alleged to have been ‘brought up’ in the same USAF Intelligence unit at various times, by the way. Whoever compiled this information deserves a standing ovation:

The Mysterious Data Mining Twins

Jason Lucas (a.k.a. Trinity GLP moderator) is based in Shalimar, Florida (.7mi) from Eglin Air Force Base, US (no Florida office listed on company website) — Alex Shamash is based in UK (no UK office listed on company website) Both design “spyware/malware” for Military Industrial Complex to conduct “data mining” – Jason is Deputy Director of a “data mining” (spyware/malware) a.k.a. flowers”program for Dept. of Defense (DoD) Joint Forces Command.

ck out this quote from pg 4 of Jason’s presentation…

”through today’s quick and efficient data collection and analysis… all necessary levels of exercise feedback can be quickly turned into lessons learned. Offering the interoperability and resource reuse advantages to the data collection, TENA has become an important factor in range instrumentation and data gathering systems, particularly as an interoperability enabler in JNTC military exercises…

PDF for TENA (Test and Training Enabling Architecture)

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash’s masters…

Crooks-Incompetents-Assholes CIA Langley, Virginia – “I say we all take off, nuke em’ from out of orbit…it’s the only way to be sure” – Aliens 2

British Intel MI6

Dept. of Defense (DoD)

US Joint Forces Command

C2Media & — London, New York, Florida Axis

company website here notice something missing…where are the Florida and London offices? they don’t physically exist, they’re PO Boxes. C2 headquarters is in New York @ 423 W. 55th St, NY 10019

letters establishing Jason Lucas as principal in C2Media……2lucas.pdf……lucas2.pdf

“Whois” records show C2Media & locations
CustName: C2 Media Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 1113
City: Shalimar
StateProv: FL

TENA workshop given by Jason Lucas was @ Eglin Air Force Base, 307 Boatner Road, FL 32542 …just (.7miles) from C2 Media’s PO Box in Shalimar – how convenient …

Uniform Business Report (UBR) posted by anonymous person sarcastically calling themselves Jason, shows links between Jason Lucas/Alex Shamash and Trinity/C2Media detailing their spyware activities…

click here for PC World article on C2Media

London Base

Unit 12, 571 Finchley Road, Hampstead London, NW3 7BN UK
Tel: + 44 7817 130 743 (type into Google Earth) take a peek, it’s a 24hr Post Point, like a U.S. Kinkos w/ (3) stories of residential units above, odd locale for Dod (Dept. of Defense) US Joint Forces Cmd. Ops…hmmm?

listing of (spyware sites)

State of Florida Division of Corporations Filings show (3) entities w/Shamash & Lucas listed as officers/directors…

Fla Internet Marketing Inc., PO Box 330, Shalimar FL 32579

Electronic filings as of 3/10/2010

*entities below listed as “inactive” (defunct) but records remain of file.

Secure Software,Alex Shamash & Jason Lucas,PO Box1113, Shalimar Fl.32579
Electronic filings as of 9/06/05

Trinity Acquisitions Inc., PO Box 334, Shalimar FL. 32579

“Whois” Domain Search “Trinity Acquisitions”

Electronic filings as 6/30/04

Dept. of Defense (DoD) Joint Forces Command “TENA”

Jason Lucas’s day job

Tena-Enabled SIMDIS Analysis & Visualization System Provides Tactical 3D Pictures For Dept. of Defense (DoD)

PDF version click here

U.S. Joint Forces Command Structure:

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash boss is Gen James N. Mattis, USMC – current Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command

These two clowns must be sharing a brain, to leave their asses hanging out like this — the utter stupidity of attempting to suppress info re: Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute and it’s sister org Stanford Research Institute (SRI)… it’s like trying to collect the sand on the beach…it’s on Wikipedia…and their antics are all over the web!

Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash “Controlled Opposition” wunderkinds

  • copy sample post below, go to GLP

log on/ paste — these two Mensa Society rejects will ban you instantly, for info stored on practically every server in the world…

Hello Jason/Trinity — love your site, I’m not an anonymous coward, but read in PC World that you and partner Alex Shamash were formerly principals in “Trinity Acquisitions Inc” and “Secure Software” — is it true that C2Media, and “Fla Internet Marketing Inc” are your current spyware/malware companies used for “data mining” or spying on people? I’m new to this NWO stuff… do your posts cover Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute and (SRI) Stanford Research Institute?

Thanks in advance for setting the record straight.

SITREP: Jason Lucas/Alex Shamash are contract agents for Military Industrial Complex who ( 1) previously were principals in “Secure Software” and “Trinity Aquisitions Inc” are currently in joint ownership of “Fla Internet Marketing Inc” – a data mining business (2) GLP is masquerading as a place for people who are fed up w/global mgt team, to share info, when in reality Jason (a.k.a. Trinity) is compiling lists, turned over to Dept. of Defense (DoD) and at some point, will be classified as “undesirables” and “enemy combatants” 3) Jason Lucas & Alex Shamash own “spyware” companies” (4) C2Media is a CIA-front org w/offices in IL, CO, TX, VA, NY, WA, OR,CA and Canada (5) Jason is a middleware sofware designer working w/DoD, Joint Forces Command (JFCom) on system that will co-ordinate movements of Monarch Prog Multiples, using Virtual 3D imagery, Remote Neural Monitoring via EEG Evoked Potentials, utilizing all three NSA platforms (SIGINT, COMINT, HUMINT) The military apparratus displayed within TENA training manuals/visuals is a thinly veiled cover for army of Monarch Multiples — MK’s they are the weapons in their arsenal. This will give Military Industrial Complex ability to broadcast directly into audio/visual cortex of the brain — basically a huge megaphone heard simultaneously. RFID (Verichip) implanted Monarch Units, as well as civilians, will feel the effect of ”having a song stuck in your head” Signals will originate from NSA, transfer to GWEN towers, strategically placed throughout CONUS. MKs have enhanced audio/visual capabilities — this system will allow on-line, real-time retreival of images stored in audio/visual cortex, as well as transmitting coded intel to individual or groups of MK’s — the days of physicallyreporting for de-briefings are being phased out. Easiest way to decode TENA is to substitute MK’s for weaponry … ck this blog for upcoming post “MK’s On-Line w/ TENA”

now a special treat for the gang over at GLP and all those who “walk between the raindrops”…

Tavistock Behavorial Research Institute (“TBRI”)

30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4UE; email:

Tel: +44(0)20 7417 0407 ; Fax: +44(0)20 7417 0566

Jason Lucas, Alex Shamash, Congress, Dept. of Defense (DoD), U.S. Joint Forces Command, MI6, CIA, NSA and the rest of the “spook” community don’t want you to know about MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Prog and its “brainchild” – hiding behind the false banner of “national security”…

Tavistock has been all over the web for years, despite several name changes, the goal of its founders remains the same – condition the masses (useless eaters) to accept servitude — “a slave is easier to control, if he doesn’t know he’s a slave” In 1920, Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (TIMP) was founded, renamed Tavistock Clinic, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, currently known as Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute. This was only a “formal” coming out. Rothschild Dynasty funded Sigmond Freud (about 1909 -1912) and a team of Nazi mind scientists, set them up i n lavish estate to conduct “mind science” research. Under the guise of “providing assistance to wives of SS members”, SS Himmler used these as breeding camps. Orphanages were set up as holding pens, children were shipped to Germany for “Germanization” or “re-education” — read: subjected to horrific torture sessions in order to cause “mind splitting” (DID -MPD) in their twisted efforts to create army of human robots. The generic description of “experiments” is deceptive, as it masks the “purpose” of the (SRA) satanic ritual abuse — those who could not withstand the torture, were ritually sacrificed under the Occult-Nazi death symbol — the swastika.

Origins: Rothschild Dynasty financed John D. Rockefeller in the oil industry, they planned to control — taught him ruthless business model for Standard Oil “competition is a sin”– through treachery and deceit became Exxon-Mobil (1911 Supreme Court mandated break up was a sham…”you want us to break up the co.? oh this is awful” ( wink-wink) – each co. grew independently, when re-assembled, single entity was worth much more. Rothchild’s had almost two centuries of money manipulation when Rocky came along, and viewed him as a young upstart (easy to control) Rothschild used Rocky as cover for ”formal” coming out of Tavistock. The grant from Rocky, was Rothschild stake in their mind science plot to have earth’s citizens serve them as perpetual monarchy…it’s worked exceedingly well. The formalization began w/these doctors (not going to name all) Elliott Jaques, Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Ronald Hargreaves, John Rawlings Rees (Dir. In 1932 became founder of World Federation for Mental Health in 1948) Mary Luff , Wilfred Bion and Tommy Wilson as Chrmn — others joined later John D. Sutherland,John Bowlby, Eric Trist, Fred Emery. Tavistock joined Kurt Lewin and his Research Center for Group Dynamics (RCGD) at Univ. of Michigan, published an international journal, “Human Relations” relating theory to practice – 1st vol. “Overcoming Resistance to Change,” & “A Comparison of the Aims of the Hitler Youth and the Boy Scouts of America.” Tavistock Institute used Lewin’s techniques to arrange “therapeutic communities.” [we call them “12 step programs” the first of the 12 steps calls for the following declaration: “We admit we are powerless over alcohol [drugs, gambling, sex] — that our lives have become unmanageable” — the sheer insanity of waking up everyday making negative affirmations about oneself, in a group setting! Any first year psychology major knows repetition is how the mind is conditioned, it’s how you train your children…Ed.] In 1932 Lewin came to U.S. for concentration in child psychology. During WW2 he was an agent U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) psychological warfare Division – which became CIA PsyOps…

Rees developed “Tavistock Method” which induces and controls stress via “psychologically controlled environments” in order to make people give up firmly held beliefs under “peer pressure.” Wilfrid Bion pioneered “Group Dynamics”

In April 11, 1933, Rockefeller Foundation Pres. Max Mason assured trustees that in their program, “the Social Sciences” will concern themselves w/rationalization of social control — the control of human behavior” [ or MIND CONTROL] This declaration led to a Rockefeller grant that resulted in the birth of the “Tavistock Institute of Human Relations” in Rothschild controlled City of London in 1947 [see blog post “Empire States Geostrategic Power Centers Pt. 1"] This was 1yr after National Security Agency (NSA) was created, to provide the secrecy needed for these evil mind scientists under the banner of “national security”.

In 1935, Harvard psychologist (1930-1967) Gordon Allport co-authored The Psychology Of Radio with Hadley Cantril. In 1940, Cantril wrote The Invasion From Mars: A Study In The Psychology Of Panic regarding radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds [masterful fear-based trauma, mind control Op, so successful, it caused mass hysteria/panic in the streets, as Americans believed country was under attack by Martian invaders – today it’s fear of Islamic fundamentalism, tactics don’t change…it’s a formula]

FREE audio download here

Fred Emery in (HUMAN RELATIONS, Vol. 12, No. 3, August 1959) “Working Hypotheses on the Psychology of Television” …”The psychological after-effects of television are of considerable interest to the would-be social engineer.”

These are the monsters that created our heroes in sports, entertainment, political realms — (“TBRI”) created the Beatles, Rock-N-Roll (most of the Satanic “acid rock” groups) Elvis, Michael Jackson, (ERA) Women’s Movement, Gloria Steinem (CIA asset) Civil Rights Movement (MLK asset), environmental movement, video game craze, cell phones (to get us used to carrying our own personal GPS devices) phony War On Drugs, global warming hysteria w/the inane recycling, Hip Hop, phony War On Terrorism, Madonna, Britney, “Obama Girl”(inducing emotional bonding w/obvious target group) Sarah L. Palin Disney-like fantasy narrative and on, and on…

These are the people who decide what toys your children play with, color cars you drive (70’s brown, 80’s black, 90’s silver), how your corporate office (trauma box/cubicle) will be designed, shows/movies/vids you’ll watch, songs we sing, clothes we wear, what will be legal and illegal, which drugs will be produced/sold, what quantity/potency, to whom and who will be prosecuted for sale/use. They dictate what’s printed in magazines – every major societal movement you can think of was hatched in the City of London — there are no such things as “spontaneous uprisings” …and if, by chance they are…swift infiltration is executed…witness Tea Party Queen…

Tavistock Behavioral Research Institute is “the brain” of the abominable MK-Ultra Monarch Program. The worlds’ most brilliant social engineers, neurosurgeons, behavioral scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, professors, leaders of major religions, politicians have received “mind control” training (“TBRI”) in Rothschild controlled City of London or one of (“TBRI”) sister orgs i.e. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California…

(“TBRI”) has the resources of Rothschild/Rockefeller Dynasties at it’s disposal, enabling it to operate w/ impunity, seducing the world’s most brilliant minds to develop sinister methods to control earth’s citizens (subjects) to basically suffer in silence…they are “experts” in the field of mind science, and determine the standards/practices for mental health on the planet, through control of world mental health institutions, universities, hospitals, trade journals w/virtually unlimited funding and complete political support.

  • links for Tavistock Behavorial Research Institute (Global Mind Control Org)

brilliant expose on Tavistock by Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD

Others here:



So, if I understand this correctly, anyone who is openly curious about how the world actually operates is considered an ‘enemy combatant’ by the corporate world order

I’m actually not worried, since we ‘enemy combatants’ are a lot more powerful than the merely-parasitic corporate world order is. I just want to be sure to be standing out of range when this house of cards finally collapses. Otherwise, ‘trouble’ is just another word for ‘fun’ for me. These are the good old days. I flew to a new underground base a couple of days ago and ‘blessed’ it from the air

Data Mine THIS, you baby-eating, corporate freaks

May we please accelerate the ongoing process of state secessions so that these federal criminals will be unseated sooner than later? No need to shoot the murderous buggers unless some elected sherriffs elect to do it in their respective counties.


Presumably, the US Armed Forces will mostly decline to enforce martial law if ordered. Nobody else would or could do it, except the People’s Army or the Red Army but they aren’t stupid enough to attempt that on a hundred million armed and dangerous actual ‘enemy combatants’ (including yours truly). The US Armed Forces couldn’t even control Baghdad, in case you didn’t notice, and they’re barely protecting the heroin trade in Afghanistan.

Are you afraid of the corporate world order? If so, why? They’re definitely afraid of you.


Haha, even more! now it seems even their secret UFOs are being chased down by the US military!

From what I understand in antogravity technology, the triangular ones are made on earth, because they don’t have the right technology enough expanded to make many ‘oval’ shaped ones :stuck_out_tongue:
In that crash it seems the US military is at least, partly trying to fight them; which is very good news!! Secession is even happening in the military :stuck_out_tongue:

The DORKnobs are starting to have too many problems to deal with; they are just crumbling on every front by the hour now

Here’s a link to a page with live links to the sources referred to in the original post:


I had one of those triangular craft over my home maybe 2 months back. I don’t recall if I posted about it or not but I may not have thinking it was a bit off the mark for EW.

As I understand it, our US military (black ops – guys that used to use Groom Lake facility near area 51 which have since moved somewhere under the salt flats in Utah) have 2 craft. That black triangular one and a saucer shaped one. One is a “sport model” designed for agility and speed and the other a “troop carrier”. The triangular one is definitely of Earthly construction though I’m not sure if the saucer shaped one is.

OK, I hear this obnoxious jet engine sound outside. Odd! I go outside and the noise is deafening. Of course all the neighbors are already indoors with the windows closed so they heard nothing. I see coming from the West, just above tree-tops (100-150 feet) this slow moving plane. Yeah, right!

Lets see. Its heading towards me and I’m hearing the engines. When was the last time you saw a jet and heard anything until after it passed over your head? It has two almost “monster truck” looking halogen lights at the tips of the wings. I can’t see any structure except those 2 lights. There is NO nose-light which I believe is required by the FAA on aircraft. I see no window indicating a cockpit nor any windows anywhere on it. Its moving so slowly it can’t be a plane.

So I stand there watching. Its getting close and louder. I’m wondering what the heck this thing is. It gets overhead and the sound is deafening. I’m still confused, looking up and not seeing much of an outline of what this thing is. Its black, no windows, no nothing normal. Hmmm! It moves slightly East of me to where its catching just a little moonlight. Bingo! Its triangular and I’m now seeing 3 almost vortex-like energy signatures at the tips of the triangle. The lightbulb went on immediately. I knew what it was.

Its the triangular shaped AG craft which I understand is too small (sport model) to be 100% anti-gravity so they made it about 80% AG and have a down-firing jet engine at each of the 3 tips of the triangle to provide the additional required lift to keep it afloat. Thats why its so damn loud and why I heard jet engine noise long before it got over my property. Its also why there was no Doppler shift in the sound when it passed overhead. The engines weren’t firing backwards but instead, straight down like a Harrier jet doing a vertical takeoff. The sound was ground wave and you don’t usually get a Doppler shift (at least nothing you can hear) with sound like this.

Size guesstimate was maybe 60 feet across any side of the triangular shaped craft. The energy signature was actually a much bigger vortex where I was seeing the interference pattern caused I think by the engines at the tips of the triangle.

Question is, what the heck was it doing near the Atlantic ocean in New Jersey and why was it flying over my home so slowly that it appeared to be scanning for something.

I did have a SP running in the house and ran back in and grabbed and held it to surround myself with a chaos field just in case they were trying to probe me but I didn’t sense any probe being done – at least not anything psychic or of an energy type I’d recognize.

It just stayed its course, moving maybe a mile or two per hour (if that – seriously – I walk faster than that thing was moving!) and disappeared behind the trees and the sound got more and more quiet as it got farther and farther away.

Definitely NOT an everyday occurrence (hehe).

The helicopters (apache’s) that seem to keep sniffing around my place are getting kind of boring though its always fun to surround one in a big old ball of CV energy and watch how quickly they decide they need to be somewhere else like 10 minutes ago (wink).

And if you look at the pictures of the black apache that was dogging Ben Morton’s place after he erected his CB, the ones I see (black, white, even an aqua colored one once) all seem to have the same type of antenna mounted to the pilot side landing platform (or whatever you call it).


Gene, you perfectly described the craft that Carol and I got close to in Florida, except the noise it made, in our case, was a very low ‘sucking’ sound, like you might hear if you put your ear close to a vacuum cleaner hose.

Another visit may have been one of these over our house trailer in the summer of 2001, near Spokane, Washington. We had just ‘landed’ from our year on the road and a friend asked us to stay at their rural property at the time–that’s the place where we saw and heard Sasquatch several times.
I wonder how many readers are losing their credulity at that statement [Image Can Not Be Found] but, ‘Oh, well.’

In that case, the trailer was vibrating like a squadron of B-17s was taking off right overhead. I ran outside but saw and heard nothing but Carol told me that one of those craft had just visited us and left, I assume in stealth mode. That led me to assume that maybe the sound I heard from the craft in Florida was a byproduct of a subsonic dynamic. Maybe the loud sound you heard was emitted to intimidate you away from participating in this global enquiry? You were getting hit from many angles in those days but, like a Timex, you ‘Took a licking and kept on ticking.’ I’m glad they finally gave up and stopped bothering you so much.

Anyway, in re: disinformation websites: I still encourage people to trust their instincts so that the right books will fall into their hands in a timely way. Disinformants are all just plagiarists, after all. Sucking on the disinformation t!t (vacuum hose?) just delays one’s self-empowerment.


The first conspiracy book I read was COSMIC CONSPIRACY, by Stan Deyo. I was living in Tonga at the time and my American friend, there, Jeff, had prevailed on the little bookstore to stock the book, which is where I found it. Jeff was in the US at the time. He went there in the Peace Corps in the early 70s and fell in love with the place. He’s one of the rare ‘palangi’ (Europoids) whom the Tongans accepted in their society. There’s not much censorship in Tonga and, as I mentioned, those folks don’t feel that an overflight of a UFO is any more remarkable than an overflight of an Air New Zealand passenger jet.

At the time, 1984, I don’t think it was available in the US, due to censorship. The author is obviously (to me, even at the time) a marginal CIA disinformant but the book is half-full of documented material about the history of anti-gravitics in the US and Britain. The author is candid about his involvement in CIA mind control projects when he was a cadet at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado in the early 1960s. I think the book was an effort, by him, to get clear of all that but the last half of the book is a prescription for madness: typical bornagain chump terrorist literature. The USAF Academy came under fire, not long ago, for facilitating a local bornagain chump preacher’s efforts to proselytize all of the cadets, by the way, so it should be obvious, even to Pajama People, that the CIA favors nd sponsors this kind of cultism.

Even at the time I had the impression that he kept the second half entirely separate from the first in order to show readers that he was trying to extricate from his past masters. I’ve seen this dynamic in other folks I’ve known who are in that position, as you may have, too.

When the internet got going, censorship in America fell apart and his book becasme easily available, here, as did a whole library of other banned, useful books. Notice that the present US Alleged Government, unlike their predecessors, Stalin’s, Mao’s and Hitler’s, use their corporate influence to carry stuff like this out, just like they use affiliated corporations to run the Gulag Archipelago at a profit. They used their influence on corporations, for instance, to stop allowing the really good conspiracy shows on shortwave radio, shortly before the internet exploded onto the scene and made shortwave broadcasts redundant. HIstory had started favoring truth tellers by then, thankfully. Corporate sponsors were forced to stop enabling true informants to have talk radio shows on AM and FM stations across the country, a couple of years previous to the brief shortwave radio campaign, which is what mainly enabled the militia movement to get started.

I wonder why more folks aren’t talking about this. The new, unorganized militias in the early to mid 1990s (aprang up on the eve of the massacre at Waco) made it impossible for the feds to terrorize the nation’s PJ folks into embracing martial law after the feds blew up their Murrah Federal Building, remember?

I think something else made martial law impossible after the feds blew up the World Trade Center and that’s the same time that the orgonite-flinging movement got it’s big global jumpstart, too. The militias had sort of dissolved in the years right before that, due to massive-scale infiltration by federal agents provocateurs, but they evidently re-formed as quiet cells (like the very effective French Resistance in WWII) right after the 9/11 federal debacle. I wonder what part of ‘unorganized militias’ these fellows didn’t quite understand, before [Image Can Not Be Found] The ones I’ve met and corresponded with (a lot of them are flipping the death towers with orgonite, of course) are upstanding, free thinking individuals, NOT bornagain chumps. Agents like Col. Gritz rounded up all the bornagain chumps who thought they were militia types. Infants.


Oops–forgot why I mentioned Deyo:

Other, good documented material about the history of antigravitics is in a book published in Germany and translated into English, later. I had borrwoed that book from a friend in Canada in 1997, so I don’t have it but the author gave a fine account of Germany’s pre-war accomplishments, which some are calling the Vryal craft and you can see one of those shakily hovering in Billy Meier’s films. He calls them ‘Pleiadian’ craft

The sudden appearance of the sport models that Gene mentioned was 1947 in the American Pacific Northwest. The author describes how AVRO set up a factory undergorund on British Columbia’s Gold Coast (north of Vancouver) to mass produce these craft, which were vastly improved versions of the older Vryal craft. Some insist that the sporty saucers were backengineered reptile craft but there isn’t any docuementation to support it, even if it’s true or partly true. Some Maori orgonite-tossers we knew about reported that the reptilian craft around that area are dart-shaped and dark. Carol and I watched one of the sporty saucers for several minutes (well, she was driving and I was watching it, mostly) tracking us as we were driving north to Canada to gift a reptilian portal in BC in the summer of 2001. It was, as Gene described, about 30 feet in diameter and shiny silver. It was moving along, just below the cumulus clouds, a little faster than us but in the same direction. I was thrilled to see it in the daytime and I mainly thought, ‘I want one of THOSE!’

Al Bielek told Carol and I that the Germans had set up a big base in Antarctica before the end of WWII and that in 1946, Admiral Perry led a huge expeditionary force to take care of it. He shared a newspapar clipping from the period, reporting Admiral Perry’s ‘mapping expedition’ that involved thousands of troops, dozens of navy ships and a huge air force. Who was drawing the maps? [Image Can Not Be Found] He told us the campaign was a complete failure, due to the Germans’ beam weaponry, force fields and antigravity warcraft. Reminds me of some of the military campaigns in Central America since the end of WWII in which the US military slaughtered countless thousands of civilians but none of it got reported. I’ve known American veterans who participated in that but won’t talk about it publicly, for fear of reprisal. The latest one I know about was in Panama. The excuse was to extricate George Bush’s former dope dealing stooge–Crater Face–from the Vatican’s protection in the late 80s, remember? Reports and photos eventually got out of mass graves, filled with the bodies of civilians who were unfortunate enough to be test subjects for new energy weapons that the Army needed to learn how to use before they got to Kuwait.

Al knew Phil Schneider’s dad, Ernst, during and after WWII. Ernst Schneidler was made a captain in the US Navy in 1943 so he could participate in Project Rainbow (Philadelphia Experiment). Right before that, he was a commander of a German U-boat–an underwater cargo boat. I assume he carted stuff to Antarctica in those days. When Al was Duncan Cameron, his birth father was evidently a Vryal/Illuminati operative in the US Navy and was connected to Montauk, which I assume the Vryal set up in the 1800s underground.

Nobody spoon feeds me data like this–it just shows up and they’re like puzzle pieces and sometimes, like with our visit with Al in February, 2001, I seek it out.

This lifelong enquiry leads me to feel certain about some essential truths, including the fact that the US/Brit/Israel Government is a cancer on our species’ body politic and needs to be cured pretty fast so we can have the long-promised Golden Age instead of Armageddon. I’m not worried about the ChiComs, who now hold the world’s purse strings. A billion Chinese will eventually make sure that alleged gov’t will go away in a properly peaceful way, I think, and the ChiComs are heavily vested in preventing the US/Brit/Israel gov’t from committing Armaggedon. The Russian gov’t is Peking’s contented toadie, of course, and the various religious fundamentalist groups & moronic flagwavers are just creatures of the American/Brit/Israel gov’t and are offensive to people who use their brains and hearts, so they’re not much of a problem.


On June 21st 2003, October 17th 2003 (my birthday) and again on October 23rd 2003, I too saw the triangular shaped craft. Many have.
It has a cloaking system that creates an energy field around the craft and shows the sky above it to the ground beneath it.
A heavy POR condition makes the craft’s cloaking effect less effective.
Most noteable, is the orange “fire-like” energy anomaly that flutters around the triangular craft in a POR rich atmosphere.
This craft is supposedly termed a TR3B (or A revision, or others, I’m sure)
It supposedly has a mercury-based superconducting anti-gravity engine core at its center and 3 “lights”, one at each corner of the craft.
It’s our own boys running it. Of this world.

We were outside in Florida, watching a raccoon on the back roof when one of the LARGER (10 football stadiums in area?) triangular crafts uncloaked as it dipped toward the Earth in an evident crash! It happen directly behind the little raccoon that 4 of us were watching. That was on October 23rd 2003.

A smaller version was seen on my birthday the week prior to the “raccoon event”, as it went over us and then proceded south over the Callahatchee River in Florida.
The first time I noticed one of those triangular crafts, 3 of us were in a rented vehicle FULL of orgonite and I was driving up through Atlanta Georgia and it was inches above our rented vehicle on the interstate! I noticed the “orange flame-effect” directly above the windshield that time. The others in the vehicle watched this happen also.
They also saw the “raccoon event” with me.
What was traffic thinking? I haven’t a clue but it raised much higher when I focused the orgnone from the hundreds of TBs in the vehicle, up to fill that craft.
I’ve never noticed a tone or sound coming from the triangular craft.

It was the same time-frame when another member of my family, in Idaho, noticed the same type of energy anomaly apparently
fluttering around the edges of the craft near their home in Idaho.

I thought I would add my observations of the same or similar type of craft here, Gene.

Carol got this email threat, today, and she reckons he’s sent it to LOTS of forums [Image Can Not Be Found] . If he means business he’ll take ‘the next step,’ so I’m a little curious what it might be. I think this is the guy, mentioned in the first post in this thread, who has no evident business address for his company. Could you successfully do business without an address? We couldn’t. [Image Can Not Be Found] As you know, someone else has been threatening to sue us for years for using a common word on this site. We’ve got at least one hotshot international lawyer posting gifting reports, by the way.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Alex <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 5:49 AM
Subject: Abuse – Content on forum
To: [email protected]

Hi Carol,

There has been a post on your site, that shows incorrect information on our company Messenger Plus! (

The product is reputable and it has abusive information, with accusation of being spyware which is causing problems.

Other sites have now agreed to remove the forum posts that were spread maliciously to avoid any issues.

Please could you remove the following post from your site at earliest convenience.

If you can confirm it would be great.

Many kind regards,

Alexander Smith
Yuna Software Ltd.

Gee, I wonder if ‘Tavistock Method’ works on me.

Many times in the past, when people wanted to manipulate me they tried to get my wife agitated, first. That’s counterproductive. ~D

I just read a few of the older posts in this thread about triangular craft, and realized I’ve never posted about the one I saw. It was a couple of years ago. I was doing some gifting around Lake Simcoe (fairly large inland lake North of Toronto, near Barrie), and as I was driving around the Northern shore, I kept seeing something large and black sticking out from the clouds. I focused more attention on it and watched the area of cloud intently for a few minutes, and several times I saw one of the corners of the triangle stick out clearly from the cloud it was hiding above. The wind was moving quickly up there and the clouds were on the move, so I guess a lazy pilot wasn’t doing a good job of keeping all of the craft hidden.

Nothing too exciting happened, I just saw the corners of the craft a few times and that was it. I knew what it was from reading reports of similar things online, and it was strangely not all that bothersome to see one. The sky didn’t fall and I just kept on going Maybe it was following my trail of orgonite around the lake?


There is one thing which remains unclear to me. Seems like those antigravity planes don’t like POR. I’v heard a speculation that this maybe the reason why they are trying to locate CB’s. Six months ago i was lying on the meadow, looking to the blue sky, chillin’ and than i spotted an SUV drone. It was surveiling me. I still didn’t have a Powerwand at that time, so i decided to return back to my orgonized area. It kept following me even over my monastery. Thus, it wasn’t that big antigravity high-tech thingie. Seems like they have more budget in the USA section, reserved for surveiling the Orgonauts

I think the subject of UFO sitings, especially when we have aimed orgonite devices at them and produced ‘effects’ can be very productive, here. For some reason, Carol and I were treated to a panoply of strange craft sitings, including some very close ones, in the first couple of years we were doing this work together. If one of you guys or someone else will start a thread about personal experiences with UFOs I’ll be happy to toss my two bits in it because we’ve had some interesting interactions. Others have, too, and it would be a shame if this is not recorded.

Meanwhile, Chris in San Francisco, who lives and works contentedly in vagabondage, as Carol and I did for the first year, pointed out to me that it’s possible to have a business without a physical address.

I suggested to Chris that the whiner who sent my wife that pitiful email is in a bigger league, allegedly selling software to high rollers. I think someone in that position does need a physical address associated with the business, for credibility at least.