Pump for resin drum?

(PeterSpotts) #1

I now have a drum of resin–woo hoo! It’s pretty inspiring.

I bought a pump for it. After two days, the pump melted.

Woo-hoo! It’s pretty messy.

Anyone care to share experience with this, OR a specific brand or type of pump that will work, OR suggestions on how to start a siphon for the resin without sucking on a hose…??? Thanks!


(jackson) #2

hey peter, this is jeff. when i was younger i worked in a place that made resin castings. we always had our drums on their sides with a metal faucet screwed into a fitting that screwed into the drum top hole. it was easy just to turn it on into a bucket. of course there was an air hole at the uppermost point of the drum top and the faucet was at the bottom. there’s a lot of orgonite in that can, man.

(toddplatzer) #3

I used to buy barrels in spain, they never had a pump though, i just poured the resin into a bucket and stored it there, where it was easier to pour how much was needed.

(Patrick-Pastor) #4


The spigot is called a molassas spout. They normally cost about $40. If you use this method, you may want to build a drum skid out of 2 x 4’s as the 55 gallon drum is rather difficult to handle.

Also, probably want to wipe off the spigot with some solvent after use as unused resin left on the spigot will become sticky, and it may be difficult to open the drum.

Good Luck!!

(Guest) #5

the tap you screw into the larger hole is the cheapest, not sure where you can buy them, used to have one on my creosote drum. Anyone selling 44 gall drums should know. The local farmers supplier may be able to help, re those.

I have a metal pump with a handle you turn, and shaft that almost touches the bottom, it came from my local garage (for oil drums), one that they don’t use any more. Works OK. I had one for 44 gall oil drums when I was farming.

Failing that, I get my resin from my local town’s fibreglass maker, and he would probably give me an old one, he certainly needs a new pump or two