Queen's Day Drama In Holland


Today is Queen’s day in Holland: most people get the day off april 30th, and there are festivities all over the country for her majesty’s birthday. This year’s parade was held in Apeldoorn, a nearby city I gifted completely a while ago. A week ago I went to check up on the overall atmosphere, being very pleased seeing the obelisk monument and royal palace bathing in POR. The royal gardens and old castle’s forest are open to the public april-may, so I had some fun there busting symbols, in preparation of the festivities as it where.

Today, as you can read from a few headlines below, a car purposely drove into the crowd killing 2 or more people, before crashing into ‘De Naald’ , the needle obelisk monument (!) placed linea recta in front of the palace. The royal family unhurt (of course?) was just driving by.
Now this intrigues me a lot as it will you. I seem to remember 30th of april, may 1st are highly symbolic dates. The royal parade having to march through completley orgonised territory surely will have pissed off some black magicians in the Queen’s entourage. Did they stage this horrific event through some brainwashed puppet to counteract the effects of the orgonite? Seems very likely, but it raises the question wether this is possible alltogether.
All in all the number of casualties could have been much greater if the car would have slammed into a bigger crowd. I would be curious to know what other psychics have to say about it, because my vision is too subjectively coloured at he moment, I guess. It is without a doubt a unique ‘event’ in history, as such satanic rituals probably never had to contend with the presence of orgonite nearby. There is at least one TB within 40 meters of the actual scene, and another orgonised antenna 100m away. The roads leading to the monument have several busted antennas, and the overall feel along these big axes is great.
Or perhaps ‘they’ did not have anything to do with it? Then it is still interesting!

For the remainder of the day, festivities have been canceled, leaving the whole country in shock, hmm….

I’m very curious to read what you all think about it, and I hope some psychics will take a peek, perhaps in a chat.

Here are some headlines, I’ll also include a picture illustrating the scene. The street plan is of course interesting in its own right illustrating typical layout.





Zooming in view from above, the street plan is very nicely on display. The fact that both the royal family and the driver of the car arrived at the same moment at the monument is probably no ‘accident’. What do you think?

This is the monument you can see in the film above.


This the old thread from when I busted the first part of the royal palace.
I repeat, I went there last week to check upon the atmospere, it was still great, and I even added some TB’s!


I found it very weird that the media was so quick to announce the address (???) of the man who drove his car into the crowd: Burchtgracht in Huissen, Holland. A rental house – the man was fired, allegedly couldn’t pay his rent anymore and new renters were supposed to move in tomorrow. The advertisement for renting this house is still on the Internet (6851 BJ, 525 euro per month).

More interesting: the Burchtgracht (castle canal) in Huissen is the dike surrounding a Dominican monestry, built in 1772 on the remains of the castle where the “graven Van Gelre” (Dukes of Guelders) lived, in the former Duchy of Cleves – better known perhaps as the Van Kleef’s (!). I spent some month in that monestry in my twenties, producing a theater play. See satellite image: [http://www.nederland-in-beeld.nl/Gelder]

So this man who drove into a crowd, lived across the old Van Kleef’s place and the media is eager to announce that, right after the accident happened. I’d say someone’s ego is leaving important marks here! (not meaning the man).

I looked into any family connections between the House of Orange Nassau (Dutch Queen’s family name) and the Dukes of Guelders – these old ties are always related somewhere in history – and came up with the Henry II of Nassau (or Henry the Rich as he was nicknamed) who married Machteld van Gelre, the daughter of the Otto I van Gelre, count of Gueldre and famous crusador. Our queen Beatrix is a 22nd generation descendant of Henry II and Machteld van Gelre.

Now, why I looked into this? The man drove his car into the crowd, finally crashing the Needle monument in Apeldoorn. This monument was erected in 1901, in honorable memory of our queen’s grandmother Wilhelmina and her husband prince Henry. Talking about ancestors or symbolic links to them: our national holiday Queensday isn’t actually the birthday of Beatrix, but of her mother Juliana. Actually, this year was her 100th anniversary and Beatrix wanted to celebrate Queensday in her memory: with a defilee (sort of honor march by the people) at the castle Het Loo, like Juliana used to do at palace Soestdijk. However, the castle Het Loo used to be property of … you can guess: a Gelre duke! It became Nassau property later. Here’s the queen’s speech right after the accident (strangely lighted from behind, filmed in the Loo castle): [http://www.rtl.nl/components/actueel/rt]

I don’t have a clue how all these facts connect – if ever – but my gut instinct says they’re related somehow. Might be due to old money or fights between the Van Kleefs and the Nassaus. Not by this single aggressor, that’s for sure. Witnesses saw him driving his car in a straight line through two iron fences, hitting several crowds of people along the way. “Like he had lost control over his car”, so many said. Loosing control in a straight line??? Ending exactly at the Needle monument???

You’re right, Dirk, some black magic might be going on here indeed. The man is severly injured in hospital now, his life in danger. I suppose the fate of MK assasins is to die after serving his handler’s purpose….

Happy 1st May, everyone…


NOTE: Wikepedia is credible for spreading disinfo (thought-control), allright… Only nine hours after the Queens Day drama – the police investigations, about the why and how, were still going on – someone had added the event to the page about the Needle monument in Apeldoorn, claiming it was an assault on the Dutch royal family. The page has been modified frequently since then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Naald_(Apeldoorn)) Apparently the symbolic of it all is important.