Rats break in my house

Today at 10:30 pm nobody was at my house and a few thiefs came into my house to steal things and make it a mess. My house is alarm secured but somehow when the alarm doesnt go on as****es break in, break doors, make a mess all over etc etc. I got a hunch it is voodoo related, haitian stuff, and I think they astral visit first to look at the situation and then act upon what they see. They are checking on my agenda daily, which is good to know

This is the 3rd time they get in my house in less than 1 year, so this is a good confirmation. We never got robed so often. I will do some sessions myself and send out some energy, and make them know I can hit back and blast them over. So anyways, wanted to share this. Jose

We’ll go to work on those Haitian voodoo culprits on Sunday, Jose. That was over the top, even for sewer rats, and when a lot of voodoo is invloved it’s a good idea to get some help from the rest of us in a chatblast session. Try dodeca’ing the top guy, okay? Dooney will check your work on Sunday, grid willing. This has been the best treatment for sewer rat sorcerers, so far. You’ve got some psi talent, so you may as well use it for your own protection.

When the FBI, NSA and CIA take turns rummaging through our computers and household nearly everry time Carol and I leave the house they’re a lot more genteel about it, so we’re content just to have our MIB effigy (a modified Ken doll) hanging by the neck by the front door.

While Carol’s been gone I’ve also left the little cloudbuster from the boat pointing at the front door from beside my easy chair. I’m sure that makes the sewer rats uncomfortable, too, when they’ve invited themselves in.

DB is often treated to a deposit in his toilet from the sewer rats, which they don’t flush. I guess that’s an appropriate calling card for any of them, all the way up to BushSr.

By the way, I think most of the World Odor types hate to be called ‘sewer rats’ but I just can’t think of a better short description of their function.


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