Re: New Perspective On The "fallen Egos"

Don Croft
04 Mar 2008 19:32
Subject: Re: New Perspective On The “fallen Egos”
Tonight, Dooney/Stevo and Carol and I are going to engage in another boosting session–the fifth in a week, to restore our suffering livlihoods.

Before, it never took more than one session to get this done, either for us, for Andy of, for Alejandro and Javiera in Chile, even for Georg Ritschl in Africa, who has gotten hit the hardest in recent years. We’re always delighted by the immediate confirmations in the form of restored trade.

In Stevo’s case the phone starts ringing regularly (patients) and for the rest of us, orders for our products resume.

Also, in every case, before, teh CIA/NSA apparently used high-tech radionics, often in conjunction with ritual magic. Georg’s biz has gotten hit, hard, by MI6, Mossad and by someone’s agents in the German Customs Dept, also in the South African Postal Service. The psychics also found African ‘sub contractors’ conducting dirty magic. As I said, he got the worst of it.

Fortunately, the other vendors have apparently remained unscathed and the assaults on the rest of us have lessened over the past couple of years.

This time, Carol and I got hit from several directions in recent weeks along with the business sabotage and Dooney and Stevo were mainly hit in the pocketbook.

Andy was hit, again, last month but we took care of that in one session. I think he understands that the CIA considers him a threat on account of his relatively high profile.

It seems clear to us that this is more like a test than an attack and is directly related, apparently, to our enquiry about the entities in question and our relationship to them. I’m hoping that we’ll have a breakthrough realization in tonight’s session Cool and will learn whatever lesson we’re being given.

It’s been very nice to finally get clear of looking at the CIA and their minions as adversaries. They are, of course, but since November, when the psychics started exploring activities in higher dimensions together the problems and obstacles that seemed big, before, now seem less onerous.

Also, I think we’re all being prepared for media exposure, so be sure not to pick your nose when the camera’s on you, okay?

People who desire fame don’t understand that obscurity is more comfortable and requires a lot less accountability. We’re already being slandered openly on other forums, suddenly, and this is just a foretaste of what gets thrown at anyone who seeks personal integtrity and is discussed in the media. Watch them trash Dr Reich repeatedly again, too. This time, he’ll have able defenders, though. CIA are the most skilled slanderers in the history of humanity, I think. They’re probably proud of it Cool . Note how they can appear, to the undiscerning, to support Dr Reich in their newspaper articles while actually gutting him.

I wonder if most of the really good writers get paid from Langley, just like the really skilled shrinks have been. If you went to college you probably noticed that the most twisted individuals sought careers in psychology, not that there are a few actual healers in that trade, of course, like Dr Reich was. By now, most shrinks are just drug pushers and behavior modification specialists, enforcing a sort of ‘NO WAKEUP!’ zone among the Pajama People.

If my hunch about this is right, the latest multi-level onslaught might simply be inducing another baby step of growth for us as a working group. It’s pretty clear that Dooney and Stevo have become intricately tied to Carol and I but that’s what The Operators seem to require, so I’m all for it. It’s nice that we’re already friends. Hopefully we’ll learn our present collective lesson before we all go broke Wink

Thanks to all the EW contributors who have been posting lately! It’s all good and I’m getting a lot of feedback from our appreciative readers.
Eddie-san is getting past the hackers, with Alejandro’s help, and will be reporting again from Japan, by the way.