"Reclamation not War"

In the very beginning when Don and I started experimenting with orgonite I was extremely

excited. I still am. But in the beginning I was shown how much of an impact gifting could

have on the planet. I was told, "Heal the planet, and then there will be a healing of mankind."

My main passion with gifting was gifting all the sacred sites and vortexs that I could. That

is why I traveled to England, Ireland, Paris, Hawaii, Africa, etc. Someone I want to give a big pat

on the back in this respect is Lazou Kelly. He is another one who has traveled all around the

world healing vortexs……He deserves so many gold stars, I can’t even count that high:)

Steve Baron in Toronto is another one. Just to mention a few.

I knew that if we could bring back the love frequency inside the planet that that would totally

change the inhabitants of the Earth. You can’t live in a house full of nothing but love without

turning into a loving person. The unconditional love chakra is opening in a lot of people now.

This is going to be a time when you will be accepted for who you are. No one will be trying to

make you into something or someone you aren’t. Most parents will start to acknowledge their

children for the individuals that they are. The children won’t be browbeat into being something

that they aren’t. And then spend a big part of their lives getting back to where they were when

they were babies. All babies are born with the creator’s unconditional love. We all were and

now it is time to get that back.

Now, if we can maintain this love frequency inside the earth, we can all experience that

unconditional love without waiting till we die or pass on. Can you IMAGINE……

A big confirmation of this is that the sylphs have started showing themselves again.

This has been happening for a few years now. It is happening more and more all the time.

There are a lot more vortexs and sacred spots to gift but we will get it done and soon.

Things have changed so much as it is. Have you noticed that it is harder and harder for

the dark siders to keep what they do a secret. Everything is coming into the light.

Dead orgone creates fear, anger, and doubt. We are slowly but surely taking back what is

all of our birth rite. To live a happy and loving life full of all the blessings we can ever

want. We manifest what we think and talk about. If we come from a loving place and KNOW

that we will be prosperous and have a blessed life, we WILL have it. It is easy to have faith

when there is an absence of fear, anger and doubt in our lives. Once you have faith every

thing else falls into place. This is the reason I look at this grass roots movement not as a war,

but as a "Reclamation Project"…….It is time for us to get back our birth rite!!!



Carol was going to post this in the other thread in which the ‘center of the earth’ discussion was started but I suggested that a new thread might be more appropriate if other folks will be sharing similar insights.
I’ve been chomping at the bit, waiting an entire week for my lovely wife to post this. I’ll now be using her term, ‘reclamation,’ to distraction
Her feeling has been, especially lately, that calling what we’re doing, ‘warfare,’ gives too much credit to the parasites who are exploiting humanity and our lovely planet. Like squatters, the world odor only does what it does by default, after all. If this weren’t so, it would have been easy for them to prevent this grassroot movement by murdering a few people, early on.
If you compare our collective, continued success with the plight of more organized opposition to the world od or agenda it’s obvious that what we’re doing is timely, also that we all have some pretty phenomenal support and guidance from the unseen and partly-seen realms.
YOu might have noticed that the amount of ‘Chicken Little’ histrionics has decreaased quite a bit in the past year We’re sure that this is because more and more people are recognizing that the world won’t automatically degenerate into overt tyranny and genocide, after all. We can all sure take some credit for this happy turn of events but it seems clear to me, at least, that humanity started waking up before we started discovering what orgonite can do, which became apparent some time before we learned how to disable specific predators in tyrannical governments and secret organizations.
The fact that anyone can now make and deploy ‘magic bullets’ is a clear signal that it’s time to end tyranny and exploitation by reclaiming our world. Never mind that all of the cops in the US look like they’re dressed up to invade Poland any minute: this regime, which is probably the most overtly corrupt on the planet right now, is simply unable to enforce most of its draconian legislation because people no longer adore National-Socialism (centralized control of every aspect of life) here and as the US goes, so will likely go the rest of the planet.
JUst like with Patti Hearst, Americans in the 1930s were finally induced to love and support their own enslavers, which in that case was the parasitic Federal Reserve Corporation, as personified by FDR. Note that the populations of Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK also embraced the idea of giving up personal freedom in exchange for economic security in those days, soon followed by China. Really, when you look at recent history this way, the facade of ‘patriotic warfare’ simply dissolves, as it should. Who doesn’t recognized that all of the wars that occured after the successful little American Revolution were managed conflicts, controlled from London? The American Republic was short lived–less than a generation by the time Jefferson, then Jackson gave it back to London in a couple of giant steps–but that brief period in the life of a then-third-world nation still inspires humanity, like the Golden Age of Greece still does.
I think that the world odor established itself in the body politic, much like a tapeworm does in one’s colon, because nobody was paying attention at the time. It was an accomplished deed by the end of World War I and they flaunted their success by forming the United Nations, a little later–a completely non-representative, fake governing body, appointed by London bankers and set up to espouse Theosophy, another failed London creation. I guarantee that if most people would read some of the genocide textbooks that the UN distributes we wouldn’t be troubled by them much longer. Check out the offerings of Lucis Trust (was called ‘Lucifer Trust,’ a Theosophist publishing house, before someone spilled the beans in the newspapers in the late 1940s) who publishes all of the UN’s literature.
The strident Chicken Littles want us to believe that the world odor is rather powerful and unopposable because if we believed that, we’d feel hopeless. I felt hopeless for decades after I found out about the world odor and most folks who know about it, now, only learned about it recently.
I got yet another letter, last week, from a well-meaning newager who felt compelled to lecture me about the use of belligerent terminology. I gave him both barrels, of course, because I won’t refrain from answering back to others’ arrogant complacency when it’s thrown in my face but I only later realized that I’d have been more effective if I’d referred him to his own cherished sacred writings (newagers are functioning Theosophists who think they’re HIndus or Buddhists, of course, and most of them don’t even know what Theosophy is) which are chock full of allegorical and real descriptions of warfare in the context of teaching about spirituality and personal sovereignty.
What escapes the more shallow readers of these postings is that none of us, as far as I know, condone the violent overthrow of the world odor’s puppet governments. We believe that these horrid organizations are falling under their own weight, generously assisted by our distributed orgonite. I personally feel that if the world odor were ever able to start enforcing this horrid, treasonous leglislation in America I might as well put a bullet in my own head because I’d be one of the first to be rounded up and tortured in that case. I don’t think I’d survive the short reign of terror that might ensue before the Pajama People were shocked awake and blew away all of the stupid Vaderland Sicherheitsdienst storm troopers in a few days.
I spent decades angsting over how I might get my children to safety in a third world country and one of the worst features of my travail after losing them in an unlawful divorce settlement in '94 was that I was even more unable to protect them if the world odor got its wishes granted in America. I still felt a lot of anxiety for the first couple of years that the gifting movement was growing because our numbers seemed too small to entirely disrupt the world odor’s genocide agenda but somehow the numbers grew explosively after that, in spite of some concerted efforts on the internet to undermine and sidetrack it. The strength of any grassroot movement, of course, is that it’s not personality-based, so the slander attacks aimed at Carol and I actually backfired on the assailants.
Later, after we figured out how easy it is to sanction the plotters of genocide and WWIII I began to feel more confident in my children’s future freedom. When the dolphnins got into the act I felt even more confident and, n.ow, I want to stay in the US to finish the job even though this treasonous gov’t is calling me a terrorist.
Carol and I are very happy to see that after the event, several Sundays ago, in which we learned about using the center of the earth to sanction megaparasites and heal pirated vortices, we’ve encountered less surveillance around here. The feds who live in our neighborhood even look kind of sheepish and dispirited after that. I think I’d have to walk up to them and slap them before they’d make eye contact, by the way. I don’t do that, of course, but I once shouted at a fed, three feet , when Carol adn I were on a rural gifting mission. That was fun and non-violent. In those days, whenever we gifted we encountered literal caravans of feds, trying to catch us in the act. By now, they’ve mostly given up and are perhaps wondering if they’ll ever get their pensions, after all. The creepiest gifting missions were in the two areas controlled by the 'I Am’ers and Church Universal and Triumphant (Shasta and Yellowstone), who have their own espionage/assassination agency, a subset of the CIA. They look like something out of a dark-future science fiction film and evince that attitude: We’re going to make the world into an Utopia, even if it kills you!
Have you seen the ‘I AM AMERICA’ map? It’s what America will allegedly look like, according to the Theosophical paradigm, after a geological catastrophe, which was supposed to have happened long before now. I"m calling it the ‘I MIGHT HAVE BEEN AMERICA map.’
This has been the first winter that we didn’t travel south for gifting missions and it’s a little strange to be stuck at home. Lots of our Northern European cohorts are in the same boat, waiting for the thaw.
Reclamation is an aggressive process, by the way, and there’s nothing ‘anti-spiritual’ about it, as you may know from personal experience by now.

I like this terminology Carol. Reclamation is a great word to describe what we are doing. We have used the term “war” because we have sometimes been literally fighting for our lives, but that type of interaction seems to have diminished for Stevo and I since the dodec and the vortex have come into use. Of course, we were just flown over this afternoon six times by a black four-prop plane, the same type that sprayed us at low altitude last year. It finally went away after I shot a video of it. And yet, I’m finding it hard to be angry….I just boosted the occupants and put my zapper on. I was getting ready to point my CB at it, but it didn’t come back.

So I think you’re right Carol, it’s getting to the point where I have to live in a love space because there’s no room left for the anger. The vortex healing we have been doing in the chats the last few weeks has changed me permanently. I keep waiting for the anger and frustration, and it’s just not there.

A lot of people that I coach are confused by the war terminology because we promote the love vibe and on the surface, those two don’t mix. I think we just get carried away by the boosting energy and we tend to joke around a lot because it feels good to heal the earth and other people and take away the power of the NWO. I have really tried to make the distinction between boosting with the love vibe and giving the bad guys a hug. We don’t emotionally love the bad guys, but what we do is use the high frequency energy of love to do our boosting. There’s a big difference there. And we use a lot of imagery to send that high frequency energy because it helps us in our boosting. Many times some awful things happen to the bad guys when we send them love. We’re not doing it…it’s just the result of them receiving what they have put out. We do report on what we see, however, but what happens with the energy we send out is not our decision.

In fact, with the use of the dodec and the vortex, most of our targets simply disappear. I use to see people explode, melt, etc., and I don’t see that anymore. They simply struggle in the dodec for a bit and then they’re gone. It’s a great improvement for me, personally, because a lot of the things I used to see were disturbing to me. What used to take us eight hours in the chats now takes us one hour, so our efficiency has improved greatly. I feel more neutral now, too, and I welcome the opportunity to reclaim as much of the earth and it’s humans as I can from the power of the NWO.


I also give a thumbs up to the new terminology.

Psychologically speaking warfare plus intention manifests as warfare, on the other side reclamation plus intention manifests as reclamation becomes a much better fit for our overall mission. I’m sure the elite prefer warfare as it fits well with their agenda. My hat goes off to all of you who have dedicated their lives to gifting the vortexes and helping to accelerate the healing of our planet. Like it says, “the meek will inherit the earth.” and we are blessed to be able to see this happen before our very eyes.



Louis, we went to work on you again, yesterday, and Stevo mentioned that you had apparently disabled an important underground base in a primary vortex–maybe with your water gifts this time. That apparently infuriated some predators against you, hence your present predicament. It took a lot of hunting to find the chief entity that was trying to erase you but we ‘reclaimed the space he was occupying’ so I hope your recovery is faster after this. The psychics also saw a lot of protection around you.
At the same time you were apparently poisoned, Carol was also poisoned and we think it’s the same stuff: tuberculosis toxin in aerosol form, up close and personal. It was a big dose in her case but she didn’t get as sick as you did for some reason. I don’t know if you’re zapping but everyone who gifts ought to be zapping regularly on account of the frequent poisonings some of us are subjected to by the feds and other world-odor agents of destruction.
Over the years, we’ve tracked the use of new biological and electronic weaponry against gifters. The good news, maybe, for you is that they use it on the vanguard of gifters, not on all of us. I doubt they have the manpower to do us all by now. For instance, a couple of years ago, a few gifters across North America were hit with hollow plastic darts that presumably had electronic implants on the point. These hurt a lot when they struck and nobody saw the perpetrators but they all pulled the same sort of dart out of their skin. That only lasted a few weeks and maybe it was stopped because we posted about it.
Another time, a powerful microwave (?) beam was deployed, apparently from satellites or gravlevs, against a couple of gifters, including Carol, who were 1400 miles apart. It killed all the grass for ten feet around where they stood. Carol wasn’t affected, apparently because she was wearing her HP, but both people saw a bright flash when it happened and there was no sound.
For about a year, some sort of electronic, scalar (?) short range weaponry was being used on several gifters, including us. I didn’t feel it but Carol and other psychics were sickened by it for a short time.
Two years ago, several of us were dosed with toxic metals and sickened. Carol and I got a deadly amount of beryllium, then, and again more recently, apparently. In those cases, some professional help is a good idea. Drs von Peters and Steve Smith are good at helping people dump this stuff.
Many of us still get poisoned fairly regularly but any zapper seems to quickly disable those biological agents.
Doonehy was dusted with something from a four-engine plane that flew very low over their property one day. It released a cloud of dust right on top of her and she got pretty severely sick. Fortunately, we had a group chat session the next day and we were able to heal her. In that case it might have been part of a joing US Air Force, Chinese experiment with ingested nanotech weaponry–almost too creepy to report
Zappers neutralize a lot of poison. I once used one to prevent getting sickened by a rattlesnake bite, for instance. All zappers can do that, not just ours.
In Carol’s case, this time, Dr Stevo gave her a treatment during a visit, four days after she was poisoned on the airplane, and that shortened her recovery time dramatically.
Really, reclamation requires some aggression and whether we use war terminology or not, the same actions need to be performed in order to restore our species to health and universal prosperity. The people who have most admanantly criticised my fun-based use of war terminology are mostly newagers, most of whom purport to follow HIndu ideology. I like to remind them that all of the Hindu scriptures, and even some of the deities, are based on warfare terminology, as allegory of course. Since we’re not waging physical war, except as reclamation in the form of gifting, the more contemplative readers understand that I’m only talking in allegory, too. Of course mine pales, compared to the examples in sacred scriptures.
Those of us who feel that aggression is inappropriate usually end up suffering the most and I believe this is un-necessary. So far, no gifter has been murdered and I want that happy statistic to remain as it is!
In our case, only regular, personal reprisals against our world-odor assailants keeps us up and running and I honestly believe that we’re preventing WWIII and other horrors by regularly sanctioning the world-odor plotters in that case during our group sessions. Judging by the regularity of the assistance we get from cetaceans and other genuinely enlightened entities this is an appropriate activity for now.
I think it’s important to keep all of this in perspective, though by now it’s obvious that the bad guys are finally losing their initiative. Until the minions of the world odor are all in prison cells or in the ground, though, they’ll keep trying to harm innocent people, even to the extent of mass murder and 3D warfare, so I think it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to this instead of doing what we can to prevent them from getting their wishes granted, within the law.
Hugging and forgiving them doesn’t stop them, unfortunately, except in Care Bear and Smurf cartoons.
After your mid-week posting, Dooney and STevo did some healing on you, by the way. This has perhaps been your first brush with world-odor aggression. I hope to God you’ll take more steps to prevent getting that sick and damaged from now on, no matter how you view the planet-scale healing activity we’re all doing but, if not, we’ll still be happy to help you if you get in a bind, again.
In the context of Carol’s statement ‘Heal the planet and mankind will be healed,’ it’s clear by now that orgonite distribution by self starters like Louis is getting it done pretty fast. As with anything else in this life, spiritual progress has to be accompanied by physical progress. As we collectively progress we’re getting new techniques and information to share with anyone who will experiment with it. We’re (all of us) also getting closer to The Operators in a real way, which I think makes debates about mere terminology moot.
We’re well beyond the dead paradigm of ascetism and hermits, of course. Anyone can be ‘holy’ by living in a cave and not associating with anyone but it takes real, 3D effort to achieve spiritual progress among our own kind.
An old secret is that we have to do what we can to sweeten everyone elses’ lives if we want to be genuinely happy. This is one of the aspects of gifting–an actual shortcut to spiritual progress. To me, that’s a miracle and a blessing and more and more people are figuring this out from their own experiments and efforts.

I’m very glad there is a new terminology and that also gives clarification about the terminology used in the chatblasts. I had witnessed 2 or 3 chatblast cessions when I was new in orgonite; maybe Don was too nice to let me in then, because I was really affected by the words that were used . I completely understand that when your life has been threatened it is also legitimate for one to feel anger and wanting to see his opponent being “disabled” but I was really confused between terms such as “sending love energy to our ennemies” and hearing laughters and comments such as “I grilled him” “he’s rolling in pain, all over the place” … among others.

I frankly couldn’t fathom the link between sending love energy to someone and hearing people laughing, kowing the receiver was suffering hell throughout the sending. I found it rather demoniac and similar to what we are fighting against.

It really feels more comfortable!


I suppose some catharsis in order, Didier. One reason we don’t post the transcripts of our chat sessions is because it gets pretty raw, sometimes.

A reason we don’t invite any members to participate is because I know it offends some members’ sensibility. You’re not the only one who wandered into a chat session and got shocked, then exited, D.

If anyone can sanction predators without aggression I’m going to celebrate that achievement but for now it seems to work well enough and none of us are getting the spiritual ‘backwash’ that would result from acting outside of universal law, of course.

Over here there’s a saying: A Republican is a Democrat who got mugged.

I ought to explain that one for our foreign partners. Republicans are considered warmongers; insensitive to the needs of others and Democrats are considered to have social consciences–mainly concered with the welfare of others. Of course they’re actually the same political party presented as different flavors to the unwitting. Really, Democrats have waged war the most ruthlessly and they also sponsor and vigorously promote mind control concepts like political correctness.

So, a ‘bleeding heart’ who constantly feels a need to forgive the crimes of predators may have a 180 degree change of attitude when one of these predators actually attacks him or his children.

There’s an old saying: Kindness to the wolf is cruelty to the sheep. When our psychics find predators in the act of destroying our fellows we interfere in ways that we feel are appropriate. As new methods and protocols are discovered, we spend less effort doing this and it resembles fighting less, by the way. We’ve rehashed this simple truth again and again but sometimes it’s simply worth repeating, I suppose.

I think what Carol’s referring to is the fact that less and less of this is required as we move along and the world odor continues to weaken and dissolve. Like anyone else, I’m looking forward to the day when the world odor won’t exist any more. Until that happy occurence arrives, though, some of us are going to continue to oppose them in ways that we feel ar appropriate in the moment. Why wouldn’t we?

As our readers can see, Didier and Louis represent the fact that people who post on this board aren’t required to believe or act as I do or as anyone else does. Both of them are very committed gifters, which is why I asked them to post their reports here.

So far, nobody has resigned from Etheric Warriors on account of this divergence of sensibilities, though only a small percentage of the 75 or so members actually post reports. A much smaller percentage choose to participate in the weekly chat sessions. Why not be candid? These few are pioneering an effort whicfh probabgly hasn’t been seen in this world until now and the work itself seems to be our rewasrd. I don’t think any of us spend much energy trying to justify what we’re doing to anyone else but we feel compelled to report about it. Dooney’s developed a separate forum dedicated to this work and they, too, would probably shock the more sensitive sensibilities of some gifters. It’s apparent by now that a certain amount of aggression is simply required to do this work.

I refer the readers, again, to a group of Tibetan monks in Northern California who regularly sanction the White House staff with their own traditional magic. PCers probably have a hard time swallowing something like that. Their representative entity resembles Kali, who is regarded as the embodiment of wrath and destruction. The reason I know about them is that an American fellow spent time in that ashram and described the activities to me over a period of time. He sent me an orgonite, gilded casting he made of a small bas-relief sculpture of the entity. Carol and I kept that.

The war aspect of our activities is clearly diminishing and if I were seeking popularity, I’d probably call it something else. Really, ‘reclamation’ is a more appropriate term for what all of us are doing and we’ll be using that word more and more, thanks to my wife.

I personally think that if a group of gifters who deplore war terminology were to form their own forum and provide substantive reports there would be more weight behind Louis’ and Didier’s objections and we’d have some real competition from that arena, which would be a wonderul development.


Inspiring thread… makes my whole body tingle as I read…

Regarding all this, I wanted to share with everyone how Ale and I came across orgonite and ultimately this grassroot movement. It all started with the same feeling Don mentions: hopelesness. We were disgusted by the way the world emerged before our eyes, where money and power prevailed over all that is actually of worth, controlled by a system of domination that seemed to grow and spread, getting inside our homes and schools, inside our forests and seas, inside our heads, inside our bodies and food, slowly poisoning us, a system like a giant octopus, reaching every corner with its tentacles. I’ll never forget one night at the beach, when we looked in eachother’s eyes and saw a profound sadness and anguish… we were two helpless children of this Earth, with a deep sorrow in our hearts for all living creatures, for plants, for animals, even for our atmosphere, our blue planet right in the center of our hearts… and a tremendous feeling of love burned inside… at that time, we thought that that potent feeling had to be turned down, cooled down, since if we fed it in the world that we were living in, it was going to end up burning us to death. Luckily we are both brave and kept living in the same passionate way. We began to research, read alternative history, watch alternative news, and found that the octopus actually had a name. We learned how the New World Order was actually a well planed and designed plan for world domination, and how it has gained strentgh and organization since WWII. We went through prisionplanet.com, took a look at Kathy Obrien’s case, MKultra, the big lie of september 11, the big lie of landing on the moon, diseases and pharmaceutical companies, etc… and in between I related all my papers in university to these topics, having to research in depth. It was actually very fun… Alejandro then began to investigate about secret societies, the iluminati, masons, rosacrusians, learned about their rituals of blood and about their high positions in government. Well, in one of the many documentaries we saw, orgonite was mentioned in a flash. The conductor (Ale can verify the name later) took out a pyramid (or was it a pendant?) and said that a friend had given it to him, that it was supposed to protect him against the powers and rituals of the evil high degree members. It was a very brief moment in the documentary, just a mention, but the word “orgonite” kept reverberating in Ale’s head. And I’m so glad it did.

Reading and learning about orgonite was a delightful process. Doors were being opened. We weren’t just facing more bad news… this was actually inspiring… I have to say that it was Ale who devoted his life to learning and researching about orgonite, and he would talk to me about Dr. Reich and about orgone, and taught me the physics and metaphysics behind it… By the time I was deep into my final work for university, my thesis on the New World Order (I studied literature and linguistics so I analyzed Bush’s and Chave’s speeches and showed how they are the very same in structure, and talked about how the NWO is more abstract than a nation, than political parties, and that it creates a show that makes everybody confused and involved in ideological fights that don’t take them anywhere… its hard heavy domination disguised with a speech that is politically correct and pro human rights)… anyway, then Ale came across EthericWarriors. We were reading the posts on a daily basis, and Ale would tell me about Don and Carol’s adventures… When I finally graduated we decided to go up north for a month of relax and to escape from the toxic city… it was then when for the first time we saw live chemtrails… that was it, we started making orgonite.

From that point, all has been so natural and easy going… our lives have improved tremendously, having a purpose makes it so much fun too!

What Don says is so true, and I’m proud of being an active agent of this cleaning process INSIDE the “concrete jungle”. The Word Odor wishes and works for us to feel hopeless, that way we won’t fight back, that way we’ll keep quiet with our grief inside and not pretend to reclame what is ours… maybe go up to a mountain and hide away in a cave, or in a hippie comunity…

I am so happy to be here now… reclaiming the Earth, guided by love.

Also, thank you Ale for being who you are, I love you with all my heart

I am one of those that actually like the war terminology. Durring that period of hopelessness that Javi talked about I would get fantasies of organizing armed militias a la Chiapas with the indegenous people of the south of Chile to curb the devastation of the native forests, which is an issue that still makes my blood boil. When I found out about the NWO I got even more angry and wanted to shoot every high level mason I could and buy a rocket launcher to down some spew-planes. Of course I never did any of these things because I realised the ineffectiveness and futility of these kinds of actions as they would surely produce the opposite effects and just land me in jail for life. I also realized that was exacly what they are hoping for, that conciencious people will just loose it and start acting crazy. You can´t fight fire(violence/hate) with fire, you have to fight it with water(love) I guess we were very lucky because it took only two months since we found out about the NWO to stumble onto orgonite. By the way it was in “The Freeman Perspective” video that the conductor pointed to an orgonite pendant that someone gave him to protect him from his NWO family connections, thanks Freeman.

I spent 3 whole months glued to the computer from the morning till 3-4 o’clock at night relentlessly researching on the internet. I stopped going to university during this time period and almost got kicked out. When researching orgonite, I would often talk about this stuff with a good friend, still kind of skeptical of its potential. My friend would wisely tell me: “If there’s so much bad sh$t in the world there has to be something good as well. Its not possible for everything in this world to be in favor of the “bad guys” because in that case, we would all be total slaves by now.” Needless to say, it took actual experimentation with orgonite to convince me of its capabilities. It was all smooth sailing(mostly) from there on; amazing things started happening all around. So here I am, with sticky fingers, sylphs over my head and a big smile on my face

By the way, ever since I boosted a spew-plane and tried to make it crash, I have only seen one other chemtrail, sneaked by a plane while we were having lunch. That plane I boosted didn’t crash(I wasn´t a very good booster then) but it stopped spraying immediately and made a quick turn to hide behind the mountains. So agresiveness does work. I was kind of disapointed since its lots of fun to boost spew-planes and getting instant confirmations.

Also, there’s no other way to name the interactions between haarp, chemtrails and sylphs than “sky battles”, in my opinion at least. All in all, “Reclamation” is probably a more accurate term for what we do since we are taking back/reclaiming territory in a non-violent way. But if the bad guys suffer for recieving love, then good, they deserve it. Besides, if the PJ people were ever to massively wake up they would literaly tear the sewer rats apart with no mercy, so we’re actually doing a favor to the people involved in the NWO. Sorry if this offends anyone, I just wanted to enfasize that there are diferent opinions and sensibilities among the people in this forum.

Thank you Carol, I really liked this thread because in my understanding the true essence of the word that you presented ("Reclamation") permeated all of the postings! In my native Portuguese the word "reclamação" (almost pronounced like "reclamation" – the last part is a "saon" sound which as a word itself has a revealing connotation) is different from the English "reclamation" which is basically the act or process of reclaiming something. Let me explain; the Portuguese "reclamação" means to protest, demand, reivindicate. If you dissect the word, "re" (has to do with an action), "clama" (to clamor), "ção" (is "são" ; a condition of full, perfect health/love/peace). "Reclamation" in modern Portuguese is the word "recuperação", which in English is "recover","rehabilitate", "reacquire". The key is the ending "ção" ("são") which in every word in Portuguese that it is present usually has to do with the possibility of a final condition of ideal health, well-being, spiritual harmony, etc. , of course there are words that negate this condition like "aggression" and "devastation" . As examples that I picked out of many in this thread; Dooney used "love vibe" in her post, from "vibration" – to vibrate a frequency of health/love/peace).

Don utilized "blessing"

Louis used "mission"

Didier "feels" (from "feeling”

Javiera "inspiring" (from "inspiration"


Alejandro even while describing negatives like; "NWO family connections"


etc. So, as I read this thread, the sound/thought of "São" throughout was like a theme vibrating well-being, purpose, dedication, truth, collaboration, Love.

Way to go Carol, "Reclamation" it is!


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