Record Dow Drop

Andy Schwarm
29 Sep 2008 16:20
Subject: Record Dow Drop

So the Dow dropped one dollar for every billions of dollars they want to steal from us
(I know it’s fake money, but the the sentiment pisses me off anyway) I’ll take that deal!

I got an email from a senator asking for money today, you shoulda seen the scathing letter I sent back.

My favorite part of my response was, "“You bastards (all 535 of you) should be arrested, tried and hung
for destroying the country you were hired to protect. FU!!!”


Homer t
30 Sep 2008 11:39
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
Andy…you took the words right out of my mouth…

louis onder
30 Sep 2008 20:18
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
I cast my vote for Andy. As for some Americans, they now understand that the federal reserve was created after a secret meeting off the coast of Georgia (on Jekyll Island) in early 1900’s of the richest families in the world who wanted to maintain control of this country’s currency after the people decided to abolish the Money Trust when they figured out it was a scam. Most Americans still believe the federal reserve is owned and controlled by the government when in fact it’s privately owned. I cannot recall who was the president at that time but he said, my biggest regret is having destroyed this wonderful country by allowing the federal reserve to come into power.
In a nutshell:
whenever the federal reserve prints 1 dollar (which is no longer backed up by gold) they print worthless paper and charge us 1 dollar with interest and this explains why we have a trillion dollar plus deficit, like Andy said, fake money being used to further the sewer rats agenda. JUST LIKE MAGIC, MONEY PLUS INTEREST CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR !!! Now, why didn’t I think of that? I wonder if Jeeves knows about this? This is why we do what we do, and what we will continue to do as our numbers increase.


01 Oct 2008 16:33
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
that was herbert hoover. his boss being colonel house. hoover was apparently groomed by house to sign that bill into law among other things.
found this article on that covers the jeckyll island thing:
there is also this article that overlaps the above article:
was it icke that claims hamilton was the first to work on getting a central bank for the usa? there is always an agent working from the inside….apparently.
since the bailout thing is so big in the news the is a good chance that there is actually something bigger going on that our attention is being diverted away from.
thankfully there is orgonite-the magic bullet

Andy Schwarm
02 Oct 2008 13:23
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
I agree David, something really stinks that we don’t even know about yet. I’ve been feeling like I (we) are being set-up for something.

Maybe we are about to experience the first mass-extinctions of humans, you know, to get our numbers down to 500,000,000 as the
Georgia Guidestones suggest. They’re going to have kill about 80 to 90% of us. Big job, eh? A global depression of epic proportions
would be a good start.

Nothing would surprise me these days.

I am going to watch the VP debate in a few hours, I need a good laugh!

The Hockey Mom Vs. Joementum, Jesuit-hugging Biden.

Should be a real hoot.

Oh geez, I just saw that fossil Greenspan spew some lies on CNN. What a lizard.

I sincerely hope KKKarl Rove or somebody is advising Sarah Palin through an earpiece; I hate to look so stupid in front of the rest of the planet.

America, Love It Or Leave It.


Don Croft
05 Oct 2008 15:52
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
As someone who has actually visited and read (also gifted and p!$$ed on) the Georgia Guidestones, which are the recorded, projected intentions of this parasitic world order, I feel a little obligated to remind that the target date for absolute global domination, including reducing the earth’s human population to half a billion, was the year, 2000.

In other words, guys, They Failed.

Thanks for the historic note, David–one actually needs to read some genuine history to distinguish what the parasites do from what they want to do. We don’t need to wait for PJ folks to agree that orgonite is the magic bullet, either. Preaching to that crowd is a waste of breath and it just makes them angry/dangerous, I think. I hope they’ll stay asleep and let us work.

What I hope for Etheric Warriors, always, is that we’ll each dig a little deeper than the screamers and doomsayers to find that the world order has actually lost a lot of power since 1999, partly on account of their abject failure to reach any of those grisly goals. If they hadn’t lost so much power, they’d have had an easy time killing a few of us in the early days of gifting. I’m offering this argument for the consideration of gifters who have seen what orgonite does for the environment and for people in the gifted areas. I hope you’ll take a hint and not assume that we need to justify our actions and realizations according to Pajama People’s standards; especially those institutionalized Pajama People who call themselves scientists, academics, journalists, ad nauseum. Let’s hold them all to the standards that Dr Reich exemplified, okay? By those standards, the vast majority of scientists and other mavens are no more impressive than the three blind men examining the elephant.

When Carol and I watched the sudden proliferation of death towers around the globe at the end of 2001 (immediately after the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center) we felt certain that they were intended for enhancing a planned invasion of all of the towered counttries by untold millions of Russian and Chinese ‘UN’ troops, probably soon. The WTC event was obvioujsly supposed to have propelled the US (by extention, the world) into overt martial law, enforced and enabled by (surviving Wink ) enraged/terrified Pajama People. Historically, the PJ folks in Germany, Russia, US, Britain, China, Cuba, etc., enabled tyranny by policing each other on behalf of Big Brother. Can you see that this dynamic is now missing from the equation? I haven’t even reminded us that we’re still armed, by the way Wink

I think you can see how that failed, even without orgonite. Most of the significant gifting was done long after that event, after all.

At the same time that millions of death towers (and countless thousands of new weather weapons) were thrown up, so were many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters being spontaneously built and deployed by concerned people, mainly in North America and Europe, and the cloudbuster program was then apparently prevented from entering ‘Phase Two’ which was probably the aerial application of several deadly diseases. I constantly remind myself that the vast majority of gifters are probably not confident that cloudbusters disabled the chemtrail program because they’re not privy to the firsthand evidence that I received in those days–emails from hundreds of prospective zapper customers aroudn the world who told me their symptoms and also when they got sick. Almost nobody developed chemtrail-induced chronic sicknesses after 2002, so far, but most people who got chronically sick between 1998 and 2003 are still sick when they contact me. It’s pretty frustrating to make an argument for which so few people have access to the evidence but I won’t shut up, of course. I’ll watch for more evidence, though anyone who noticed chemtrails when they were dangerous can see that they now ‘behave’ very differently; that they’re just seeded clouds that spread out a bit and drift downwind instead of whiting out the sky in few short moments, then quickly destroying all the cumulus clouds on the way to the ground.

We know that the UN had failed, in the 1990s, to persuade ‘Third World’ governments to institute the UN’s own ‘population reduction’ agenda. I think the last Population Reduction conference, in Africa, was humanity’s response to teh UN becuase a whole lot of African delegates simply walked out of the meeting hall in disgust.

The scholars who write books for the UN, including the books that argue for population reduction, are mostly Theosophists, by the way. No genuine religion can convincingly condone genocide but any fake religion can and does condone it.

We also know that if one mainly pays attention to the What To Think Network and the CIA/MI6/KGB-sponsored disinformation (Chicken Little–‘the sky is falling!’) sites, one is pretty much guaranteed to fly off the handle these days on account of China’s thinly-concealed manipulation of the stock markets and money supply but what we’re seeing, at least in America, is that the now-gifted populace are not panicking or turning in to a mob, the way the Depression Babies’ parents did when the world order trashed the globe’s economy in the 1930s.

The evidence that London is no longer pulling the world’s economic strings is that the London banks are as bad off as the American ones are. The psychics in the chatroom saw economic power shift decisively from London to Peking in October, 2004, by the way, when they apparently saw Alan Greenspan overseeing the transfer of a the rest of the US gold to the Chinese on the island of Guam, then. I note the convoy of gold-laden trucks that were seen moving under the World Trade Center on 9/11, early in teh day. Apparently the last truck didn’t make it out when Building Seven was summarily imploded that afternoon, and the US Treasurie’s former gold, plus a lot of foreign gold, was stored underground at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a block away.

It’s poetic, in a stinky sort of way, that China not only got all that tailor-cut steel from the World Trade Center’s demolition but maybe also got all that gold metal from next door at the same time, even on the same ships Wink

Since humanity can no longer apparently be turned into a mindless mob, the way Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt and Churchill did in the 1930 and Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot did a little later, it follows that the world order no longer has as much control over the globe’s market place as the What To Think Network and the professional Chicken Littles are trying so hard to make us assume. The rise and fall of the economy is based on perception, after all, just like the value of gold is based on perception. There is no real value to gold, let alone Federal Reserve Notes, Hitler’s Reichsmarks or Haitian guordes, unless people agree that there is. In real terms, humanity can agree to use Chiclets for currency. David Wolfe said that the Mesoamerican civilizations used cacao beans, which is a more intelligent approach because they can either be spent or eaten. Not only that: they have to be spent or eaten within two years, before they rotted.

Moses set up something practical for the market, that way, with the Seven Year Jubliee. Every seven years, according to pre-Talmud (genuine/Mosaic) Jewish law, all debts are forgiven every seven years. Theosophists and other haters of religion don’t want you to see the more humane aspects of the revealed religions, in case you didn’t notice. Moses beat the usurers even more soundly than Jesus later did [Image Can Not Be Found]. Muhammad was the first prophet to specifically and unequivocably prohibit lending money at interest. No wonder the parasitic world order have always Muslims, eh? Wink

I think that what we’re going to see, instead of depression and chaos, is a sort of payday for resolute gifters in terms of confirmations of orgonite’s raw power to shift control away from parasites and to humanity in general. I want you guys to at least consider this so you won’t kick yourselves, later, for being so quick to assume that the professional doomsayers have hit the mark with this.

It seems very, very clear to me that the only reason we’re able to make and toss this stuff is because humanity has reached a definitive stage of development in which personal accountability has finally become desirable to enough of us.

In the 1930s, people were generally stepping on each other to get out of the way of personal accountability.

The fact that so few people are willing to express this obvious fact shouldn’t take away from its relevance, I think Cool


louis onder
05 Oct 2008 19:54
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
I agree that the sewer rats are losing ground with an ever increasing pace as they swallow more and water before submerging. They have been planning for thousands of years to do us in and if we look closely, we will find lots of flat out failures in their agenda. Yes, the guidestones fell through when they failed to decrease the population along with the other so called testaments in stone. But what about the golden capstone that was supposed to be perched on top of the Great Pyramid showing the all seeing eye? What about all the HIV/Cancer and other parasitic types of diseases that have been cured with zappers? What about tropical storm Ernesto that failed to remain a hurricane the closer it got to Florida and only produced minimal damage? What about Hurricane Dennis when it hit the coast of Alabama in 2005 which broke up into small tropical storms once it reached the areas we gifted? What about the lack of predicted wildfires that failed to materialize in heavily gifted states? What about the lower crime in many areas around the world that have been gifted by conscientious individuals? This is just a brief synopsis of what has fallen through the large cracks in the illuminati’s plan. Just like the saying goes, the beast will put up a big fight right before it bites the DUST!!!


Andy Schwarm
05 Oct 2008 21:33
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
I can’t believe you guys think the United States Government can do down and the rest of us will just continue our daily lives as usual?

I’ll drop it!

Don Croft
06 Oct 2008 10:17
Subject: Re: Record Dow Drop
Thank you, dear Louis! I would add to your list that if you hadn’t gifted the Mississippi coastal waters right before HAARPicane Katrina was thrown at New Orleans (deflected by a brand new cloudbuster on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain) the disaster would likely have reached the desired proportion that would have enabled martial law in several states–the camel’s nose in the tent. As it was, the sudden deflection of Katrina by that cloudbuster made it possible for everyone in New Orleans (with ears) to listen to the feds’ demolition of the dikes that enabled the flooding. If strong winds had been present, nobody would have heard the explosions! Wink The following murderous martial law debacle in New Orleans, in spite of the feds’ determined effort to contain the eyewitness reports, was a deliciously bloody nose for this ruinous regime, instead. As you say, they’re just not getting their wishes granted, any more.

Andy, every US state is still a country and every port city has productive trade relations with other nations. This means that without the US Government we’ll finally have viable government throughout the country. I’m putting my money on peaceful secession as the solution but I’m the first to admit that we don’t need to determine the future of our species; we only have to participate in the unfoldment of this wonderful plan and remain accountable, as we’ve been doing with our gifting and predator-blasting efforts for several years.

Clearly, the present, very new paradigm does NOT favor the centralization of power and authority. It rather favors grassroot, heart-centered efforts like ours, now. Voluntary standardization on a practical level is very different from a dictator forcing all the trains to run on time through extortion and overt intimidation and each successive generation of humanity, since the Great Depression, have been less and less inclined to support and enable Big Brother. I can’t express how much hope is embodied in this simple observation.

When the US Constitution, which inspired similar efforts in nearly every other nation on earth in the following decades and centuries (that’s a sign of progress, too) was framed, the only threat to US national sovereignty was the British Parliament and they had their man in the White House within a few years (Jefferson) without firing a shot, if you disregard the bullet from Aaron Burr’s pistol that removed Hamilton, who was arguably the final obstacle to their infiltration. Jefferson immediately appointed the Swiss/British citizen, Alexandre Gallatin, to replace Hamilton. Gallatin was a world-order banker who was also married into the old Venetian banking hive who had taken over Great Britain in the early 1600s. When I drive through Wyoming and Western Montana and see Gallatin’s name plastered on rivers and counties I feel like ralphing Cool

This is the time in history when all parasitic efforts are being exposed and discarded. Etheric Warriors is one example of this productive trend. Historically, every good thing has been promoted and proven by example, not by institutions.


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