Reddit and 'I Know What I Saw'

My daughter, Nora, is moving to New York City to pursue career opportunities. She didn’t want to go to LA because she doesn’t want a car, any more. It was nice having her nearby for several years. When Carol and I saw her last weekend she told us about and the UFO documentary film, ‘I Know What I Saw,’……IeGeE0uDJg which is evidently mostly about the massive UFO occurence in Arizona in 1997. I haven’t checked out the end, yet, but that’s where the hook usually is. If they’re Air Force craft, for instance, the TV show will want to create the impression that they’re from another world [Image Can Not Be Found] although maybe it was from offworld–Dr Reich certainly had to deal with offworld craft, since not even the SS had subtle energy weaponry at the time, most likely, and according to some credible people, including Al Bielek and the late Phil Shchneider, nasty offworlders are ‘consultants’ and merchants to the corporate world order.

Carol and I are convinced, from our shared experiences that there are many species of benevolent offworlders who are directly helping all of us. I don’t dwell on it, much, other than to refer to ‘The Operators’ from time to time because disinformants are all over this subject matter and I don’t want to challenge anyone’s credulity, nor does this information pass from one person to another without blind acceptance; I just want more and more people to empower themselves with the usable information we all share on this forum.

Joseph Farrell did a very fine expose on the disinformation content of the 1947 Roswell event, which was most likely about some Nazi craft. There’s no doubt that the SS became part of the US, British and many other ‘victorious’ governments immediately after WWII. Informaiton like this can help us discard the corporate world order sooner than later and without bloodshed. Exposure of this parasite comes first.

She’s curious like I am and likes to dig for information. She feels that Reddit is legitimate because it’s free of CIA/NSA/MI6/Mossadomite censorship and disinformation on account of a grassroot ‘accountability’ feature on it. It sounds terrific to me and I’m going to test it by posting something about orgonite and zappers. I hope you’ll also post substantive information to help us determine if it’s legitimate. It sounds good and the internet, itself, is free from government or corporate control, so I’m hopeful about as evidence of a new wave of grassroot discernment and accountability.

The documentary is from the History Channel, so of course the source is disinformation but I want you to consider that the quality of disinformation, especially on some TV shows, has shifted dramatically since the introduction of the internet so one can actually get some empowering information from some programs. The first time I considered this was when Don Bradley showed us a videotape of a popular TV documentary show that covered Nazi antigravity craft from the 1930s, including quite a lot of flim footage. That was the first time I noticed that Billy Meier’s ‘Andromedan’ craft on film are identical to the wobbly SS’ ‘Vril’ craft from the 30s which were too unstable to be used for a weapons platform. I think the nazis had other craft that were suitable and those became part of the US and British air force’s weaponry shortly after WWII, mistaken for spacecraft. Carol and I got buzzed very close by those silver discs in Florida and Namibia during some really productive gifting campaigns [Image Can Not Be Found] and we were run off the road in Eastern Washington in the middle of the night by a big, flatbed truck carrying a dented, evidently disabled disc craft, which hung out over our half of the two-lane highway. We had several other sightings, all of which I wrote about in my monthly journal reports in those years. Those things happened to us a lot in the early years but rarely, now . Anyone can see farawayspacecraft on just about any clear night, though. All you need to do is watch the sky. There are LOTS of them so we don’t need validation from the media, the government, nor academia, none of which are credible any more.


I finished watching the YouTube (History Channel) program on UFOs and noted the complete absence of any reference to German advances in antigravity tech in the 1930s [Image Can Not Be Found] so that’s probably the hook: ‘the government,’ with the support of the media, doing an about face about letting military guys publicly. tell about what they saw and the entire focus of the hour-and-a-half show is on ‘offworlders.’

I think that credible research journalists, including Joseph Farrell and Jim Marrs, have forced their hand by disclosing historic material and documentation about Nazi antigravity tech and their current status. As you hopefully know, it doesn’t take a lot to cause the disinformation horde on the internet to turn on its heel and create entirely new Big Lies to cover their masters’ tracks.

The US/UK gov’t are treating info about nazi antigravity advances (and the nazis’ current status within the US/UK/Israel gov’t) as a nonentity, just like their strident chemtrail disinformants avoid mentioning our work. Also, after it’s become clear to enough people that the climate is improving in many regions the ‘global warming’ scam instantly became a ‘global cooling’ scam with no explanation for the past 30 years of ‘official science’ error. See the pattern?

I forgot to mention that the videotape that Don Bradley showed us was of a program which didn’t get aired. It was made back in the late 1990s and he got it because he knew someone who was still working at the studio where it was made.


Hi Don!

Concerning Reddit I would not have too much hope if I were you. I consider the vast majority of peoples who use that website to be close-minded concerning the kind of topic that orgonite is.

For exemple, there was a topic talking about a couple of parents who asked the teacher of an elemantary school that their child needed to sit far from the Wifi transmiter of the school. In the comments section, everyone was bashing the parents and saying how overly protective they were. So I made a comment saying that the ELF wave are harmfull to the body and I also mentioned that there some persons suffer of a particular condition wich cause them to be extremely sensitive to electromagnetic wave/frequancy. So I said that it was in the right of the parents to ask for such a thing, and I did all that in a very construcctive way. I always try to present my arguments with an open mind and respect for the oposite point of view. Well…the answer to my comments were very negative. And instead of trying to have a constructive discussion people were insulting me and picking on my bad written english(wich is not my main language).

Anyway, I still like that website because I think it’s a good way to keep informed about the world event, new technology, etc. all I say is that I would not have too much expectation for a constructive discussion on a subject like orgonite.