Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!

Don Croft
06 Oct 2008 12:44
Subject: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
Here’s the update (thanks, Chris!):


Mt Shasta is in this region, by the way, and it might also eventually include the county where Ashland, Oregon is. Those two places are certainly keys in my own personal development and if they succeed I’d love to move there.

For a long time, this secession movement was just a little bit more than a joke but it was serious for awhile in the early 1940s and is getting serious, again, as you see in the article.

I know, beyond question, that this federal goverment is on the way to oblivion due to the cancer of obvious treason that has eaten up the Congress, Supreme Court and Executive branch by now, but I’m still in the ‘wait and see’ mode, waiiting for signs of the return to state sovereignty, which is national sovereignty on a smaller, more manageable scale.

Some smart but unheard people, in the first half of the 20th century, believed that humanity were worshipping three false gods: communism, nationalism and racism. These old gods have fallen on hard times in the past ten years or so, partly due to some incessant orgonite distribution from a few committed gifters, but mostly due to mankind’s long-awaited but inexorable approach to maturity and personal accountability.

I sort of dread making my voice heard in a town meeting becuase, for the past century, all public meetings have been dominated by fascists, then by Monarch assets who routinely shout down the quiet voice of conscience but their power base is eroding at an accelerating rate, so when the Chinese parasites have decimated the internatinoal economy enough to force us all to finally govern ourselves more locally and less nationally, those fascist Depression Babies will have mostly died of cancer and the vast horde of deployed MOnarch-programmed character assassins will have had the CIA support rug pulled out from under them, so anyone who has something worthwhile to say in a public 3D venue will probably be heard, finally Cool .


Andy Schwarm
06 Oct 2008 14:32
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!
I almost posted that article myuself! You beat me to it.

Interesting stuff. If that thought-form spread, I’d feel better about how this is going to
turn out.

Secession is the way to go. Don’t go to war with them, just kick 'em out!

Homer t
07 Oct 2008 10:03
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!
Good post Don , Andy…I will continue to gift that area with all kinds of orgonite…I now have friends in S Oregon who are committed and have resourses…before the end of 2008…we will triple our efforts in ‘the state of Jefferson’…I guess the Operators guided me on my summer trip north to heavily gift the mighty Kalamath River…one of the very positive aspects of networking is finding others…of like mind and co-ordinating our efforts to save time and energy by not doubling or tripling our placement of …'gifts…There is a massive nerve center underground in Kalamath Falls…soon to be netualized….nothing can stop the committed heart.
Homer T

Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 17:55
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
You were definitely tuning into your higher instincts when you decided to go there in August, Homer, and do some more networking and gifting–congrats!

It wouldn’t surprise me if the transdimensional Lemurians are fueling this effort, etherically, so that their mountain will be a little safer from teh CIA and its Theosophists/satanists. If that’s true, maybe they were encouraged by so much gifting that’s been done in the area, including that surgical gifting trip Carol and I took in May, 2003, to a dozen or so secret, world-order ritual sites that DB gave us the directions to. It was the riskiest gifting we ever attempted and I think that if we hadn’t displayed our semi-automatic pistols we’d be dead.

Having said that, I’m sure my readers understand that my comments are subjective, of course. Carol and I started our present journey there at the fall equinox of 2000, then at the following summer solstice we both stayed up all night and watched their little spaceships flitting all over the sky and listened to the Lemurian chorus nearby when we spent a night near Panther Meadow in a grove of old-growth fir trees. I watched Carol talking to them but I didn’t see them.

According to our psychic cohorts, Lemurians are moving back into all their old hyperdimensional lodgings on the planet in preparation for our arrival at a slightly higher universal awareness, pretty soon. This process, like seeing those Sylphs in our skies, seems to be confirming some folks.

I’ve been talking about secession for some time, including during an interview on a syndicated radio show, but you, Andy, are the very first person who has discussed it with me in a public format, thanks! I was starting to wonder if I was speaking into the void. After all, an idea will only be discussed if it’s timely; otherwise it will be generally ignored, no matter how valid it is.

This IS now a trend, especially since Homer is also adding his voice–the power of three? Watch how fast it spreads in coming days. The State of Jefferson folks are not particularly interested in the rest of the world, as far as I can tell, but the beneficial effect of their renewed (dare I say, ‘inspired?’) effort is surely spreading everywhere.

Yes, we can govern ourselves; we don’t need world-class felons and war criminals to do it for us, any more. Wink


Andy Schwarm
07 Oct 2008 18:25
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!
I’m thinking I want to move to Jefferson.

Is it as cold as Northern Idaho?

The place I live now is for sale. I could be 86’d at anytime.

I’d like to lend my energy to Jefferson.

Funny, when I was in the fifth grade I wrote a paper on
Jefferson. The last line of the paper was, “On Jefferson’e death-bed,
he released all of his slaves, making them freemen. Damn white
of him.”

I got a “B”

Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 19:01
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
It’s been reported that Jefferson vetoed the inclusion of ‘Right to Property’ in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence (along with the guarantees of life and liberty) because he didn’t want to give up his slaves. Adams had campaigned to include that property ownership guarantee, which is substantive, I think you’ll agree. Jefferson favored, ‘pursuit of happiness,’ which means absolutely nothing, of course. Look who won.

Benjamin Franklin apparently infiltrated the Hellfire Club, which was the British Prime Minister’s literally satanic/masonic club that included all his cabinet ministers and some other bloodstained corporate cronies. It was tax-drunk Parliament that the American colonies were struggling to get out from under, by the way, not ‘the King.’

Franklin was in England, partly at the behest of Cotton Mather (President of Harvard during a brief time when it was a progressive school) when Franklin, Mathers and a few others were planning the secession of the American colonies from England. I thought that was pretty courageous of Franklin to join that club and after he gathered enough intel from the old drunk pedophiles at the clubhouse, he went to France and courted assurances of material support for the coming revolution, which he received. The Americans would have lost without French support, of course, and France was punished for it by the old parasitic oligarchy in the City of London, several times in the following centuries.

Look at which of these two fellows the yellow press and academia vilifies and which one they glorify. Clinton’s often repeated comment that he held Jefferson in high regard should be another a clue to Jefferson’s true nature, I think, but maybe that was doublespeak shorthand for Clinton’s desire to own slaves, perhaps sexual ones.

Jefferson had personal ties to the British oligarchy until he died. His only ties to France were after the alleged revolution, there, and he lavished praise and admiration on the folks who brought us the Reign of Terror, which was the template also used for the Bolshevik alleged revolution, a close 20th-century copy but only had exponentially more gratuitous murders in it.

I’d still live in the Jefferson Republic just to be near Shasta Cool

Except the coast, most of that is high altitude, Andy, so it’s cold and snowy in the winter, which is usually pretty long. A lot of that stretch of coast has no harbors and is the most desolate coastline south of Canada, I think, but it’s gorgeous when you see it from out at sea. The original (1941) contention of folks in the area was that California wouldn’t improve the roads enough to make transporting their own timber and ore to port profitable for them but I think they’re aiming a little higher, now, and I think our goal is even nobler Wink

I don’t know if anyone has suggested the boundaries, yet.


Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 19:12
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
On second thought, I don’t think I’d buy property anywhere in California or Western Oregon until after the end 2016, which is the end of the twelve year period during which Carol told me that big dolphin in the vast roughtooth dolphin pod off Costa Rica assured her all the coastal mountain areas in North and Central America would slowly but absolutely slide off into the sea, apparently as the simple expression of the earth’s own growth process, not a chastisement.

We might collectively and individually need to disable a few more CERN-scale weapons in order for a process like that to be non-traumatic, though. The Chinese symbol for crisis is the same as the symbol for opportunity. I adore Chinese history and culture; I just don’t like the felons who are running China (and the US) at the moment.


Andy Schwarm
07 Oct 2008 19:20
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!
Communist, New World Order China is a relatively new phenomena.

China was a simple Monarchy for centuries.

I’d love to visit China and I admire a lot of what I see in the Chinese people.

They are so much like us, only more-so.



Don Croft
07 Oct 2008 19:44
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
Yeah, the only countries where communism really took hold were the ones that were still feudalistic at the time, though Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and a few other former colonies are technically communist but evidently something else.

Reich said that communism, which he favored as a young man, didn’t take root in Austria because there just weren’t enough ‘workers’ there. There were too many middle class, independent farmers and independent small businessmen Wink . Also, he got booted from the commie party for healing too many workers, who stopped being angry and manipulable after he convinced them to resume having sex with their wives.

Some of the Basque communities adopted a style of communism in the absence of effective national governmetn in their area–I think it was after WWII. It works for them but they don’t march around brandishing little red books, of course; it’s more like a regular farmers’ cooperative venture.

Lord Thomas Huxley sort of originated communism on behalf of the British oligarchy because Karl Marx, the unkempt atheistic putz, was on his payroll and that child-labor industrialist, Engels, was a one-man Greek chorus for the wordy, unkempt putz. Huxley also employed and micromanaged Darwin at the time.

The London School of Economics is where communism was molded by the same oligarchy into its Russian and Chinese form, then sent throughout the world to eventually feed and grow the Cold War. Note that Clinton was sent to that institution as a Rhodes Scholar but dropped out to study at the feet of Leonid Breshnev, then came back to the US to help foment that foolish, pot-clouded student rebellion in the 60s that ended up exponentially increasing the size, power and intrusiveness of the federal goverment.

By the way, here are two doublespeak terms: rebellion and wing.

In a genuine sense, the felons who run all of the powerful governments in the world are the rebellious ones, not those of us who wish to unseat them. We’re acting within the law; they’re not.

‘Left wing’ and ‘right wing’ are elements of one organism, which is the vulture that we could call ‘the world order.’ That’s why Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Miller, whom listeners are programmed to assume are in opposition, both advocate the same thing: increasing the power of centralized national government. See how it works? It might be possible to conceive ‘the right’ as favoring more centralized power and ‘the left’ standing for less centralized power in favor of more autonomy for local, accountable, directly elected governments.

But secession makes those discussions moot Cool


Homer t
08 Oct 2008 11:28
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort In Northern California!
Don and Andy…you guys are so versed in the past history of the area around Shasta…I commend you…both…Don. you mentioned being in Panther Meadow with Carol…I have been in that meadow also, unfortunately, I didn’t have a seer with me…it was Halloween…1979…after walking around in the snow trying to sense the portal…(dimensional gateway) that exists there and not finding it we traveled west to Castle Crags that night and watched all the little lights flit around the sky…I can’t even guess at the number of us who have gone walking in Panther Meadow over the long eons of time since the ancient continent of Lemuria sunk beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean…there are three areas of that mighty land that still exist above the waters…One is the remains of a temple about 50 miles from my home and the other two are the areas around Mt Shasta and the mountain on Maui centered around Haleakala crater…Haleakala was the home of the Kahuna’s, the shaman of Polyneasia…or the spiritual center… and the area around Mt. Shasta was the center of technology…they had gone past the idea of external technology to develop the more powerful inner technology…some might call this tech the power of prayer, or visualization or…focused-intent…whatever you call it the advanced culture they had was because of this advanced way of thinking…we are remembering a time long long ago and those who journey to these places are remembering also…It isn’t a great leap to see why the folks that live in the areas mentioned can’t stand the USG. Humans come with a lot of programming…the need to be free and self-governing is strong in us…we yearn for unity, and to determine our own collective fates…In a State such as Jefferson…these dreams and rememberances are pricipitating…and causing a new state of mind to develop within each of us.
Andy, I found many incredible places on the Kalamath River…on a UPS route…and when my days are done…here…I will to be….there


Don Croft
08 Oct 2008 12:50
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
Thanks, Homer–it’s an intoxicating area and the energy on the mountain is so exhilarating that lots of people go there without even having a hint why they do it.

One of those is my old friend, Seneca elder and Welsh traditional witch Dorothy West, who generously schooled me in practical Wiccan ways during my years in Ashland, Oregon, when I was also getting training from James Hughes, who characterizes his inspired, effective technology and healing techniques as Atlantean.

Ashland is a short drive north, over a mountain pass, from Mt Shasta (for those who are unfamiliar with the area).

I’ve read some of the same books about Lemuria that you did, apparently, and a particularly substantive book about 3D artifacts and firsthand experiences, relating to very, very ancient civilizations that had apparently been in the area, is available in bookstores in the town of Mt Shasta. I loved reading all the books and if one is going to visit Shasta it might be helpful to absorb some of the standard traditions.

I’m not inclined to lend authority to any of the books or accounts, though, since most of it is entirely subjective. What has weight for me are the firsthand experiences by reputable people, like yourself and Dorothy West.

A common thread of the experiences is that the Lemurians initiate the contact. The same is true with dolphins, by the way.

Carol and I had our experience in a grove of old growth fir trees about two or three hundred yards east of the middle of Panther Meadow but Dorothy had hers, I think in 1970, right in the meadow. These days, the forest service prohibits walking anywhere in the meadow except on a couple of paths but in 1970 you could go anywhere.

She had been living in Los Angeles and was on her way north for the first time. The Seneca tribe is in New York, mostly. She was so entranced by Shasta’s beauty that she drove up the mountain road, which goes all the way to the ten thousand foot level, where there had been a ski lodge for a brief time. That’s just under the tree line and a lot of incredible paths start at the parking lot. Panther Meadow is around 8,000 feet. The mountain is over 14,000 feet.

I’ve told this story a few times but for the sake of new readers, here it is again:

Dorothy parked in the campground parking lot at the base of the meadow and walked uphill to the meadow, itself, where she saw a bunch of beautiful people having a picnic. One of them stood up and said, ‘Come join us!’ and she did.

She was struck by the peculiarity of their clothing but just figured that they were nice hippies. After the meal, her host said, ‘We’re going to take a nap–want to join us for that, too?’ and they spread out blankets and went to sleep. When they woke up, he invited her to go with them through a tunnel that was nearby, which she did. She said that an identical meadow was on the other side of the short tunnel. After some time there, she was escorted back through, returned to her car and resumed her journey to Seattle. It was some time later, when she casually mentioned her experience to an acquaintance, that the listener said, ‘My God–you were with Lemurians on Mt Shasta!’ Wink

Luis, the prolific and magic-trained Mexican gifter whom Nancy in Portland also knows pretty well, went with Carol and I to earthpipe a big, new underground base near the Oregon coast about five years ago. Some ‘hunters’ had been gratuitiously shot and killed by military types in the woods over the base, which were not posted to keep people out. That made the news and at the time Kelly and Carol had just finished field testing the new parameters for earthpipes, so we drove over to Portland, picked Luis up and did the deed, producing a gorgeous blue hole over the base before we were done circling it with the pipes Cool

During the day, we discussed Mt Shasta and he shared a personal experience: When he and his brother were on a bus to Portland from Los Angeles, a few years ago, the bus broke down on the highway just north of Mt Shasta. The passengers all exited and milled around the area and two men with long hair and long gowns greeted Luis and asked him to join them. They conversed for some time, then the two men excused himself and Luis returned to his brother. He said, ‘Did you see those men I was talking to?’ and his brother said, ‘I didn’t see anyone around you.’

There are lots and lots of good firsthand stories like this. The ones I take note of are the ones that are told by people who don’t have an ideological axe to grind. I mention that because Mt Shasta is a stronghold for Theosophy preachers, who typically lack personal integrity and are likely to make any claim in order to appear superior. I have no doubt that even some of their experiences are valid, just like the way dolphins will approach someone regardless of the size of his ego or avariciousness. A dolphin swam with Arnold Schwarzeneggar, for instance, and seemed to enjoy it, as so obviously did Arnold.

Keeping our ears and eyes open and talking to open-hearted strangers is often a shortcut to new information and realizations, I think.


Don Croft
08 Oct 2008 14:38
Subject: Re: Renewed Secession Effort in Northern California!
A couple other old stories that are worth bringing up:

DB had told us, when we first met, that anyone who will travel far enough back along Pluto’s Cave ( a very, very long lava tube from the north that’s accessible at a state park northwest of Mt Shasta, about 30 miles), as he once did, will find Atlantean ruins. Carol and I gifted that place, most recently with Ryan McGinty, but never went past the boulders that are piled up north of the northernmost entrance in that park.

He told us that his wife came close to being abducted by CIA freaks when they were there and, in the car on the way back, ‘Count St Germaine’ materialized in the backseat and told DB, ‘If you ever come back here again, I’ll kill you.’ Then he disappeared. Easy trick for nasty old aliens, I think. The southerly entrance was apaprently this non-human predator’s ritual murder site, where he/it was routinely assisted by the ‘I AM’ upper, cynical hierarechy (Theosophists) in town. Carol and I thoroughly gifted teh site, which had a ‘springy’ sand floor on account of rotting, gas-emitting bodies underneath, also that characteristic aroma of decaying human remains. There were rats right around that area of the cave but nowhere else. I mean, actual little rats–not CIA employees in this case.

The next time we went there, a year or so later (with Ryan) the smell was gone and the floor of the cave was solid. Also, St Germaine had been conspicuously absent from the channeling racket since immediately after we gifted the cave the first time and has remained relatively absent since then. Carol and other psyhcics say that he’s a particularly unattractive predatory alien, very old, who had the easy ability to disguise himself to Theosophists and other chumps as ‘angelic,’ as characterized in the paintings by Benjamin Creme. I saw one of those illustrations on a promotional brochure for the International Red Cross Society when I was in Tonga in 1984/5. At the time, I was still reading all the pro and con material about masonry in order to make up my mind whether this was a good organization or a bad one. The brochure claimed that Count St Germain founded the Red Cross way back when. No kidding. Theosophy and British masonry (all of the lodges) are joined seamlessly together, in case you didn’t know.

During our second visit we still encountered would-be murderous MKids (apparently recruited from prison to kill folks for the CIA–FBI now does that, too) and a very obese but skilled and persistent psychic who was trying her best to infiltrate teh chats on behalf of teh CIA greeted us on the path on our way to the cave and told us, ‘You don’t need to gift, there–we already did it!’ We shrugged it off and kept moving becuase that gal could only have gotten down into the cave with the assistance of a crane, of course. That time, we felt inspired to gift the northern area of the cave, past the second opening in the ground. There were satanic sigils in place to ‘protect’ the site from folks like us and some barely-hyperdimensional unfriendly aliens gave Ryan and Carol quite a fright underground as we placed orgonite all around that site, which was apparently being set up to replace the first one we gifted a year before Wink It’s during times like that when I"m kind of glad I’m not psychic, honestly. This was a few days before the Devil’s Punchbowl exposition that severely taxed DB, Carol and Ryan and was the freakiest day of my own life, so far.

I’m very pleased to say that none of us gifters have to contend with that level of surveillance, intimidation and infiltration, any more. Maybe the $#!+bird agencies have bigger concerns, now that their end is apparently in sight.

The latest online CIA campaign, though, is a multi-front, multi-language effort to convince the gullible that ‘orgonite is worthless and makes you feel rotten.’ Cool Sour grapes for having failed to usurp this movement through infiltration and slander over the past eight years? I see that the CIA has suddenly pulled from the web. I’ve always said that any publicity is good publicity, after all Wink

The voluminous instructions and directions that DB gave Carol and I for our big Shasta-territory giftting excursion, which included our first gifting of Pluto’s Cave, took us to Castle Crags, which is one of the places Homer mentioned. They’re magnificent, very high cliffs across the western valley from Mt Shasta and slightly south. He pointed out a spring near the base of the cliffs, about a 3,000 foot hike uphill from the parking lot, and said it’s the heart of a vortex, also that if the Lemurians, who have a hyperdimensional city on the other side of those cliffs, also alluded to by Homer, will show us a path that begins at the spring, which is otherwise the end of the maintained trail, then we should consider it an invitation to join them in their own hyperdimensional realm by following the path into the cliffs.

When we got to the spring and gifted it, a path beyond the spring surely did appear but a fed gal was spying on us at the time, so we accepted the very fine confirmation but didn’t pursue the path, then. She obviously intended to stay there as long as we did and there were probably more feds hiding in theh bushes, too. There is never just one of these felons. You can usually tell someone’s a pavement artist (spook/spy/fed/agency-felon) because that person will pretend not to notice you, even if you greet her/him Cool

Since the agencies, themselves, are anti-constitutional anyone who is employed by them is a felon; a traitor. Simple enough to understand, even if the traitors are ‘nice people.’

Theosophy is the default paradigm for most psychics and energy sensitives. It’s been the only way for most of them to have anyone to talk to about things that matter to them, personally, so it’s understandable that so many people swallow that baited hook. I don’t want to castigate everyone who believes that he/she is God and that he/she will keep coming back to the physical life again and again because superficial beliefs like that aren’t really dwelt on that much–mostly they just get lip service as a way for newagers to identify themselves to each other. The targets I’m aiming for are the few cynical programmers and enforcers who make up this $#!+ and keep people in line with it. I think that once the agenda is fully exposed then millions of newagers will figure out that there’s a lot more to reality than a bookfull of pat ‘answers’ compiled by Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey from the British empire-builders’ regurgitated Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism such a long time ago.

This thread looks pretty wide ranging, to put it politely. In the spirit of enquiry, though, I’m going to wait and see whether the renewed effort of people in the vicinitty of Mt Shasta to determine theiir own political identity is ultimately inspired by the Lemurians, whom I personally believe exist and interact with us right now as a group among The Operators.

DB is selling earthpipe plugs, by the way. I bet his are screamers!


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