Reported Chem-plane Crash

It was reported on Indonesian TV yesterday that a white unmarked twin-engined prop-plane with a pale blue spraying device crash-landed on a new (and as yet uninhabited) housing estate in Ciputat, West Java.

The pilot and co-pilot both survived but are in a critical condition and one other person on board was reported dead.

All were said to be Indonesian nationals.

The TV crew at the scene (which was hastily cordoned-off) reported police as expressing surprise at the plane’s lack of identification markings and said that an investigation was underway.

The footage showed the distant wreckage of a chem-plane upside-down amidst rubble.

I shall post any further developments on this thread in due course but one suspects that the ‘investigation’ will be an eternally on-going process.


That’s very interesting news, and tells something about the media back there yet it is too early to say anything before that ‘investigation’. I just thought to share something that happened some years ago to my friend near Rovaniemi, my former home town. He was driving outside the city when the cops stopped him for no apparent reason. They did not inquire him about the licence, I think, but he had to wait for some time just sitting in the car. I bet he was rather suspicious knowing things about the secretive corporative order. Maybe his suspicions were not let down. After awhile, some army vehicle drove by drawing <em>a small white plane</em> behind. That was the summer we were witnessing very grotesk weather control phenomena, which practically meant no rain for the whole summer. Still have some photos of that somewhere.

It would not maybe be a bad idea to get involved with that investigation in the chat blast, just to see if some public awareness could be reached for the subject of mass population control through the chemtrails where no cloudbusters are present. It has got to start from somewhere.

Please keep us updated if something shows up, though I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to hear nothing about it ever again.

Searching for further news on the above ‘reported chem-plane crash’ I came across three articles about it and three not-so-subtlely conflicting photographs.

In the original ‘breaking news’ report, filmed at the scene just after the crash occurred; the plane was seen amidst the rubble of a building under construction with its pale blue sprayer clearly visible yet in these pictures it’s lying on bare earth (with its spraying device carefully removed) on land ‘designated for a housing estate’.

In the TV report the police express surprise at the aircraft’s lack of identification number and in the magazine photos the registration number miraculously appears.

In this one, there is no number at all:

In the next one a very fresh-looking number is in the hands of a policeman:

and in the last shot the number is finally in place and being photographed faithfully by a journalist.

The magazines report that the plane was registered to a local flying school.

The ‘investigation’ seems to have been overtaken by hastily re-written events.

A second TV report showed the plane being dismantled and mentions that the co-pilot was Japanese.

(for some reason I can’t get photos to dispay in their usual way in this post so you’ll have to make do with URLs)


That’s cool evidence of a very clumsy “damage control operation” by the “authrities”.

Caught them in the act, haha!


I’ve never seen a small cessna prop plane outfitted as a chem sprayer around Boston. My chemplanes

are usually white, unmarked, jet driven, no windows and flying above 40,000 feet.

I love this sort of reporting and I’m sure the rats do to, not

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