Responses to the new backbiting campaign directed at Carol a

[I got a detailed note from a very prolific new gifter, asking me to answer some claims against Carol and I and against orgonite. Here are some comments which were included in my email response. I think it’s a good idea for all of us to be informed about current , specific assaults. We’re engaged in an open conspiracy so it’s sometimes useful to air and respond to criticism. ~Don]

****, we all go through a ‘dark night of the soul’ period from time to time,. usually following a period of discovery and exhilaration and when we’ve gotten in touch with clever, aggressive sociopaths we’re likely to linger in that initiation period longer than otherwise. Some unfortunates even become discouraged and cynical, then. This is why I’ve always stressed the importance of gathering solid confirmations instead of just doing this work blindly. Those recalled confirmations will more likely get us through periods of induced doubt and discouragement.

It’s inconceivable that anyone who does good in this world won’t be attacked by character assassins, after his reputation has started to grow, as yours already has.

The reason I set up a forum to collect and report varied field data, from divers people, about orgonite’s effects is because high-profile people who claim that we’re just blowing smoke represent a threat to the dissemination of this empowering info. This is why I stress to a few people, here, that we simply must report our substantive observations rather than just pass the time of day here.

I suggest that you take basic, unadorned orgonite to the labs at your university and subject it to every conceivable test. The only test I’ve heard about is putting simple orgonite into microwave ovens, in which case the material doesn’t even heat up, except for stray bits of metal that stick out of it. The proper use of the ‘energy of doubt’ is to use it to do solid research. When a very aggressive ,concerted campaign was launched within this very small (at the time) network, four years ago, to discredit orgonite in favor of something silly and pretentious, Carol and I went to Atlanta and gifted the entire city, which was the smoggiest place east of the Mississippi at the time, then broadcast the astonishing results. We went into debt to do it because it was that important to us to counter that campaign, which subsequently fell flat, I’m happy to report.

For myself, orgonite’s conistently dramatic effects on teh environment and on people’s well-being and behavior is evidence enough. If you now feel a need to get solid lab evidence in order to accept what you saw repeatedly in the atmosphere during and after your gifting efforts, then I encourage you to do it. Please do share your results, okay? We run toward, rather than from hard science but very few of us have access to equipment like that.

I’m curious whether radioactive material in the vicinity of simple orgonite will be affected, since our impression has been that it very quickly is neutralized, based on the reduction of DOR/smog around gifted nuke plants, nuclear waste dumps, etc, also based on the distinct absence of metallic taste in the mouth when one is in those areas after gifting has been done.

This is the first time, as far as I know, that anyone has attacked my religion in a slander campaign and thanks for defending me to that fellow. For the record, I’ve been a Baha’i since 1967 (age 18) and I love my religion very much, though I won’t preach to people. Since there are no clergy and since my religion doesn’t insinuate itself into government or commerce on any level; particularly since each believer is obligated to examine reality independently I haven’t felt that it’s in conflict with anyone else’s heartfelt beliefs, nor is it divisive in any way. The principles of the unity of humanity, equality of the sexes, religious tolerance, science and spirituality being inseparable, etc., have guided my labors in fostering this global, unorganized movement over the past six years. Another feature of my faith is that no man can ever have spiritual authority over another, nor is anyone ‘more equal’ than others <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> but that’s just an aspect of having no clergy, I suppose.

What really counts with any of us is what we DO in this world during our brief stay here. Most religionists aren’t worth a damn and, in fact, are less than worthless because they use religion to cause dissension. It’s better to do without religion in that case. This usually originates with clergy, of course. One’s beliefs are gotten cheaply but standing for any worthwhile belief is the real challenge.

My wife, who calls herself a witch but doesn’t belong to any organization, is generous to a fault and entirely fearful of causing any harm in this world, so she puts extraordinary effort into healing and toward easing others’ difficulties. Her HP and other inventions speak for themselves. I’m interested in everyone’s beliefs, including Carol’s, because I learned, as a youth, that truth is available everywhere and when one has this attitude, his own faith is enhanced and deepened by considering others’ heartfelt views of reality rather than threatened by them. I also don’t feel a need to sell my faith to others, of course, which is why I almost never mention it unless someone asks me directly, as you’ve done. I rather feel that demonstrating one’s heartfelt beliefs is much more useful and digestible than preaching them is. I don’t want to convert you or anyone else.

Right now, some aggressive, clever folks have put a lot of doubts and suspicions in your mind, I think, but the way out of that dilemma is for you to pay very close attention to your own heart’s promptings, then act on them and perhaps pay less tribute to your brain, though it’s essential to never abandon rationality, even in spiritual pursuits. Discernment is essentially a heart function, by the way, not a mind one, which is why dogs and small children generally have better discernment than adults do. It’s a good idea to be wary of anyone who claims to have all the answers, of course, or that he is smarter or somehow more deserving than you are. Anyone can ‘say all the right things,’ and this gets the confidence of the unwary, especially when that one is charismatic or is well favored by institutions or the media.

We rather focus on what people do than on what they say and this has enabled us to avoid a lot of heartache and trouble and to mostly keep these clever, sleepless people from undermining this grassroot effort by refusing to endorse them.

It’s possible that Welz can produce DOR in the presence of orgonite, as he claims to do, though it might bugger the imagination to contemplate why anyone would want to do that. I suppose he’ll eventually justify his claim and provide examples of its usefulness.

Perhaps putting simple orgonite around that device would neutralize it or at least contain its energy field if it’s harmful. Two or three other inventors have made devices with orgonite in them which do some harm, so I don’t discount Welz’s claim. They do it by adding conflicting gemstones and sometimes by broadcasting disharmonious frequencies from the device with the use of coils. I’ve certainly given Karl Welz due credit for being the source of the basic ingredients of orgonite, though others had apparently made that discovery, too.

If you’ll do some simple experimenting, you’ll easily find out that orgonite is NOT an accumulator, as Welz claims it is. I hope you’ll also make some ordinary accumulators (we favor Serge King’s later formula over Reich’s) and find that out on your own through experimentation. I’ve gotten back into accumulator construction, by the way. I’ll report more about that. It may be that if Reich had access to plastic film and aluminum foil in the 1930s he’d have used that instead of heavy galvanized steel and bulky celotex.

I’ve been feeling that the opposition to this grassroot movement will soon reach a higher pitch, now that more and more people are finding out about it. Maybe the backbiting that has been directed at you both is a shot across our bow. It may be that busting the HAARPicanes in the Caribbean with orgonite last year generated a lot of new interest and discussion out there, which would certainly alarm the world odor and their What To Think Network organ. For the world odor, opposition most often takes the form of slander and backbiting in the earlier stage. Hopefully, it won’t progress to shooting <img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” /> but I think we’ll weather all of that if we will stick to keep providing empirical evidence and avoiding the personality-cult traps.

Can you see why I encourage gifters to fully report their impressions on a reputable forum (there are several, but only one in English for now–Dooney’s is specialized for etheric work)? Can you also see why there are no personalities on my board like the one who repeatedly slandered my wife and I to your friend? One’s reputation is priceless and it’s extremely easy for one to damage one’s own reputationthrough unwise speech or action, or even for others to do it with slander and backbiting. People who do that to our reputations never contact us directly, by the way, though I’ll answer anyone who hasn’t already established a reputation for backbiting and sabotage. There are very few of those, thankfully. Nobody is immune from their potent poison, please consider, so corresponding with them is bound to extinguish one’s confidence and enthusiasm.

I’d feel quite saddened if you are inclined to do less gifting because someone has planted doubts in your mind about others because this is NOT a personality cult, nor is it even organized. Most gifters are not in touch with us at all.

I felt a need to put to rest the notion that ‘orgonite’ is copyrighted. Even if it were, it wouldn’t matter but since so many vendors have the word on their sites it’s just a good thing to know

There are scores of potential traps in our path and you might ask yourself why we’re put to the test this way but that our detractors won’t hold themselves accountable. I suggest that this, itself, is a signal that what we represent is a threat to the world odor’s parasitic hegemony. This double-standard broadcast technique has been a time tested way to bring down reputable people but it’s becoming less effective, now that more people are waking up and choosing to be more accountable.

As long as you and your friend continue to correspond with people who backbite and slander others your opinion of us may degrade, perhaps along with your gifting effort. See how it works? You can probably tell that this movement doesn’t need Carol and I any more in order to thrive but the other side knows that if they can discredit us, they can discourage others from gifting. We’re in a peculiar position.

Debating with clever, tireless sociopaths, as your friend has been doing with the best of intentions, is like wrestling with a pig in the mud: we just get filthy and exhausted and the pig enjoys it.


Two more issues that this new gifter apparently got hammered with are:

(1) The preliminary gifting that he did in a large city, which produced wonderful short term results, was overcome at the same time that his close friend got the slanderous emails. A massive DOR assault on the sky over his cloudbuster also happened, then. It was pretty easy for the world odor to overcome the good effects of his CB and a few well-placed towerbusters in such a big city, I think. There’s one new death tower per approximately every 2,000 inhabitants in most cities, of course and when one only partially gifts a city the sewer rats are easily able to crank up the surrounding towers to compensate for their loss of DOR in the atmosphere. Many of us have learned repeatedly that one has to disable the majority of towers in an area before lasting results can be achieved. Disabling all of them for a hundred kilometers or so is the best way to get permanent, dramatic results.

Early on, we learned that the new death transmitters can cancel the visual effects of cloudbusters that are in cities. Fortunately for Carol and I, perhaps, we had six or eight months of experimenting across North America with cloudbusters under out belts before most of the death towers were suddenly erected throughout the world in the fall of 2001. I can tell you that it was pretty depressing to see the DOR build up again in the atmosphere, then, and it took an entire year after that before we knew for certain, from extensive field experiments, that we could cancel even those effects with the intelligent, systematic distribution of simple towerbusters.

At least there were thousands of cloudbusters by then, though, and we had begun getting fewer and fewer reports of new cases of chronic sicknesses that are characteristic of repeated exposure to chemtrails.

(2) There are still chemtrails just about everywhere. Some folks have the impression that I’ve denied that chemtrails are still present; in fact I’ve constantly directed people to observe that the chemtrail remants which are seen now are obviously not like chemtrails looked and performed before the cloudbusters were distributed in the thousands by mid-2002. Since the vast majority of people who see chemtrail remnants, now, didn’t see them when they were a threat makes it pretty difficult for me to present a convincing argument, which is kind of frustrating.

The argument that the chemtrail program is now mainly a psychological assault is supported by the fact that we see chemtrails showing up in animated movies (CARS, for instance) and video games. Another argument is that when the chemtrails were sickening untold millions of people they were scarcely mentioned but now that they’re harmless, every Chicken Little on the planet flies those colors <img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” />

Fortunately, when one has disabled ALL of the death towers and hopefully put a lot of orgonite in rivers, large lakes and the sea in one’s area the chemtrails consistenly disappear so quickly, afterward, that they look kind of comical. Have you seen up to twelve chemtrail jets, flitting in every direction in brilliant blue, cloud-dappled sky while squirting out short little chemtrails that disappeasr in a few seconds? We see that a lot, here. If you aren’t seeing that wonderful effect where you live, but would like to, then you simply need to get busy and do the requisite work

When we arrived back in North Idaho last fall, where we had thoroughly disabled all of the death towers and HAARP arrays four years earlier, the chemtrails had grown significanly longer before disappearing. We busted a few new towers but the reason we achieved the happy state described above is no doubt due to the extensive lake gifting we did in the three weeks after our arrival. I really hope more and more people will get in boats and toss a lot of orgonite into big bodies of water so that they, too, can see these wonderful effects, not to mention the nearly constant Sylph visitations that happen after that.

Another confirmation for the water gifting, for me, was that a friendly neighbor who is an avid fisherman was happy to hear abour what I told him we’d done in Florida and said, ‘I bet that’s why the water in Lake Coeur d’Alene cleared up suddenly a few years ago!’ Several folks had tossed orgonite in that lake, before, including Markus in Vancouver, Washington, who had done some boating there with his family. It was after we tossed a couple hundred TBs into teh lake from our boat in October that the sky effects I mentioned were achieved, though. At the time, I wondered about the economic feasibility of dropping so many TBs in a very clear, clean lake that’s only 25 miles long, since there’s no underground base there, as far as I know, but the persistent whiteout over the lake is entirely gone these days and the chemtrails that the world odor squirts in teh sky overhead still disappear fast now, several months after the deed was done.

I want everyone to achieve those empowering results; then we’ll see how much ground the backbiters and doubt-mongers can take from us


Another thing that came up in the flurry of evidence, in the past few days, of a nascent character-assassination campaign directed at Carol and I was my endorsement, four years ago, of Welz which is in one of the journal reports I wrote at the time.

When I wrote that, I had just gone to see Karl Welz outside of Atlanta, near the end of our gifting campaign in that city. I sought him out in order to attempt to show him that I had no selfish or aggressive (toward him) intentions by making the basic ingredients of orgonite (metal particles in a catalyzed resin matrix) known publicly. He told me, then, that he was convinced that I had no desire to undermine his business, so I was gratified. I was and am pretty impressed with his orgonite-based, multi-frequency (a dozen or so programmable, digital frequency generators in a ring of orgonite, surrounding the central witness) radionics technology, which still seems to be leagues ahead of the more passive stuff people are still popularly using, which was developed in the 1930s.

My own business quickly sprang back to its previously lively level after I got that admission from Welz. It had suddenly tanked, several months before <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />, in conjunction with a lot of theft by the FBI of our money in the mail (that’s when we first learned to blast these federal sewer rats and make them leave our money alone) and, as I mentioned, we did Atlanta at a time when we couldn’t afford the trip and materials, so we went into credit card debt, then. I guess it was a sort of investment because it paid off in a couple of major ways and we paid the debt without a lot of time and trouble after the biz got better.

Back then, he wasn’t promoting Aleister Crowley and related themes, as he is by now, and his site content was pretty innocuous and neutral. Somebody expressed genuine alarm to me, after reading my comments about Welz in that old journal report. I don’t think that person would have taken much notice if he hadn’t also been browbeaten by a talented slanderer about my wife saying she’s a witch and claiming that she practices ‘the dark arts.’ Carol feels repulsed by dark magic, by the way, and if it weren’t for her talent and personal integrity you would never have heard of me, unless you were looking for a zapper… Backbiting is the darkest of all arts, of course.

We got an interesting confirmation for the use of resin instead of wax as the matrix for orgonite, by the way, and for me it settles the issue of Welz’ current claim that orgonite is merely an orgone accumulator.

In that case, someone had sent us a beeswax/metal mix to test and evaluate as a possible substitute for resin orgonite, so on New Year’s Eve, when a bunch of the psychics and energy sensitives were together, I set that device near a new death tower, which we had left un-busted for this experiment.

The fellow who sent us the device had determined that his wax mix was orgonite because when he took it near a functioning death tower, his wax/metal creation continued to feel nice to him. I asked him whether he had orgonite with him when he was testing it and he said he did, so when we retrieved the device (a couple hours later–we had gone to dinner) we parked the car a couple hundred yards from where I had placed the device and Carol walked over to pick it up after she took off her Harmonic Protector. Jeff was riding with us; Dooney and Stevo were in their car, nearby and watching.

Carol took awhile to get it and get back and when she returned to the car she told us that she was barely able to pick the thing up because it felt strangely heavy, also that it had absorbed a lot of DOR from the death tower, while not affecting the operation of that transmitter at all. In the presence of orgonite, in the car, the device quickly got cleared of DOR without any interaction from us.

I should say, too, that Welz uses very fine particles of metal in his orgonite and four years ago he recommended powdered quartz to me as an additive. We learned, very early, that larger particles of metal in resin are more lively and efficient at transmuting DOR into healthful orgone than fine particles are, also that powdered crystal in orgonite produces a frenetic, ‘hot’ effect that feels uncomfortable to energy sensitives. KW’s claim that he can produce DOR with a new device that incorporates orgonite is in line with the ability of a couple other inventors we’ve known who can also create DOR with orgonite-related devices but I should stress that this can apparently only done intentionally and that it requires a lot of skill.

We get samples, often, from people who try to improve orgonite’s bright energy with their own, sometimes ill-advised mofidfications and additions and the worst that the psychics have seen from any of that is that a modified orgonite device’s ability to transmute DOR into positive energy is sometimes compromised to one degree or another. Some of the samples we get are marvellous, of course. I think the only way to make harmful orgonite is by intention and with a lot of skill. Whether harmful orgonite has a productive use remains to be proven, I think, but please be at ease if you’re worried that your enthusiastic experimentation will produce that effect, okay?

Soon after the New Year’s Eve field experiment with the wax/metal device, I decided to turn our new, little sauna into an orgone accumulator by applying accumulator panels to teh six surfaces. I hadn’t even considered making another orgone accumulator since I first did some of my own experiments with orgonite in 1998. Before that, I had made scores of orgone accumulators with Serge King’s formula. I especially liked the feeling and health effects I got from lying in my orgone accumulator chamber and will experiment with that shape again (parabolic cross section) when I can. It takes a lot of space to make one of those and right now I’m building a boat in my garage <img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” />–tjhe Zodiac draws over two feet of water, which keeps us from getting to some juicy but shallow water gifting spots so I’m building a pretty seaworthy 19" two-seater sculling wherry with sliding seats and riggers; a fast, cartop-able rowboat. I love to be in small, open boats on the ocean.

I wasn’t sure how Carol would like sitting in an orgone accumulator box, so I started by making a panel (nine layers of aluminum foil with a layer of food-wrap plastic film in between, all held together with spray glue. I put that panel under one of the guest beds and when she laid on it, she complained that it felt like she was sinking through the bed. Ryan McGinty later noticed that there’s a positive and negative side to each panel–positive meaning ‘pushing’ and negative meaning ‘drawing.’ On further discussion, Carol felt that the drawing effect she felt was actually relaxing and that she needed to relax a lot more, these days. She’s under constant assault by the world odor’s psychics, so it’s hard for her to relax. Before Ryan found this effect I had already applied accumulator panels to teh bottom and top surface of the new sauna during assembly and Carol adn I love the way teh sauna now feels inside. I’ve used a lot of saunas and never liked them as well as steambaths but this one feels as good as a steambath does to me, no doubt due to the energy from the accumulator material. The first thing I noticed, while sitting in there, is that my lungs spontaneously and effortlessly expand to greater volume than it normally takes me to achieve with uncomfortable effort. I remembered that this also happened in my previous orgone accumulator chamber.

With the two opposing panels (top and bottom) Ryan tracked a positive/negative pattern throughout the sauna at six inch intervals or so and in an apparent hyperdimensional sine pattern, I think I can say, perhaps based on the resonant frequency of the chamber itself… When I apply panels to the left and right exterior surfaces I’ll ask him to chart it again, then again when I put panels on front and back. I think all that will cause the sine pattern to tighten up and may produce even more healing energy within the chamber.

I’m really glad we got that wax/metal sample! I’ve encouraged the fellow who made that to keep experimenting because I think he’s going to make something that’s marketable and has a specific use. At some point, somebody’s going to experiment with a chamber made of orgonite and will hopefully discourse on that and get some psychics/sensitives to evaluate it.

Capacitors, which are sometimes rolled up, very thin layers of metal and resin, are electronic components that absorb, gradually emit, and can even store an electrical charge. Capacitors, like magnets and perhaps also batteries, may be an orgone devices as well as electrical. Many of us have found out, from repeated experience, that our bodies become orgone ‘capacitors’ when we’ve been around a enough orgonite for long enough. In that case, we often produce positive changes in the atmosphere around us as we travel. I hesitate to call that a spiritual process because there are some folks who can do that but who probably can’t be trusted not to steal your old grandma’s heirloom silverware if you have them over for dinner.

Everyone who is steeped in materialistic science is quick to admit that they don’t understand how electricity works but when Reich’s discoveries are added to the mix, I think it’s easier to comprehend electricity’s processes. Tesla and other scientists apparently lumped electrical and orgone dynamics under the term, ‘electricity,’ and I think those pioneers understood it all very well, but just didn’t feel a need to differentiate. Tesla coils are the most powerful sources of raw, bright and vibrant orgone that we know about, by the way. The orgone is so strong from a Tesla coil that even the very debilitating 60Hz pulse of the power source (the commercial electricity grid) can’t affect it.

I’m trying to paint a little picture here. Welz claims unequivocably, without backing it up, that orgonite is merely an orgone accumulator and that it can’t transmute DOR into healthful orgone. Can you now see why I’ve stressed the importance of empirical evidence from reputable people in public postings? Anyone who gifts has seen abundant confirmations that a little orgonite does, indeed, change DOR into bright, healthy orgone and when we collect a sampling of gifting/confirmation reports from a diverse network of people aroudn the planet, operating in widely varied circumstances, others are inspired to try their hand at this, which produces more reports, which draws more intelligent scrutiny and experimentation.

This is how Dr Reich handled unfounded criticisms of his own work, by the way. In the long run it’s a pretty good setup because it leads to more and better research. It also puts into sharper contrast the simple truth that nobody’s word should be taken as the last one and there can be no arbitrary authority in science. We’re definitely in the ‘future’ that Reich predicted.


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