Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal

Andy Schwarm
11 Apr 2008 17:47
Subject: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Got this in an email today:


I am announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to deactivate the Cabal’s global surveillance system.
This vitally-important Joint Psychic Exercise takes place this Saturday, April 12. (Time below).
Permit me to explain.
Earth, being a living being, Gaia, like all other living beings generates a bio-electromagnetic field around her. These fields are somewhat layered. We know one of them as the ionosphere and another as the magnetosphere. Earth also has an energetic grid extending across her surface, with concentrated energy at the connection points, (where vortexes are located.) These energy field layers have connection, (as anyone who has watched lightning reach from Earth to sky can affirm.)
The Cabal have taken advantage of Earth’s natural global energy grid by running their own energy beams to create connection with Earth’s grid. In this way the Cabal have turned Earth’s energy grid into their own global surveillance system.
For example, when a starcraft swoops low into the atmosphere, or a Star Visitor approaches the house of an experiencer, or even if a Star Seed is highly energized anticipating an exciting encounter, these events send off high energy which is sensed by and is resonant with Earth’s energy field. By being tapped into Earth’s energy field, the Cabal can instantly detect anywhere on the globe where that event is going on.
The Cabal take advantage of this surveillance information to: target and shoot down starcraft, capture and confine Star Visitors, and send their MILABS mercenaries to follow up on an experiencer’ s real encounter with one of their brutal fake “alien abductions” designed to terrorize the experiencer.
We need to shut down this vicious criminal Cabal surveillance system.
The Cabal’s artificial global grid is composed of two principal components: HAARP-class gigantic microwave-beam ionosphere “heaters”, and a diffuse band of ionized particles spread across the upper atmosphere globally by sprayer aircraft (ChemTrails) . (The ionized particles serve to transfer the microwave beam energy across the globe.)
The HAARP-class microwave antennae installations are located at Gakona, Alaska; the Puerto Rico “Research” Facility (near Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory) , Puerto Rico; at Tromso, Norway,and at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
To turn off the Cabal’s global surveillance system, our strategy during this Joint Psychic Exercise is two-fold. You pick which one you will work on.

  1. Some lightworkers will take on using telekinesis to disable the HAARP generators; pick your generator to focus on: Alaska, Puerto Rico, Norway, or Russia. Concentrate on telekinetically disorganizing the computers, programs, relays, microprocessors, electrical load-limiters, and circuit breakers.
  2. Other lightworkers will focus on using telekinesis, (and sending intentional energy), to reverse the mixing-together of chemicals that created the Cabal’s high-tech brew that is the ChemTrail mix. That is, since the ChemTrail formula is an advanced-technology mixing of chemicals in sequence, by your reversing the sequence, the mix is reduced to just ordinary chemicals and no longer works.
    Thus, by shutting down the energizer beams and neutralizing the carrier particles, the Cabal’s global surveillance system is shut down.
    I have requested Star Nations to join in, too, and lend us their able co-assistance, both psychic and physical.
    The time for you to join in with us in this Joint Psychic Exercise, is this Saturday, April 12 as follows, (Daylight Saving Time where applicable). Can I count on you?

Hawai’ian Islands: 5 am, Saturday
Anchorage, Alaska: 7 am

Los Angeles/San Francisco/Vancouver , BC (PDT): 8 am

Denver/Calgary (MST): 9 am

Chicago/Mexico City (CDT): 10 am

New York/Washington, DC/San Juan, Puerto Rico/Bogotá, Columbia (EDT): 11 am

Halifax, Nova Scotia/Caracas, Venezuela: 12:00 noon

Sao Paulo, Brazil: 12 noon

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time/Zulu: 15:00 hrs. / 3 p.m.,

London/Dakar: 3 pm

Paris/Algiers/ Rome/Berlin: 4 pm

Amman, Jordan/Capetown, SA: 5 pm

Moscow/Riyadh: 6 pm

Dubai: 7 pm

New Delhi: 8:30 pm

Beijing/Shanghai/ Singapore/ Manila: 11:00 pm

Tokyo/Seoul/ Perth, AU: 12 midnight, Saturday-Sunday

Adelaide, AU: 1:30 am Sunday

Brisbane, AU: 1 am, Sunday

Canberra/Sydney, AU: 2 am Sunday

Kamchatka, Russia: 3 am Sunday

Auckland, NZ: 4 am Sunday

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can, and time-jump by intention back-in-time or forward-in-time, so your efforts coincide with ours.

Thank you.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor

Email: [email protected] net

Website: http://www.drboylan. com

12 Apr 2008 00:22
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Boylan has a few critics

lightworker john

Andy Schwarm
12 Apr 2008 00:42
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Wow, I didn’t know much about Boylan, that’s all news to me! I was just attracted to his effort. I’m one of those, what the heck, I’ll be up at eight AM I’ll give them a boost, kinda guys.

Thanks for your enlightenment.


Andy Schwarm
12 Apr 2008 20:05
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
John, do you have an idea as to why Boylan, if he’s a reptile like that site suggests, would mount the effort he did? I guess it’s brilliant disinfo way over my head or something.



13 Apr 2008 10:15
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Andy, I must say it smelled funny when I read Boylan’s request as well.

Good disinfo has to use some credible information to be successful at cheating people, otherwise it wouldn’t work. And if it appeals to good “help-your-neighbour” nature it works usually even better.

It’s no wonder the global warming or fight-AIDS or find-Maddie movements get so much support – the fact is most people who support these movements have very little idea about the true nature of that which they support.
They consume the overwhelming information given to them by the usual suspects (MSM) and then embark on the “feel good” action of supporting – which usually involves a check but probably has more to do with energy wasted (stolen) from all the attention those movements get than anything else.

And making people stupid, too, is a bonus for the orchestrators of the running circus. Unfortunately for them, people are waking up – who can be convinced of global warming these days? Wink
Meanwhile they’ll keep trying to get at one of our softest spots, namely the will to help.


13 Apr 2008 21:01
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Hi Andy, newagers mount efforts similar to these all the time. “Coordinated meditation for world peace” “Send you love to the Dalai Lama” etc. It doesn’t mean the intentions are good or that these type of efforts have much of an effect. Boylan, in my opinion, is a very similar type of disinformant to Swerdlow, or that guy that Louis gifted who talks about death towers.

I remember a few months ago in Dooney chat, the subject of the Dalai Lama came up. He seemed to be a kind of syphon for all the “love energy” that many newagers were sending him, which then went to some nasty entity. At first Dooney was perplexed as to how a parasite could thrive of “love energy”, but it became pretty clear that most of the “love” that was being sent was mostly lower chakra energy since the sender’s ego tended to be heavily involved.


14 Apr 2008 00:26
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Boylan needs to up his writing style, that was a what the aussies call chunder making

Lama, never liked his glasses

He was last seen rubbing noses with Schwarzenegger

Andy Schwarm
14 Apr 2008 18:21
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
I remember reading somewhere that the alien-NWO-cretins believe in Karma,
so, if they warn us first of what they are up to, via scams like the one
we’re discussing, then they are released from Karma since they’ve
“warned” us.

I don’t really accept that. I don’t think they give a whit for Karma.

Don Croft
14 Apr 2008 20:29
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
If this networking we all do on a global scale has taught us anything, it’s perhaps that unorganization and spontaneity, in conjunction with free interchange of usable information, is the key to eventually discarding this ancient, parasitic, patriarchal world order.

Meanwhile, any attempt to connect genuine, organic revolution with personalities or ideologies is probably doomed to be immediately infiltrated and eventually controlled by the world order, themselves.

It’s sure good to read about all this, though!


Don Croft
14 Apr 2008 20:39
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Of course the planet is a living, conscious entity, as is everything we can conceive or imagine, in some cases even the stuff we make on our own.

With Carol’s approval, I started using the term, ‘Gaia Nazi’ for the Rockefeller-funded organizations that attempt to use Big Government to ‘protect Gaia.’
A good example of that is how the Nature’s Conservancy people tried their damndest to stop people swimmign with dolphins and whales. They even manage to coerce police agencies to nominally enforce ‘new legislation’ that provides stiff penalties for doing this.

Thankfully, that blew up in their faces but it’s pretty creepy that they even tried it, don’t you think?

The other feature of Gaia Nazis that I find objectionable and a little horrifying is that they mostly feel that all of humanity are parasites (except them) and need to be exgterminated so that ‘Gaia will be happy, again.’ Don’t you, too, think that’s presumptuous? From where gifters stand, the planet is quite happy about people who toss orgonite in the environment, obviously.

Who else can you think of that sincerely feels that most or all of humanity need to be exterminated? Right–the people in London who sign the paychecks of the ideologues who are promoting the ‘Gaia Hypothesis.’

I can mention any number of similarly high-sounding depopulation ‘hypotheses’ that are only known for what they are by reading between the lines. The Lucis Trust publishes much or most of this promotional literature. That Theosophical institution is the official publisher for the United Nations and, before the late 1940s, they openly called themselves, ‘Lucifer Trust.’ How stupid do you reckon the newage-sewage scions think we are?


Don Croft
14 Apr 2008 20:57
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
Andy, thanks for posting it and I’m pretty sure you know that we’re not ganging up on you.

I’m still in ‘dolphin-swim’ mode and it might be significant to say that dolphins don’t make judgements about even the more horrendous parasites and predators. No doubt we can learn to be better at accepting everyone, too.

When Carol and I had our dolphin-psychic experience together in Florida, seven years ago, the dolphin research facility where we made some new, finned friends sported a photo gallery of people who had swum in the tank with dolphins. One of them was Reichsfuhrer Schwarzeneggar, whose beatific smile as he had his arm around a dolphin seemed entirely genuine to us.

We know, too, that a pod of dolphins practically pines to get a CIA operative whom we know into the water with them but the fellow apparently has no desire for the experience. They really don’t care who we are or what we’re doing; they just seem to want to help each or any of us to ‘get better’ and also to get along with each other better.

That said, they and the whales really kick @$$ with us in the chat sessions when humans (nearly always operatives of the world odor) are in the process of destroying other sentient beings on ‘Gaia,’ or otherwise plundering the earth’s energy matrix. Historically, the world odor’s cults use human sacrifice to steal earth energy at the power points, so it’s doubly urgent to stop them as soon as possible. Gifting the power points apparently makes it impossible for these thugs to perform their human sacrifice rituals there.

Carol and I had such a profound experience on Mauna Keia (the tallest mountain in the world, if not the highest Wink ) that I’ve rethought some of my previous assumptions about mythologies. I’m leaning more toward seeing the Big Movers, such as Pele, as enormous, unspeakably ancient elementals rather than gods. The god (little ‘g’) thing never made it through my rational mind, of course, but elementals have. Some folks don’t care about the words, of course, because they’re seeing beyond that, as Joe Blow probably knows that his new tech isn’t essentially about ‘electricity’ though he still uses that term to describe the (orgone) energy of the Joe Cell free energy device.

Getting past the language barrier is a lot easier than getting past the crafted ideological ones, I think Cool and nobody is more blindly and passionately devoted to superstition than Theosophy-based and ‘religious fundamentalist’ cultists are.


Don Croft
14 Apr 2008 21:07
Subject: Re: Richard Boylan Calls For Joint Effort To Disable Cabal…
This might be an opportunity to contrast the ‘standard fare’ populist activism that Boylan perhaps reprsents, with the way this informal network gets things done.

EW is a fairly obscure site, by anyone’s standard, but it’s global and is mainly read by enough real activists who are simply hunting for ways to make big things happen in a positive way.

When some news comes up, here, about a worthy gifting target, that is, someone usually takes responsibility for fixing the problem, usually without fanfare and certainly without needing a lot of backslapping. Sometimes funds are volunteered by people who can’t easily get to the target sites, themselves. This sort of deputization is a very healthy sign and indicates a level of faith and trust that is rarely seen in human institutions.

For gifters and predator-hunters, the work and the often-immediate, observable confirmations are the reward. This is genuine power and is also the sort that anyone can achieve.


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