Russian Documentary about Antarctica Saucer Base

John Scudamore sent this YouTube link to me: []

It was made for Russian TV and is pretty good, especially useful for someone who has already been reading material about this stuff over the years. The film also has a lot more information about Admiral Bird’s failed military expedition to Antarctica in 1947, including eyewitness reports of the battle lost by the US Navy’s ships and aircraft against flying discs with beam weapons that came out of the sea near the coast of ‘Neue Schwabenland,’ which is the area (larger than Germany) of Antarctica that the Luftwaffe marked with and claimed in 1938. Al Bielek told Carol and I that the Navy aircraft also encountered deadly force fields over land, there.

One thing I like about the documentary is that it avoids sensationalism and focuses & intelligently speculates on factual material and if one will do some digging into other material a lot of this newer information will make perhaps more sense than it evidently did to the makers of the documentary.

If you’ve seen a variety of antigravity craft, as Carol and I did mostly in the early years of this effort, it’s obvious enough that not all of them are made by humans so we probably shouldn’t be hasty in our judgement but the ons that are obviously manmade are evidence that when this technology is no longer hoarded by the sewer rats then it’s going to really improve the lot of humanity and fast.

I like the new take on the hollow earth idea because I’ve suspected that there are hyperdimensional portals at both poles and newer evidence is pointing to that rather than to the idea that they’re just holes to the ‘tropical’ inside of the earth. One of my teachers, Dorothy West, once had an experience on Mt Shasta that seems to support this, at least in my mind. Some ‘nice hippies’ in Panther Meadow invited her to walk through a short tunnel to an identical meadow during her first visit there in the late 1970s. She only realized, much later, that there are no such tunnels, of course. That mountain is where Carol and I had our only (very) positive encounters together with antigravity craft and it was on the edge of Panther Meadow. She also interacted with people I wasn’t able to see at the time.

Thanks, John.