Russian government's attitude towards the free flow of information

Some weeks ago the Russian head of their press corps said (as a response to the latest crazy Western propaganda):

That which is happening now is a global tragedy - that is the destruction of trust in the authority of media as a whole. What is going to happen in the future?

I don’t think even they understand what kind of Pandora’s box they have opened, taking into account that terror groups have access to media technology as well…

People, in their hundreds of thousands, will reject traditional media and look for their information on the internet, where they really can run into false information. This is a very scary process that’s taking place.

I think it’s funny they are as scared of the internet (and freedom) as their Western counterparts… just dealing with it differently. For instance there are some rather draconian laws now in Russia where if your blog has more than x ammount of views then you must register and follow the same rules as a news organisation.
Not bashing on the Russians by the way. They’re just doing things differently from the Western oligarchy but I find it funny how in some points they are exactly the same.

Carlos and I discussed this some more in email and I don’t mind bashing the parasitic oligarchs who rule Russia Cool and just about everywhere else.

Russian media and ‘alternative’ disinformation is comical and infantile, compared to the American sewer rat agencies’ creations–have you noticed that? Even Britain’s BS can’t touch the NSA/CIA’s slick, compelling propaganda and since WWII they’ve been creating most of their lies, fear porn and obfuscations in Hollywood, I think. It’s nothing to brag about and as an American I’m deeply ashamed, on behalf of my countrymen, of the ancient oligarchy’s success in hypnotizing us all from birth. To be fair, that only became possible after a horde of imported SS war criminals helped to form the CIA after WWII, so I suppose the Germans can share our shame.

Carol was kind of shocked to see that in Britain the mainline newspapers are like the US supermarket tabloids and British disinfo is more refined that the Russian sort. That surprised me a little, since Britain is where global mind control was born in the 1700s; a legacy of the effete Venetians’ takeover there in the late 1600s after a couple of centuries of infiltration following the fall of Constantinople. Britain set up and trained America’s first espionage agency (OSS) during WWII, during the same time that they also set up the postwar German government in German POW camps and Tavistock Institute Cool, which is well documented in The Hitler Book . Propaganda since the early 1900s has always presented the US and Britain as loving pals but in the early 1920s Britain threatened to declare war on the US over the number of battleships the US was building and then apparently arranged to have the US fleet destroyed by Japan in a protracted Pacific war following Hitler’s scheduled defeat but General MacArthur did a Kansas City Shuffle on the Brits and moved his forces straightr to Okinawa (Japan’s doorstep) instead of taking the much longer, bloodier trail through the South Pacific, as Britain and MacArthur’s US bosses had intended.

In some countries the internet is so heavily surveilled that citizens in those countries are afraid to contact me through email. In the case of China, I’ve literally never heard from a Chinese national, living in China, and have only gotten enquiries (quite a few over the years) from Chinese nationals who live or are traveling outside of that country. The Chinese chose Twitter to express their birthright of free speech on account of the riskiness of the internet and orgonite has started to spread in China, finally. I feel tremendously relieved to know that.

Russian email to me has had another pattern: I’ve never gotten more than two emails from individuals living in Russia but they’ve always been substantive and we can all see a lot of evidence of orgonite fieldwork in that country in the films that are made, there. I think they mainly want to be assured that I’m not some CIA/NSA facade. I did get several emails from a Russian who was preaching the merits of communism but he wasn’t interested in orgonite, so I assume that he was just a ‘KGB bitch.’

Radhika, a Ukrainian woman living in Germany, who had built Germany’s first orgonite cloudbuster in Koln, with her husband in 2002 (they also built the first orgonite cloudbuster in India at the time–they imported hand made paper from there), corresponded a lot with me and told me that when she returned to Kiev for a visit in that year the entire atmosphere and ambience had been dramatically transformed and that the public officials she dealt with were genuinely friendly, which had been unheard of before. She reckoned that nothing but orgonite could have accounted for those improvements. I’ve got a lovely painting by her over my desk which I’ve titled, ‘African angel.’ Now that the NSA @$$warts are not preventing me from posting photos I’ll take a photo of that and share it, soon.

The only other parasite regime (that I’m aware of) which bullies their population through the internet is Argentina’s. I assume it’s because it’s still under the control of the International SS. That country also evidently has a lot of orgonite flingers and I have no idea how or if they network with each other. One of the encouraging features of this unorganized, global orgonite movement is that the work is easy to do and empowering, so people who commit to it typically keep extending their efforts. A frustrating aspect, at least for me, is that most orgonite flingers work in secret, which is why this forum is such a partial record of the work being done.

One of the first gifters in Argentina (who was afraid to tell me his name) provided us with the earliest agricultural data from his efforts, which I think I posted in 2002. He told me that it was risky to email me and I’ve only other heard from one other person in that country. When Alejandro in Chile attempted to take some orgonite into Argentina in his pickup truck in 2011 (if memory serves) the border officials refused to allow it. The Chilean border guards expressed their sympathy and one of them was wearing an orgonite pendant. Alejandro had intended to flip all of the weather weaponry along the eastern Andes Cordillera between the two countries in order to speed up the reversal of the Atacama Desert in Chile, which was as dry as the Namib in previous years but had been reversing from massive, systematic field efforts by prolific Chileans and a Peruvian.

Is anyone aware of other countries where the ruling parasitic oligarchy bully people over the internet? Please let me know: [email protected]