Russian Zappers?

I got the following note from Karlis in Riga, Latvia, who has started making and selling his own version of orgonite-boosted zappers. Since Latvia is sitll closely tied to Russia, he can keep track of what’s going on there.

The reason I was excited to get his news about Russia is because I feel that zappers’ acceptance in Russia is a giant step toward humanity, in generaly, gaining access to this simple, inexpensive, powerful and empowering technology.

I was also very pleased to learn that he’s promoting gifting in Latvia.


> Hello, Don,
> Please, look into and
> There are several companies in Russia now
> making zappers in large quantities. The last are boasting that they are
> finders and inventors of this technology, with plenty of international
> rewards, and at very end there is little note, that in America some
> Dr.Clark is working with this, too.
> There is many interesting at us. Selling of OrgonZaps is raising. We
> started a campaign to fire people to make orgonite. Most people
> disbelieve.
> In last time there is plenty of chemtrails, which was not earlier. It
> needs to start interest in mass media, then it will go. Our “greens” are
> super inactive. There was many noise, voting for a new president.
> Be happy – Karl.

The first link is apparently just a repitition of Hulda Clark’s stuff, which was mostly plagiarized and bastardized from Dr Rife’s more cogent, earlier research and discoveries but if lots of Russians are buying even those, it’s still a very positive step.

In real terms, a ten dollar zapper does more work than an expensive, confusing multi-frequency zapper. How’s that for cost effectiveness?

Zapping is a simple ionization process, of course, not a function of resonant frequencies. Even the cheapest, simplest zapper destroys the entire range of pathogenic organisms while broadcasting a single species’ resonant frequency only destroys that species within the range of the broadcast. Apples and oranges, in other words, and since a body has up to three hundred species of parasites, and since one species can mutate into another at a moment’s notice it’s kind of foolish to discuss set frequencies in a zapper.

There’s a curious parallel between zappers’ dissemination and gifting, by the way. For several years I’ve striven to demonstrate that the simplest possible orgonite gets the grandest possible confirmations if it’s distributed intelligently.

This principle is something that any gifter takes on faith until he/she has produced enough dramatic confirmations to have confidence in the principle.

Many gifters add every conceivable element and device to their orgonite because they aren’t willing to take that leap of faith and, oddly, they end up spending many times more for orgonite than they otherwise would and in most cases they don’t get much gifting done in the process.

Fortunately, most of the reports on EW reflect this simple, empowering principle by now.


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