Salt Water And Orgonite

I have a question. I know that orgonite lasts a long time when tossed in fresh water, at least thats my experience since everytime I check on my gifts in the little spring-fed lake in Canada they look as fresh as ever. But with salt water I was reading somewhere that the salt water is very hard on the resin and dissolves it in a short period of time. This doesn’t make any sense to me since the resin I’m using is the same stuff they make fibreglass boats from and indeed I buy it at the harbour. The thing is that I haven’t really gone to look at some of my old gifts in salt water to check on how intact the tb’s are.

Does anybody have any experience with this? Checking on their tb’s in salt water and the life-span?

I can’t remember where I read this and it simply could be some form of disempowering disinfo. But safer to check and if each salt water tb needs a coat of marine varnish or marine paint before the toss then it will be done.


People repair boats using the resin we use for making TB’s. Don’t worry about it I guess… What the life span of a boat in water? longer than the NWO will last anymore.