Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi everyone! I’m Andrea, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, I’ve been gifting this city since late 2008, towers and symbolic places.

I feel most honored to be part of this group.

After gifting the old center of Sao Paulo I’ve been heavily attacked. I’ve always had a bad impression about it since I was a child and now I know why, this city is a well of souls. We’ve been heavily sprayed since last Sunday, after the work the psychics have done at this place. I noticed huge sylphs on Monday and Tuesday.

This pic was taken on Tuesday, my camera could only take a part of it, it was really huge, like covering the whole sky

Some pics of Sao Paulo old center I’ve gifted are here

I went back to the periphery again on Wednesday, looking for an array of towers on the top of a hill and a weather ball. Near the slums I went earlier while looking for a tower on top of a hill. Just s note, the slums, or favelas in Sao Paulo are a bit ‘lighter’ than the ones in Rio de Janeiro, like the infamous Rocinha. I also gifted a petrol refinery that keeps a fire 24/7 (flame, symbolism) and sometimes lights up this whole city with a red sky at night and early morning. The thick smoke it releases that takes time to dissipate look ghostly at night. I’m sorry my camera can’t take pics at night. Pics of my last gifting trip this wednesday are at

I wonder if my ipernity account will still work after this post [Image Can Not Be Found] The flickr website is blocked from my IP and photobucket loads but I can’t upload pics.



On Sunday I dreamt I had to cross a tightrope to go from a point to another in the center of Sao Paulo, there was a deep valley with a big avenue full of cars running fast under me (energy vortex?) and I was so afraid of falling down and being run over I froze. Then I found another person in the same situation as me and we managed to get out of there. Funny detail in my dream I recognised him as a Warren Zevon band guitar player. LOL “Things to do in Sao Paulo when You’re Dead” LOL Well, it’s not funny to be dead in a well of souls… If the jesuits, masons or whatever dark force were trying to scare me they failed badly. I love the way Zevon made fun of his upcoming death by terminal cancer recording “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, I think that’s why Zevon occurred in my dream, when I regained my force I wasn’t taking their attacks seriously and I was ‘teleported’ from that dangerous situation to a safe place, then I woke up.

Just when I was researching the best cost-effective way to make ep’s to gift this city together with the tb’s. There are legends of secret tunnels connecting some churches downtown, and some ugly places near the drug addicts site I haven’t gifted yet.

This week I bought alluminium tubes for more than 70 ep’s and 35 kilos of alluminium shavings. My next gifting trip will be a killer [Image Can Not Be Found] Hi Jessies!

When I started gifting I was afraid of posting my gifting reports on internet forums where everybody can read them, I thought they could make a search in the places I’ve gifted to remove the gifts and neutralize my efforts. After being so attacked and hacked lately, and having so much confirmations and support from other gifters, I’m aware they can find me anyway, they know who I am and where I live. So I´d rather post about it and share my experiences and expose the bastards.

No wonder I’ve always felt this city was a huge sh*hole and I was so disappointed at trying to gift it when I began last year. It surely is, but what better place to start gifting? A few years ago I was so sick and tired of this city I thought about moving to the countryside or to other countries, but everywhere is the same, there’s nowhere to run. So better start making a difference from where we live.

Last week, when I gifted that weather ball, I rescued a sick old dog I found lying over a pile of trash, shaking from cold and famine. She loved the cardboard house I’ve made for her, with some tb’s under her pillow and my homemade sp aiming at her at night powered by a zapper. I feel that dog has some connection to the 3D work I’m doing here, dogs are the best example of unconditional love we can find in pets, she was utterly betrayed by her former owners who probably bought them – she’s a yorkshire terrier, a brand name dog – pampered her when she was young and beautiful and abandoned her when she got old and sick with mammary cancer. Brand dogs are a commodity, you can dispose of the old one and get a new one, like we do with a pair of nike shoes in this tv dumbed society. Or how people throw their chrismas trees in the trash after the holidays are gone.

I showed that weather ball pic to my friends today (in the pics at my earlier post) and they think it’s a water reservatory, I can’t convince them otherwise;-) I also thought it was a water reservatory when I was gifting near there some time ago, but I felt something really nasty about it. I’d be grateful for some info about what weather balls are really about – I’m sure they’re some oversized cell tower and part of a haarp array, of course.



I just want to briefly commend you for your courage and resolve. Thank you for your efforts.

Very cool about Warren Zevon. Heaven’s door is one of my favorites [Image Can Not Be Found]

In fact, I played that song at two Gigs in Leesburg, Virginia last week; on Friday night at a Bar, and then on Saturday afternoon at Portuguese Winery!

In any case, maravilhoso!


I went to another gifting trip downtown today, early evening again, this time aiming for some tv stations and radio towers, as well as some cell towers. The biggest concentration of towers I can find in this city, in the new economical center, Avenida Paulista, the rich part of the center of this city, full of bank buildings, some old mansions, corporations and government buildings, tv and radio stations, an ‘contemprary art’ museum and a jesuit church. And 2 big hospitals at each end of it and 3 rich people’s cemeteries near the biggest hospital. And it’s a “cultural center” sponsored by banks and the %$#¨¨ system for us peasants to worship.

I left a lot of tb’s there and walked down another major avenue, Consolacao, with more banks, gov buildings, a rich cemetery, etc, that leads to old downtown where I’ve gifted and placed more t’s there, more gov buildings, churches, a morgue, an Allan Kardek religion major building – his GWB religion is very popular here – well, most parasites religions are very popular here… LOL

I’m gridding the center of Sao Paulo with tb’s and I’ll go back there when I have the ep’s made to finish the job. I wouldn’t be able gift it all in a single weekend anyway, there’s too many towers, and the best way to gift there it is by taking the bus with a bag full of orgonite and do it by walking and finding proper places to place the tb’s.

I hadn’t been there since my last gifting trip, the one that got me into trouble a few weeks ago, and the energy there seems different now, after what the psychics have done. Poverty and crime in the streets are still the same, but they’re a social and economical issue, a result of so many centuries of expoitation, not the source of the problem. I’m attacking the source of evil. But the place felt different indeed when I went there today, a lot lighter. Maybe it’s my mind, suggestion, etc, but I never felt so at ease being there, and I’ve been in that s*hole my life. I just felt something weird when I was burying some tb’s at the sidewalk of the Consolacao cemetery, like something evil hit my feet a few times. But I carried the sp with the zapper turned on while gifting today.

I left about 60 tb’s there today. And it seems too little yet, considering the amount of towers there. I feel I’m still making necessary gridding work and exporing the territory – next time I go there with ep’s it will be easier to find places to place them, and I’ll do a proper job with those hospitals, churches and cemeteries. I feel ep’s are necessary while gifting cemeteries, not only for the etheric realm but also to heal the 3D earth polluted with so many rotting corpses. By the way, I’ve learned by net search, some official sources, the land at Liberdade, where I gifted the “Church of the Hanged Men” used to be a cemetery for slaves, condemmned, etc until the end of the 19th century. They removed the bones, remains, etc and made it a neighborhood for Italian and Japanese immigrants in the early 20th century, and only allowed bodies being buried at Consolacao Cemetery. Official story, but it has a lot to do with what the pshychics saw this place was a sacrificial place since the neolithic age, no wonder the parasites chose this place to set up a big city and forced people to migrate here, African slaves, Europeans and Asians immigrants… My grandparents came here from Japan to “find America” in the early 20th century, they set up in the countryside of Sao Paulo. They’ve been had, no money to get a ship ticket back to Japan, and their sons went to Sao Paulo because there was no job at the countryside and Sao Paulo was the big thing. Same story for every immigrant who came here from Europe and ended up in Sao Paulo. I think this also applies for every poor immigrant who came to America, whatever part of it.

I’m looking forward for my crystals to arrive to make ep’s.


I fell sick with ‘flu’ last week immediately after finishing more than 70 coils for earthpipes. I´m still a bit sick, but I could make some ep’s this Monday. Don suggests I’ve been poisoned and I have no doubts about it, the evil I’m challenging here is ancient and huge.

Yesterday evening I went back to Ipiranga Park, also known as ‘Independence’ Park. It has a garden, a museum and a monument, the whole place is full of occult symbolism and geometry. According to the load of cr** we learn at school, it was at this site that Brazil got its ‘independence’ (newspeak) from Portugal to become a ‘free country’. The guy who gave Brazil that ‘independence’ was Dom Pedro I, son of the king of Portugal, royal family. It is said his remains are kept inside the monument. I´ve noticed the big pathway from the museum to the monument leads to Parque Dom Pedro, a nasty place at the center of the city I’ve gifted last month. And it looks like a big phallic symbol when seen from air view. Plus crosses, wings and so on. It’s amazing how the dragons pictures at the floor look like eyes in this air view picture, in the middle, just below the street crossing it.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I had gifted that place some time ago, I was mostly looking for towers then, I left a few towerbusters there for being a symbolic place and I fell sick after that for 3 weeks. I came back more prepared now, with a bag of tb’s and some ep’s, and a homemade SP for protection. It was early evening, dark enough not to be seen so easily and safer than at night, when the park is closed and I’d have to trespass and be an easy target for burglars and rapists. I noticed a guy watching me and hiding behind a tree when I was trying to deploy my first ep, I gave up putting it there and faced him. I told him what’s up man? Give me a break, leave me alone! I’m still not sure if he was a stupid burglar or rapist or a lost spirit or just curious. As I walked away from there to where there were more people around, he kept on following me. I stopped at a safe place and watched him walk away from there.

The soil was so hard and full of stones and old concrete underneath the earth I thought I wouldn’t make it at first. I managed to bury some tb’s and hammer some ep’s without further interference. Good thing about gifting this country is that African religions like Candomble and Umbanda are very popular here, their initiates usually bury offerings and spells for their spiritual guides, nobody pays much attention. For non-initiates, it is popularly named as ‘macumba’. Some people noticed me burying tb’s in the past and thought I was doing some ‘macumba’, some evangelic christians saw me burying gifts and told me ‘Jesus loves you’, like, get out of this life of sin and read the bible. That´s usually funny, but that guy watching me at Ipiranga Park was creepy, following me, hiding behind a tree and watching me.

Here’s some pics of the ‘independence’ monument, not taken by me. My camera can’t capture the 24/7 lit flame as this net found pic does. I used to pass there by bus every day some years ago on my way to work and always felt something sinister about that place. The only other place at this city I remember that has a lit flame all time is the petrol refinery I gifted a month ago, the official excuse for that is the fire cleans up the toxic residues that goes to the air. Isn’t it amazing how this wonderful city combines traditions old and new?

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

There’s usually free music concerts and theatre plays at the park, some ‘refined art’ as classical music and opera, sponsored by the government and corporations. The stage is mounted in front of the monument and the crowd gather at the pathway. As I don’t believe the government and corporations give a s*** about us having ‘culture’ or making us have a good time, I see esoteric symbolic reasons for them gathering people there, as Matthew Delooze explains in his articles about sucking people’s energies at those events to feed the parasites, making us regular citizens take part on rituals we have no idea what the’re really about while we think we’re just having a good time.

I coudn’t get near the monument yesterday because they’re mounting a stage for a French theatre group, Transe Express, that will perform there this weekend. From net search I’ve learnt they have performed at some Olympic games openings. It brings some illuminati to who’s behind this event. The play is called ‘Lazy Kings’ about 3 kings – there’s a royal bloodline emperor buried there from official accounts – that goes to 3 parts of the world. Why not 4, I wonder? They’ll leave the park and parade in the streets nearby for their performance, ending with an acrobatic show in front of the monument. From an artistic point of view, that’s a great idea and it seems wonderful, but considering the sponsors and themes involved, kings, and considering it looks like the old catholic processions rituals in the streets it takes another dimension, looks like the public and the artists are going to take part in another major occult ritual. I’m glad I’ve gifted that place before that performance with earthpipes among the usual tb’s.

From now on I’ll gift underground as well. No wonder the dark forces attacked me when I made those earthpipe coils.


I said in my last post the avenue in front of the Independence Park pathway leads to Parque Dom Pedro, that’s what I thought by driving there. It is actually the river that goes to Parque Dom Pedro, the avenue makes a straight line with the infamous Carandiru State Prison, as I could see today from google maps and I’m sending you a print scren pic, from ballons “A” to “1”, you can check it out for yourselves by net maps search. There’s also a mall and a corporate convention center before the state prison, an evil haunted place I still need to gift. The’ve closed the infamous Carandiru state prison some years ago, part of it has been remade into an arts center for the youth. Every ancient bad vibes sacrificial spots in this city seems to have turned into some cultural place, sponsored by the government and corporations. I visited an inmate at Carandiru State Prison about 10 years ago, when it was working at its full power, because of a job I had at the time, and I knew a mother, a neighbor, whose son was there. He died of AIDS a few months after he’s been released. Old stories. The university I got my useless graduation diploma some years ago is in this very straight line I could draw by seeing the map, near where the train lines crosses and the big avenue Alcantara Machado – I’ve gifted the towers and a masonic lodge near there some months ago. It’s no wonder one of the first symbolic places I’ve gifted in this city was Independence Park, there are lots of other evil places here, but my feelings chose that first.


[Image Can Not Be Found]

It rained constantly in Sao Paulo for more than a week, when winter used to be a drought season. I was annoyed by all this rainy weather at first because I intended to do some gifting trips but the weather was very uninviting to get my hands and heavy winter clothes dirt with downtown sewer and “recyclable” cemetery mud [Image Can Not Be Found] On Wednesday afternoon, at 6 pm, there was an unusual fog, I could smell the pollution in the air, it was like when I was near the petrol refinery I gifted some months ago. It rained heavily at around 7 pm and the air still seems much clearer now. On wednesday there was also a big thunderbolt that ruined some equipment in my house and the neighbors.

I understand this unusual rainy weather at this time of year may be because of the gifting done here, last years drought excuse for hospitals crowded with people with respiratory diseases at winter season is going down the toilet as well as the global warming scare. On Friday the air humidity went to 94% according to a wheather forecast website.

We had a sunny weekend, but the air is still humid. Goodbye drought. People are complaining about so much rain, but it hasn’t done the damage a few hours of rain does to this city on summer, when many places get flooded and people lose their homes and cars while stuck in traffic, what unfortunately became a routine during summer.

There’s a lot of gifting to be done here.


I went back this afternoon to Vila Formosa Cemetery, it is said to be the biggest cemetery in South America. It is aimed for the poor, it is recyclabe, corpses are buried there for 4 or 5 years and then they’re exhumed and the bones taken to the ossary or to where the family wants to take them as long as they can afford the exumation and transportation costs. If nobody claims the corpses, they’re taken to a mass grave. I placed a few tb’s there last year, but I felt it was too little.

I came back today with a some tb’s and earthpipes. I planted 3 earthpipes there, but I still feel I must go back and regift it, that place is huge. Some of my family members have been buried there in the past, so I had bad memories entering that place, but I went inside anyway. Notice the double cross on top of the obelisk.

Here’s other pics I took while gifting there

Here’s other pics I took while gifting there

those 4 tombs are surrounding the main obelisk. some symbolism of course!

I’ve also gifted 3 towers nearby I haven’t noticed before:

Today I went to another gifting trip downtown. I planted some ep’s at Liberdade neighborhood, from last century on it is a tourist site, rich Japanese immigrants made it their colony there in the early 20th century, it is known as a piece of Japan in São Paulo. Before the japs came in the early 20th century, what is now its main plaza had a fork to hang black slaves and political rebels, and the whole place was a big cemetery for slaves and poor people. The black slaves that were hung near the Church of the Hanged Men had to pass through the Our Lady of Good Death and were buried at a cemetery around Chapel of the Afficted. Names say it all [Image Can Not Be Found] Those ancient churches and sites are all located at a place called ‘Liberdade’, Liberty in English, newspeak, they’re making fun of us as they did with ‘Independence Park’ as I told you in an earlier post. By the way, I’m a Japanese descendant, but my poor immigrant grandparents were taken to a hellhole at the countryside and spent a lot of time there, until they were convinced São Paulo was the next big thing, another s***hole.

I also placed an ep near a justice forum building and a weird monument beside it, some squares on top or squares ‘modern’ concrete monument. I always thought that was a monument, today I noticed a humming from machines inside. Maybe it’s just an electric generator but I have no idea what it really is. I also planted an ep on top of an underground necrotery nearby. Its entrance is besides a bridge and it is really under the avenue, near the forum, Se Cathedral and Liberdade. Goodness knows what happens there!

I also went to Parque da Luz neighborhood, where there used to be a murdering place for political prisoners during the military dictatorship. There is also a church where a couple of nuns buried alive were discovered a few years ago. They only found it because the old wood in the church was being ruined by termites and the news got some media attention that was soon suppressed, as it always happens when the Catholic church is involved with pedophile priests. Thanks termites! I love ya termites unveiling old mess! Official excuse for this atrocity is the nums died at different times and when they buried the second body it pushed the first one. Yes, I also believe Santa Claus will give me a Ferrari this Christmas. Gimme a break!

[Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s in the drug addicts part, where the psychics felt a big DOR source underneath. I noticed that place is full of police headquarters, I gifted some ugly towers there, on top of police headquarters. It’s no surprise, it was the police who arrested and murdered the prisoners during the military dictatorship… That place is so full of ancient esoteric places the new towers are a treat [Image Can Not Be Found] It was a difficult place to gift, the soil was too hard to plant ep’s, but I managed to do it. By the way, ‘Parque da Luz’ means ‘Park of Ligth’. ‘Luz’ in Portuguese means light, lux. Lucifer? They’re making fun of us again [Image Can Not Be Found] It should be named Park of Darkness and Evil!


Last week, after gifting some nasty places downtown, I spent most of the week with pain in my arms and back. That’s natural for so much hammering and carrying weight, but it was a hellish week with old family problems coming back that kept me stuck.

I had already made an 18 on the floor of my computer room with tb’s I made for gifting and cut up newspapers sheets as guidelines. I know that’s very crude and not accurate, but it was an emmergency approach, as I’ve read the posts about 18 and 108, and as the 108 could help radionics attacks.

Last Friday I set up this crude 108 in a room upstairs not often used. It’s very large, I used tb’s I made for gifting and 60 cm newspaper sheet cuts.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I also did some boosting, what seemed to better the overall [email protected] situation I was in. Yesterday and today I spent more than 6 hours on a row making tb’s and ep’s plugs, making them in big quantities, trying to use up all the material I have in stock. I’ve used most of my tb’s in the 108, there was very little left for gifting, but I had lots of resin, crystals and shavings in stock. Some resin, crystals and shavings separate can’t make a difference, but as long as they’re together as orgonite that’s another energy.

It’s raining softly since yesterday after I started making a lot of orgonite using the raw material I have in stock. I haven’t counted all the pieces, it’s about more than 40 kilos of resin for tb’s and some toilet paper sized ep’s plugs. When I use them at the main prison places in this city, it will also help me to do more, to free others and free myself [Image Can Not Be Found]


Another gifting trip downtown this weekend with a bag full of ep’s and tb’s looking for ancient sources of evil in this city.

Hospital das Clinicas – at one end of Avenida Paulista, where there’s a big concentration of broadcast towers. Hospital das Clinicas is a big complex of hospital buildings that take two whole blocks, the biggest hospital complex in Brazil. At the other side of the avenue is Cemiterio do Araca, Araca Cemetery, and old cemetery for the very elite of this country, some of the sculptures at its tombs are made by famous artists like Victor Brecheret, who also made a lot of monuments for this city, including one at Iburapuera Park. I letf 7 ep’s there, plus some tb’s. Entering Araca Cemetery was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had, in broad daylight, it’s the first time I ever felt a bit of fear, I knew I wasn’t welcome there. The atmosphere was very dense, I’ve never felt anything like that in any other cemetery I went inside before.

Ibirapuera Park – Big obelisk and dome, also a big lake. Government buildings nearby, and some weird artwork at one of the gov buildings, where the elite hang up to make laws to f*#k us. Also near Ibirapuera Park there’s a church with a Knights of Malta chapel inside, also for the elite, where the Brazilian Imperial family had their seventh-day mass for a family member lost at the Air France flight 447 accident. All gridded with ep’s and tb’s. The mansions, corporate buildings etc need street gridding, but I’m looking for the worst of the worst as top priority as there’s so many evil places here to gift. I also made some street gridding, tower gifting, etc.

The pics with detais of some places I’ve gifted are here. Click on “show information” or “mostrar informações” to get info I posted about the pics.


I went back downtown last weekend with more tb’s and ep’s to gift the region with a big concentration of hospitals and 3 cemeteries for the rich traditional families. I entered Araca Cemetery again to plant some ep’s and I felt the atmosphere was much lighter than when I gifted it for the first time a week earlier. Here’s some pics of the other cemeteries I gifted:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Very unusual monument for an elite family tomb:
[Image Can Not Be Found]

A tomb at Consolacao Cemetery where only high ranking freemasons are buried, it is not a family tomb as usual:
[Image Can Not Be Found]

A family tomb that’s a mini cathedral at Consolacao Cemetery:
[Image Can Not Be Found]

By the way, for what I’ve been researching about this city, a big portion of the land downtown used to be cemeteries in the last centuries, near the ancient churches, where there’s tall buildings of every kind nowadays. I feel those rich tombs with its statues full of symbolism were left there for strategic reasons, energy-wise, and are just the tip of the iceberg. A friend of mine I correspond with remarked the second pic, the one with the sick or dead man being held up and the others struggling is the way the “common man” is portrayed, in an undignified way. The royals and leaders are never portrayed in that way. So why is it in an “elite” cemetery, where only tradicional rich families involved in politics and trade who made history f*&!ing this city and this country and still do could afford a piece of land to make a family tomb? Most of them were puppets, too, not the real leaders, but I feel those “elite” cemeteries are just an excuse for the parasites to corrupt energy vortices by placing their symbolism – and dead bodies for their juju – in a place were a lot of carnage had already happened before. Consolacao Cemetery used to have poor people and slaves buried there before the “elite” made their pompous monuments we see nowadays.

I’ve messed with a rat nest there. I should also report me and my family have been heavily attacked since last week, especially with constant pain. I started feeling a big pain in my back since I started planting ep’s, and I’m sure it’s not due to the physical effort. The day after I gifted those cemeteries my mom felt a terrible pain in her legs she couldn’t walk. I’m sure those bastards act like criminals who attack one’s whole family for vengeance, with a taste for getting the most vulnerable ones like wife and children. I felt a big relief from the pain in my back after I started wearing the HP behind my neck.

As they don’t like being exposed, it’s crucial that I share this information about those attacks. And remember they won’t stop me busting their a$$e$ out of here.


I’ve been quiet lately but I’m making progress gridding downtown and gifting towers and major avenues. I also gifted the city’s crematorium with ep’s and a cemetery near it.

Downtown is amazing, there’s symbolic statues and monuments at every plaza, most people don’t even notice them. I couldn’t take pics of all of them because I gifted some places at night. The important thing is they’re gifted and gridded. Here’s some pics of my latest efforts:

[pics of some places recently gifted

There’s still a lot of work to do in this city, but it’s great to see there’s a big portion of it that’s already gifted. The jessies won’t win this.

A couple of weeks ago I bought 80 kilos of resin for ep’s and plugs and my car failed to start on my way back from the resin seller. I also took the journey to gift some towers and avenues on the way, as it is not a place I go everyday. I’ll need to get the car fixed, what’s another dent in my finances, but that’s ok, today I made some street gridding by bus [Image Can Not Be Found] Yesterday a dog I adopted some months ago in one of my gifting trips when I was gifting a weatherball in the periphery was attacked by a crazy dog that came rushing to kill her, she had two ribs broken. I was just taking her for a walk near home. She, the dog, is doing fine, I think she’ll recover. She has 6 tb’s under her bed since I adopted her. Taking her to the vet on a weekend was another dent in my finances, I couldn’t take her to my usual vet. No problem, her life is more important, I consider her my gift when I went out gifting, a lovely creature.

I’m just telling you this to report weird things that are happening to me. Of course the jessies want me dead, and everyone that has close relationship to me, I think they’re the major force I’m dealing with in Sao Paulo. The masons are the second, I guess. Earthpipes to them, I’m working on a big batch of ep’s plugs [Image Can Not Be Found]

I used to take a day off to go gifting. Now I just use every opportunity to carry some tb’s and ep’s with me wherever I go, if I have a few hours to spare I’ll do the legwork. And it’s working fine, if I need to go to the bank or whatever in an ungifted place, not close to home, I’ll carry some tb’s and a little shovel with me. Obviously as the targets get further I’ll need to spare a day to gift. I wish I was a taxi driver [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m sorry I can’t report major confirmations yet, in terms of posting about positive results of gifting, like this place used to be like this and now it’s like that… Except for the sylphs that appeared a lot when I started gifting. This place is huge, and the evil here is huge, it needs a lot of work, and I’m just beggining, I think I did very little so far, a drop in the ocean. But the fact the jessies are mad at me is a confirmation I’m making a difference.


Great Job! You’re very brave to gift in such a creepy looking place at night! I’m sure after your gifting it doesn’t feel creepy [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks, Bear Claw. This city was a massive sacrificial place for native americans by the jessies, you know. And the black slaves. Plus europeans, asians, etc that were forced to come here to earn a living in the big city.

Those heavy attacks and murder attempts on the gifters lately aren’t scaring me, much on the contrary. I felt very bad this weekend, intoxicated, I’m wearing a zapper full time now and I feel a lot better. I should quit drinking beer and engage in a healthy diet, I know. But this is a confirmation I’m hanging with the right people and it inspires me to work more and gift more and kick those parasites out of this earth doing my part from where I’m living.

My boyfriend named his car “Red Cloud”, a warrior, you know. He’s a Christian with strong belief in Jesus, but he’s got a good heart. Send your boosts to him if you think he deserves it. I had a bad experience dealing with all those ‘deities’, including Saint Germain and new age stuff, but I had to go through this, it was a learning experience.

I’m a mix of Japanese, African and European, because of my Japanese and black features people think I’m Bolivian or descendant from the indians native americans. Well, my spirit is Native American, warrior, I’m not afraid to die but I wont’t die until my mission here is finished.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World. Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Keep on Gifting in the Free World. I’m living in a very imprisoned world, I see some light here and there, so I should take it easy. Living in the Matrix and out of it at the same time, not letting myself being eaten by it. If I chose all my relationships by what my vision of the world is I’d be totally alone, nobody in my 3D environment understands me, you know. No, I should understand them, my family, friends, etc. Let them know what I’m talking about little by little. And keep on working and gifting.


I made some street gridding downtown with tb’s every block and a dozen ep’s plugs this week. I started at Parque Dom Pedro with some ep’s plugs and tb’s where I haven’t gridded yet. When I deployed my first ep plug in that trip, an helicopter appeared and was flying around doing search for about 15 minutes. It may be just a coincidence but I’ll report it anyway.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I just noticed that building I gifted earlier this year, the one full of statues and a reptilian holding the flag is located at “Mercury Avenue”, another symbolic name. I’ve gridded lots of ugly buildings there, this time with some ep’s as well.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

But the best of this trip was gifting the police headquarters at Luz. There are huge blocks of police buildings there, military and civilian. Near the drug addicts neighborhood and the church with the mumified nums buried alive and the building where political prisoners were murdered during the military dictatorship I’ve mentioned in an earlier post. They’re spreading security cameras (Big Brother Police State) throughout the city and it is at Luz headquarters where they command it all. This news link is written in Portuguese, but it’s the only pic of “Big Brother” I could find:

It’s cool to gift the police in front of them and they don’t notice it [Image Can Not Be Found] But I was stopped by a security guard at Parque da Luz after I buried a tb near a tree. Drug addicts hide their stash inside tree holes. He asked me what I had buried there – there’s security cameras at the park – and I told him it was a “simpatia” I was doing. “Simpatia” is a kind of magic charm very popular here, lighter than “macumba”, people do it for everything, get rid of a headache, find a partner and so on. “Simpatia” also means “affection” and 'fellow feeling" LOL!!! He left me alone, a woman sitting nearby listened to our conversation and started laughing aloud [Image Can Not Be Found]

I also found an obelisk near the police headquarters I haven’t noticed before, I always thought it was an old chimney. Downtown is full of symbolic [email protected] at every block.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I felt sick the day after this trip, I had a lot of cold sweat, I wore the zapper all day and felt better soon. I’m glad to see the gridding downtown expanding, above and below, that’s what matters, there’s a lot more to come. Police State and Big Brother my a$$!!!


I’m not sure if the “obelisk” depicted in my last post is an obelisk or just an old factory chimney. What called my attention is it’s in the middle of the street like a monument, my pic doesn’t show it, but there’s an avenue between the chimney and the old building, probably built later. It’s gridded anyway.

I realised I’m focusing on street gridding and gifting towers and symbolic places in 3D, gifting the ugly targets I find here with orgonite but I didn’t take the same commitment with boosting yet. This has to change, I must learn more about boosting, gifting and boosting are inseparable when gifting and hitting those nasty targets, Jesuits, masons and so on. Warriors must have discipline, I must start grounding and boosting in my daily routine, the same way I wake up and have a cup of coffee.

I’m also regifting the towers and a powerline near my house. And the slums in my neighborhood, full of drug addicts. I’ve gifted the towers and the powerline last year, but I feel I need a stronger orgonite grid in my neighborhood to keep me safe and keep me going. I’m dealing with a huge city, I call Sao Paulo “Gotham City”, lots of work to do than regifting, but it’s crucial in this situation. I’ve gifted most towers in a 4km radius from home, now I’m regifting most of them with ep’s too, just in case, especially near where I live. I’ve been stuck for almost 2 months, that is not normal, but I was looking for gifting elsewhere, downtown and so on, big targets, and I neglected boosting except for changing my SP batteries. You live and learn.


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