The tide is turning against this odious, larcenous and invasive NSA monopoly, finally Cool and we’ll know that the victory has been achieved when PayPal finally has a competitor on the world market.

Another one, Google, has been under the gun. Stevo reckons that ‘Google’ is the NSA’s clown name and I think laughter is more effective than bullets in this war against the brain and extortion police. That’s why I’m posting this in the Specific Targets section of the forum and I hope you’ll pass this along to people you know. The old order has used slaughter, starvation, oppression, suppression, disinformation, extortion, impoverishment, bioweaponry, monopolistic fascism and other noxious tactics and strategies in their ancient war against humanity and we’re actually winning against them with happy sorts of ammunition, including orgonite, fun networking and laughter.

I am in the midst of creating a new shopping cart for CTBusters, one more user friendly. Also, I am kicking PayPal to the curb, replacing them with 2Chechout. I will be glad to be rid of PayPal.