'Scroogle' One of the Targets of May's NSA Internet Mayhem?

I hunted in vain for that thread I started about the near-destruction of our forum in May. Someone told me that several other substantive websites were thrown offline the same day, a few hours after the feds slaughtered a poplar lecturer and his son near Memphis.

I get Male Refrigerator Blindness every time I look for something, here–pitiful. Someday I’ll afford an internet/computer tutor.

Monique sent me the following about Scroogle’s demise (?) Thanks, M:

Scroogle is a ‘scraped’ version of Google that doesn’t snoop, doesn’t save cookies and save IPs for only 48 hours. Before your search terms are sent to Google your IP is dropped. Because you asked people to tell you about (significant) sites going out, I thought this was one that fitted the bill, because it gives one the chance to look things up without being tracked or profiled.
Hope this helps. But to you no bother, probably, because you are being tracked anyway [indeed ].
Best wishes,