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image is missing…

They say pets look like their owners, stands to reason that these two would have similar (manchurian) features

Thx, Dan–a picture is worth a thousand words, as are phrases, sometimes, like, ‘Same $#!+, different day.’

I think every president of the US except JFK, since 1865, was a corporate pet, actually, and JFK evidently got off the leash on innauguration day, when he fired all the freaks underneath the White House who called themselves the National Security Council.

Once in a blue moon, a corporate-pet president did something meaningful and useful, like when Eisenhower stopped the Brits from seizing the Suez Canal in 1956.


Don just asked me to add this:

“George Washington is on the One dollar bill Abraham Lincoln on the Five dollar bill. And now we finally have one to go on our Food Stamps.”


image is missing……

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