Server outage -- My Bad.... :-(


Sorry about the outage. I will put up some server monitoring scripts so that I will notice, much earlier, should another such outage occur. I have been working a great many hours and didn’t catch some problems….

What happened is that I developed and put up some scripts to (quite securely), on a nightly basis, backup the database, and files, for the sites (EW and WwP) and I made a mistake during debugging and filled up the root file system. I had, at some point, rebooted the webserver and though the machine came up ok, the webserver daemon (process) did not.

After cleaning out some stuff I restarted the web server process and we are up again.

In any case, my apologies

Best regards,


No problemo Azti !!!

A big B R A V O and thank you for the good work!

The daily backups will get rid of the ‘disappearing threads’ endemic, here. Thanks for the many hours that you’ve spent setting this up, Capt. Azti! This was on top of your other, more demanding business obligations.

When Carol was looking at the situation she got the impression that some NSA terrorists managed to interfere with EW’s access on account of what some of us have been doing for Klaus in Atlanta, lately. He was supposed to have been destroyed long before now but he’s taking a proactive stand, as you can see, and is making progress toward freedom from interference, as many of us also now are. When we began actively helping him, last month, our livlihood was also smacked, again, but it was worth it [Image Can Not Be Found] and it’s bounced back, more or less.

EW has its own server, now, well managed and protected from federal terrorists by Azti, but EW was down and not our other site on the same server, so there’s another confirmation, at least for Carol and I, that there was a hacker assault on account of the birds’ failure to destroy Klaus.

Azti’s phone was also evidently ‘affected’ during that period


Four or five days went by after the last post (mine) in this thread and EW was shut down, again. I called Azti this morning to let him know and, this time, he allowed that it was done to EW intentionally from the outside; it was not due to his latest tuneup.

He fixed it within a half hour, which means to me that the NSA (one of the agencies of real ‘state sponsored terrorism’) who had destroyed EW several times and even physically sabotaged a couple of previous server facilities (Montreal & Santiago,Chile) before Azti took control of the site almost three years ago, is finding it nearly impossible to get at our site, any more. NSA have the most skilled hackers.

I think the CIA recruits their hackers from among the homeless [Image Can Not Be Found] and the FBI are still using computers from the 1980s, allegedly. Legbreakers like the FBI/KKK don’t even need to be literate, though.

I find it productive to say these things because parasites loathe exposure. Carol and I feel sure that the latest hacker onslaughts against this forum are on account of Klaus in Atlanta now making progress against the Babylonian order who are trying to destroy him and his school. Now that I’ve mentioned that, I think Klaus just got a whole lot of well-earned coup against these parasites of the Pit.

Thanks again, Captain!