Shapeshifting Hollywood

DB’s or Dorkboy as he was once known has the ability to see the split second the Hollywood Actors or Toids as I call them shapeshift in their movies.

For awhile he froze the frames and snapped a still photograph of them in shift mode.

He took a great one of Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett.

If you saw any of these Hollywood toids shapeshifting there would be no question in your mind that many Hollywood actors are not entirely human.

This documentation is to profound and important and needs to be seen by interested people on the internet.

Does anyone have those photographs and if so will you send them to me for me to upload into this thread.

I have waited patiently for DB"s to return to share more of these great photos of

Hollywood actors shapeshifting and if he is reading this, then to consider it an invitation to

post again.

More here

Dork Boy, took his website down and all these shapeshifting pics disappeared along with it, but thanks to a brave few they were saved in cyberspace. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks Rich for sharing that link !

Dork Boy had a few others, but who knows where they went.

I like the David Bowie one below.

I saved them on my hard drive, so that I don’t lose them again.

They hate this post almost more than anything, hahahahahahahahahah

Hey thanks Eric for bringing up this most extraordinary subject. While I do not have any photographs of reptilians to share with you here yet, I do have a recent experience that may very well be related. About 2 months ago at work, I was in the restroom infront of the mirror washing my hands when a rather unusual, but basically normal looking person came in who is affiliated with human resources and visits our facility to assist the employees. Give me a break! I say unusual because this fellow just puts out weird vibes and most people do not seem to like him. In the split second when I turned and looked at him and said hello then turned my head back towards the mirror and noticed something really weird out of the corner of my eye! For 1 tenth of a second he went dark. His skin went from caucasian to brown and his eyes turned a reddish brown. He looked totally lifeless, just like he was dead. He looked like someone in a zombie flick. I automatically got a real sick feeling in my stomach and tried to forget about it. About 3 days after this happened it dawned on me that he may have shapeshifted. Shortly after this incident they stepped up their harassment of me on the job for no apparent reason. I cannot think of anything I did to stir up their reptilian hackles (besides continual gifting) but their behavior seems to have started after seeing this psuedo human in his true form if you will. Well anyway, I continue to bring more and more orgonite to work and give it to as many people as I can. Snake Boy, as I call him now hasn’t been around since!


Thanks Louis for posting that…

I’ve been hacked from posting on this thread for the last hour !

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