Sincere Apology to DB

A couple of days ago I learned, indirectly, that DB had vigorously objected to some references I made to his background in my book, THE LIE ETHERIC, WITH CAROL CROFT,’ which Trafford Publishing in Canada started publishing three years or so ago.

I’m very sorry for that, DB. It seemed appropriate at the time but now I can see that it wasn’t.

I’m going to ask Trafford to stop printing the books, immediately, then I’m going to edit out those references and offer the book as a free download on EW.

His work in and around LA, which is mainly what got rid of most of the smog in that huge area and sweetened the place beyond what I ever imagined was possible, stands alone as an historic achievement. I think it was the first major metropolitan area on the planet to be thoroughly gifted, including putting orgonite by an estimated ten thousand new death towers and weather weapons, which of course turned them all into perpetual life force generators. ‘Perpetual’ in the sense that the corporate world order’s drones are evidently too stupid to just turn their weapons off after they’ve been gifted. DB introduced the terms, ‘gifting,’ and ‘the Operators,’ (‘standing by to take your call’ [Image Can Not Be Found] ) by the way.

His help with the early forum efforts of this unorganized movement were also timely and indispensible because he, Carol and I were absolutely besieged with agency moles and outright saboteurs in those early years. He taught me stuff that has proven to be indispensible. I was sort of a babe in the woods when it came to dealing with corporate/occult subterfuge until then.

Thanks for all that, DB.

Our interactions with him in the early years, including many visits to LA, are all reported in THE ADVENTURES OF DON AND CAROL CROFT, which is a free download, here. Those are the collected reports that I sent to Ken Adachi in those years for posting on his website.


Here’s my correspondence with the publisher:

From: Don Croft [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 1:14 PM
To: Sara Schaefer Jones

Hi–I need to stop publishing my book, so how shall I proceed?



On 5/30/09, Trafford Customer Support <[email protected]> wrote:

I have made a note in your account that you wanted the book on hold. The publishing process is now frozen. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to cancel your package or just put it on hold temporarily. Please let me know by replying to this e-mail. Thanks!

Trafford Customer Support
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403
Office Hours: M-F 8am-6pm Eastern


On 5/30/09, Don Croft <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks a lot, Sara–please do cancel the package, now. ~Don

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