Sleep Disturbances And Wireless Internet.. HELP!

Hey Friends,

Been awhile since I have logged into EW – looking forward to catching up on topics…

I wanted to get feedback on how to combat psychotronics and wireless internet disturbances. I live at DELETED and we are having a tremendous amount of targeted psychotronics and I had questions about the best way to combat this. It results in sleep disturbances and a host of other issues. We are considering disconnecting our wireless permanently but not sure if that will help as we do turn it off at night and it doesnt seem to make a difference. (we provide wireless so guests and all of us can get on the net) We do have Orgonite on every computer, and pretty much all over the property (70 acres) however it does not seem to be helping any longer. We are absolutely experiencing targeted attacks and at this point I am just looking for any words of wisdom from warriors on ways to improve our situation. I havent had a good nights sleep in months… I have been doing energetic work in addition to increasing the number of orgonite devices in every corner of the property. Just feeling a bit worn down from the constant blasts. advice?



Hi Pamela,

I don’t know if this will help.
It seems I was under attack about a month ago, that’s what Carol and a friend said. And I couldn’t sleep at all, attacks or not I don’t care. It permitted me to find out how to sleep much better. Basically when this happened I was trying to better my diet, but in fact it turned out my diet had a purpose. I crave chocolate almost every 2 days and potatoes very very often

I thought I was eating too much of those so I stopped… But it turned out there was a purpose, Since I don’t eat much meat (which has good amounts of magnesium) I was magnesium deficient, badly… and that disturbs the sleep pattern heavily. After almost 1week of almost no sleep (constant insomnia and headaches) and apparently I was under attack, but I don’t really care for that. I ate tons of magnesium supplements and I immediately started sleeping like a baby again, even better than before! So now I don’t resist my dark chocolate cravings, it’s my body needing magnesium… and it turns out thats also often why pregnant mothers often crave chocolate? (Needing more magnesium than normal)
And potassium is also very important, we need almost 3-4g a day… which I actually got from eating so many potatoes! Now I know why I feel like eating potatoes so often (plain boiled, I love them).

So that would be my advice, get magnesium supplements mostly (about 500mg a day) and see how it goes. Or eat 200g of dark chocolate (70-80% dark) a day. And potassium, dried apricots are great, personally I prefer bananas and potatoes! but I really eat loads of potatoes :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for falling asleep I had found a way, while I had these insomnias, to fall asleep much quicker (the problem was that I would wake up quickly afterward, but I’m sure that was due to the magnesium deficiency), it needs dedication while you fall asleep! While you fall asleep, everytime a thought comes in your head, stop it! Force yourself not to think basically, every thought that comes, stop it and also stop thinking about stopping thoughts strange process but it does wonders for me I can fall asleep in almost no time now thanks to that.

And don’t bother about attacks, just consider that every attack they send to you is bounced back and returns as pure love to them, that always worked for me, that’s why I don’t care about attacks, I know 1000% they all go back as love without ever reaching me

Please try magnesium! (If you don’t eat much meat?? it might be the main problem)

I am usually a hard sleeper, but also have been experiencing a lot of interrupted sleep lately. I tried taking several magnesium orotate capsules last night and slept better! Time will tell if this continues but I thought it was very interesting to get some obvious results so soon!

Thanks Braiker!


Glad if it helps you Toby!
The effects were almost instantaneous on me too!

Apparently 70-80% of us are magnesium deficient! According to a nutritionist friend.
Mainly because we eat refined grains, white bread, white pasta etc.
Whole grain pasta, bread and whole grain in general are rich in magnesium, but are less and less eaten :s
We don’t need much of it, a bowl of good musli a day is almost enough by itself.

And what I found also, vegetables should contain more of it, but since soils become worst and worst and many vegetables are grown with fertilizers which are poor in magnesium it’s not enough anymore in vegetables…

Hi Pamela,

The thing that crosses my mind when hearing about these kind of sleep problems is regarding the type of beds used. To try and avoid sleeping in a bed with metal spring mattress, as the metal will act as an antenna for all kinds of radio waves.

If you are specifically targeted with this kind of stuff, I suppose it would help to try and find from where it is coming. There might be some towers or other installations some distance away from your ranch that might need gifting. I recall reading some threads on this subject here on EW, but don’t have the links handy right now. I for myself have dowsed a map to locate targets in need of gifting, and then gone out and gifted those whether or not my dowsing was correct. In some cases the dowsing has led me to something that made sense, such as high-tension power lines, man-made ponds, an entrance (larger than a manhole) to the underground sewage -or whatever- system, as well as a congolmerate of towers and panels that I gifted before, but that were probably upgraded since…


I also have had my sleep disturbed. I use to sleep 8 hours. But after gifting runs in Chicago my sleep has been bad. Was only getting 3 to 4 hours per night. I had read how apple cider vinegar helps insomnia. IT WORKED GREAT! Guess what? loaded with magnesium and potasium……

Another short term remedy is Melatonin.

Its a compound the body manufactures naturally which helps us to sleep but as we get older, the body makes less and less – one of the reasons why you find it harder to sleep well as you age.

Its safe and my doctor told me I could take up to 8mg if I needed it but a 3mg capsule seems plenty. If you do buy it, don’t believe all that “synnergy” crap about other ingredients. Buy plain old non-time-release meltonin.

It doesn’t drug you up. It takes about a good hour to kick in so if you try it take it early enough.

It simply makes you feel naturally sleepy and you’ll get a wonderfully rested sleep.

People use this to reset from jetlag and it works great for this.

Not that I take it very often but once in a while…

If a single 3mg capsule of this can get a 6’5", 280-ish pound ex marine off to sleep where he told me it was the best sleep he’s ever had, us “normal” people should have similar experiences (wink).

I generally find a half shot or so of brandy a little while before bed works well and thats better for you IMHO.

And trust me when I say that the bad guys (radionics crew) know all too well how to use a metal spring mattress as a “torture” device (wink). Its more than the mattress. Box spring too AND the metal frame. About the only real good thing is one of those tempur-pedic like foam mattresses in a wooden frame. Damn pricey though, even for the knock offs.

As Gene mentioned, sometimes it seems too pricey to get away from the metal spring and frame beds that attract all that unwanted energy. will deliver to your door a memory foam mattress and solid wood bed frame for around $600 and shipping is free.

We also have a Tempur-Pedic mattress from a few years ago, but we used Overstock when deciding to upgrade to a King-size. I think the mattress comfort was very comparable and we easily saved a couple thousand bucks. I needed the savings to pay for all the gas I use gifting. [Image Can Not Be Found] Their service was fast, and arrived in good shape.

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