So, you need to preach newage sewage to me in email?

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a flurry of preaching emails from newagers who read EW postings, some of whom are gifters.

I answer back to anyone who preaches any ideology to me and I’m kind of candid, without being abusive, even though I loathe preaching and preachers in general, just like Dr Reich did.

Each one of them insists that he/she Is Not A Newager but I get smothered with saccharine representations of various Theosophical dogmae in the process. It’s kind of like getting knocked down by surf when one isn’t watching for

Their arrogant complacency is in the forefront in the first email/wave, which is usually a veiled condemnation of my personal style. After two or three responses, that complacency is replaced by a ‘hurt feelings,’ crocodile tears volley, then eventually a Dear John email with a lot of finality in it, never having addressed the simple, obvious issues I bring up in the process.

I’m patiently waiting for a newager to follow through with this process and simply start communicating in a heart-felt, genuine way instead of throwing pithy mind control mantras at me. One old hippie (his term, which he later denied using) actually got to the stage of genuineness before dumping me. The rest, if they want something from me, simply drop the subject and go on as though the conversation never took place. It’s the nature of their programming, which is essentially duplicitous and even obsequious when they don’t get the upper hand.

Another feature of these folks is that nearly all of them introduced themselves as obvious candidates for this forum in their introductory emails. Can you imagine the saccharine, disempowring cess pit this forum would quickly become if I allowed any single ideology to predominate here? I still can’t seem to impress on these faux-passifists that we actually wage war with this board. I also try to show them that they’re actually waging war against me.

Christian fundamentalists, who use exactly the same behavior modification tactics as these newagers do, stay away in droves because they can’t stand the heat of questioning the Gospel, which is chock full of some pretty creepy, even diabolical stuff, in spite of the raw, unbridled power of Jesus’ Revelation.

Theosophy, I say again, is the official, default ideology for anyone who has become disaffected of religion or atheism in the West and we’re all profoundly programmed not to ever openly question or criticize this default programming, which is exactly why I do so at every opportunity.

I hope that more people will start reading reputable conspiracy literature in books instead of being so lazy and trying to get it off the internet. The wonderful service that someone performed to put NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY online is on par with what we’re doing here in this forum, in my opinion, becuase it’s the best primer on conspiracy that I know of.

Here’s the link: [

 My wonderful wife often reminds me that dogmae like reincarnation, which nobody in the West would be parroting if not for Theosophy, give people hope and I can’t deny that, nor would I ever do anything to discourage anyone. My advice to go beyond this artifact and have a glimpse at the indescribable vastness and intricacy of the human soul is rather my own small effort to generate a more profound hope and confidence in the durability of our consciousness. No iedology or dogma can contain anything that’s genuine. All of that is just man’s lazy attempt to compartmentalize reality for the sake of the finite mind.

We can’t yet even figure out how orgonite works
The problem with wearing one’s ideology on one’s sleeve is that one tracks etheric dog$#!+ into every exalted gathering. I urge everyone to scrape that old stuff off our shoes for a change and to be open to the possibility that we don’t actually need to have all the answers at the moment. Haven’t you noticed how newage preachers, just like any other proselytes, explain everything but can’t really answer anything? Their own shallow belief has to rely on your acceptance, or at least on your not answering back in an intelligent way.

They consider your silence to be compliance. Do you?


Satish in Amsterdam had a problem getting to the link for NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.</pre> <pre>It works for me but if you, too, are experiencing hacker intererference here’s something helpful from Satish {thanks, partner):
HTML Internet book

PDF (you need adobe reader to view a pdf file)


Speaking of Holland, this gal, who is one of our customers, just sent me the following thoughtful email, perhaps in response to the lead post in this thread. I’m sharing it anonymously as an example that reasonable people don’t perceive me as a witch hunter, nor assume that I’d like to initiate a pogrom against empty-headed proselytes who pester me with their rote, threadbare ideologies.

Note her healthy skepticism–we encourage that:

Dear Don,

Can I confide in you, for a change?

As I think I mentioned in a previous mail, I work as a humanistic spiritual

counselor in a Dutch prison. A professional service, which Americans are not

familiar with. In Holland, prisoners have the lawful right to confide in a spiritual

counselor of their choice, due to our constitutional separation between state and

church. Teams of spiritual counselors offer their services to people in hospitals,

army and prison, as these institutions are considered to be totalitarian and/or

existentially intervening.

Before WO II the “choice” was ‘priest or reverend’, depending on your christening.

During WO II, many upper-class people were imprisoned, which led to detention

reformations after the war (…"War, what is it good for?"…). In 1946, the

Humanistic Alliance was founded. An organization for the civil rights and public

interests of non-churchgoing people. As in the right to confide in a spiritual

counselor who empowers your own conscience and beliefs in life before death, instead

of incorporating ones life dilemma’s in religious dogma’s. Discernment and free

think are leading principles in Dutch humanism. Nowadays, an imam and a humanist are

part of every team spiritual counselors. Even a rabbi, hindu- or buddhist priest can

be send for.

I do miss the awe in humanism.

This is were orgonite comes in. Resin, stones and metal gave instant meaning to my

life. Halleluja! [Image Can Not Be Found]

No, seriously, these gifting adventures are one big awe for nature after another.

And a celebration of human insignificance, so to speak. Love the synergy of it.

Though I’m reluctant to accept the existence of Operators (or any hierarchy of

beings) till I’ve met one, Sylphs are in my vocabulary now. There’s a whole new

dimension in becoming human, as life’s purpose.

If there’s any truth in conspiracy-think, which I consider my task to explore as a

counselor, I would have to answer to many dilemma’s I’d find myself in. I am both

civil officer (paid by the Ministry of Justice) and representative of the Humanistic

Alliance, so serving two bosses professionally. I take both oaths very seriously.

Yet, the possible existence of mind control or psychotronic weapons as means to

maybe pressure suspects dazzles my mind. After eleven years practicing prison

counseling, I am aware of how criminal ànd judicial interests limit the importance

of my efforts. It is possible the man I strengthen commits more crimes, or the

fights I question disturbs undercover investigations. Those are common conflicts in

professional interests. But what if I would be able to proof the use of mind control

and psychotronic weaponry in prison? Distributing orgonite is not an option, for

employees are not allowed to lend or give anything to prisoners. Neither is orgonite

part of the religious pafernalia (acknowledged ritual goods) spiritual counselors

distribute, yet. However, in Holland orgonite isn’t forbidden and personal jewellery

is allowed in prison. Imagine if sponsors were to be found.

I still like to wear pyjama’s. I wish I could wear them at work. They’re so


________________________________________________________________________________ Don, here— It may well be that in HOlland and a few other countries it’s possible or the gov’t to look into the massive-scale MI6 and CIA mind control programs that likely account for most of their criminal class and prison populations. Anyone who does a little digging in existing conspiracy literature will find plenty of court-quality evidence of these crimes against humanity. Some of the best compilers of this information are Jews and Germans, in fact. When the top judges in Belgium were discovered to be pedophiles some years ago the entire country, including the media, were in an uproar. I don’t know if these black-robed World Odor mavens were ultimately held accountable but the reaction, alone, was a precedent. Imagine something like that happening in America! It’s inevitable, no matter how unlikely it seems under the circumstances. Carol and I had our first encounter with the local Homeland Security Abominations here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho this morning at breakfast, by the way, when a couple of them took the next booth and a really nasty one showed up as we were leaving. Getting up close to these freaks allows Carol to easily peer into their brainpans and we were relieved to discover that, though they were there for us, they consider us ‘small fry.’ The really big fish, here, are the thousands of armed patriots who are a hair’s breadth away from defending the US Constitution in a demonstrative way. We dodecked those three schmucks as soon as we left and even as it gets hotter and hotter in their kitchen, they’ll continue to recognize that we are not actually a threat to anyone, in spite of what their satanic bosses insist. ~Don

Dear Don,

Thank you for reminding me about underground DOR regarding the prison.
Last spring I already gifted the above DOR around the perimeter, off the
property. Within days a mayor system test was announced – no security or
communication failures though! – and technical staff was swarming up and
down the place. I even saw personnel with clipboards up the roof near the
antennae. I got spooked, to be honest, by the enormity of it. Also there
were remarkably more reports of potential suicidal prisoners, but no
attempts to my relief. Not everyday stuff altogether.

You said you posted my previous mail in your new age preacher thread. I
need you to know you archived me wrongly, for such counselors aren’t
represented in Dutch prisons. Humanism is a main stream and acknowledged
life stance in Holland, however. That’s why the state has to provide
intramural counselors like me.

Please reconsider your impression of me. For I’ve never met a genuine
newager myself. I do relate to the below description of humanism from The
International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) at : “As a
life stance rooted in rational thinking, modern Humanism provides a way of
understanding our universe in naturalistic rather than in supernatural
terms. It offers men and women, both as individuals and as members of
society, a secular ethics grounded in human values.
Drawing inspiration from their rationalist and freethinking heritage,
Humanists reject absolute authorities and revealed wisdoms. Humanists
consider human experience to be the only source of knowledge and ethics.
Humanists believe in intellectual integrity, and do not allow custom to
replace conscience. Humanists promote free inquiry which is the basis of
the scientific spirit; and as a living philosophy, Humanism constantly
enriches itself with the progress of knowledge.”

I merely wished to explain my line of work, as an introduction to my
personal reflections on the importance of orgonite. To me, etheric gifting
stretches ‘human experience’ beyond rational comprehension. We have been
gifting for about 6 months now. And time and again I’m in awe by the
confirmations. Also on EW, there are many reports on how gifting instantly
inspires people with different religious backgrounds. They feel part of a
significant coexistence with nature. It is EW courtesy to present this
phenomenon as an individual subjective experience and leave out philosophy
of life interpretations. I agree with that, it benefits integrity.

When we put up our African CB, this summer, a chimneysweeper company
showed up at our house four days later, to offer their services. Our
garden is enclosed by houses. I thought it was strange, since another
company always comes in autumn, when it gets colder and the heater is on
24/7. The man was very persistent and surprised I didn’t give in. He even
changed his offer from chimney sweeping into window cleaning. Meanwhile
the cat escaped out the front door. I closed the front door and followed
it calmly around the corner. There I looked right into the smirking (!)
face of another man who was at my neighbours’ door. Me and the cat felt a
team that day! We also had the usual visits from black helicopters and
fighter jets. Neighbours stepped out of their houses for this unusual

To my regret you questioned my discernment and accountability. Due to my
hypothetical way of writing about conspiracy think, I guess. For I did
read several reputable books beside the Internet. And I did educate
myself, like I empower others to practice free inquiry. I just tried to be
cautious in writing about actual experiences at work. For I need to keep
my oath of secrecy for prisoners to confide in me. It is my job to help
them cope with truths they consider inevitable. But sometimes I have a
hard time coping myself. This is where my wish came in for comfortably
wearing pyjama’s at work. Consider it a wish to catch my breath. For the
world is even darker, once you’ve opened your eyes.

My regards,

Carolien [I suggested to Carolien, in response to this, that I had posted her letter to me as a way of demonstrating that I’m not a bigot when it comes to others’ heartfelt ideologies, so I’m hoping this will further demonstrate that. I only get impatient with shallow, complacent parroters of Party Line, organized mysticism protocols, as any rational person should. ~Don]

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