I don’t know what to do and where to find it. In Slovenia no such wire (I know that it is hard to belive) exists… at least I can not find it. I turned upside down earth and sky but all I get is no, no, no. I even contacted a factory of wires but such tiny wire is not in a program. In despair I bought even a cable for telephone but wires in it are is much too stiff and big (0,5mm). I can not belive this either. As I don’t speak german, can not search in this lenguage group. Can anybody in Europe help me with this? Where to find it!



I use 1.45 mm for HHgs and and EP’s (it fits christy coil form) , so can’t see how .5mm is too big. <a
I buy from Rowan Cable, they may export

You could find that in electrical cable.

You can get an idea about that wire size a


Sorry for this…I made last attempt and asked a friend – proffessor on faculty of electronics and… bingo! I was surching for a wire for succor punch (moebious coil wire)… bare wire is not difficult to find… and this friend confirmed me that indeed this is not easy to find now as it is “out of date” material.

Thanks anyway!


Hi Metka,

we use 0.5 mm transformer wire. That’s not blank, but coated with a transparent enamel. (So it looks blank, but isn’t)

An we are very happy with that wire for all our moebius coils, in SPs, Zappers, PWs etc.

If you can’t get that in Slovenia, I can buy you big roll of 2 kg or if you only need a little, I can take something off the big roll and send it to you.

please email me at [email protected] or send a PM.



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