Right after I posted about shapeshifting hollywood movie stars, my right eye turns red, blood vessels bursting and behind my eye feels like someone jabbed it with a needle.

I’ve had pink eye before and usually my eye pusses up, but this time

my eye is not watering or closing up.

I really think it’s an implant or some psychic mumbo jumbo they are doing remotely to my eye.

It’s the weirdest thing, since it doesn’t seem to be health related at all.

They got me last year this time with a severe ear infection while visiting Don and Carol in florida, so it’s within the realm of possibility that this eye thing going on is some sort of attack.

Don suggests we report all these strange things that happen to us, so that is why I’m mentioning it .

I slept with the terminator zapper on my leg last night and have it on today, so

I’m hoping that will heal my eye up. My ear attack took over a week to heal, though

I guess i have to deal with it a little longer.

I’m being hacked right now as I try to post .

You all are welcome in advance to smack the perps that are beaming my right eye.

It’s good practice and should help to get them to stop.

I’ve had my zapper on now for over 48 hours !

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