Some Thoughtforms

A couple of years ago I decided to take a break from gifting as it had been three solid years of at least twice a month gifting runs. My family was requiring more attention as our two boys were getting older.

But I was really bored being “normal.” I remembered about Don Bradley saying the world was controlled by thoughtforms. I received a great idea to destroy all of the parasitic thoughtforms and replace them with positive life-affirming thoughtforms connected to the divine Spirit of Love.

Well this went great for about four months. I wasn’t really sure that I was doing anything at all (kind of felt silly tilting at windmills and all), but then I started getting hammered pretty hard. This went back and forth off and on for about eighteen months. Kind of strange, but also kind of interesting. This was basically a bitch slappin’ pissing contest. Other than being uncomfortable at times, there was not much too it.

Then about two months ago I was experimenting with some radionics, and I was slammed to the floor. I spent the next thirty minutes trying real hard not to pass out. Since then it has been all out every day am to pm. They have also started attacking my wife and two kids (which is somewhat unsettling), and even the dog.

This continued to be the case. I was a bit isolated, and feeling somewhat alone thinking how the heck am I going to get out of this mess. Then it dawned upon me that I would not be able to do it alone. I arranged with Dooney for a private session, and she confirmed much of the strangeness, and gave invaluable real-time. info

Also, the Chatters worked on me for quite a while (thank you all so much for that!!) and it seems like an invisible barrier (of darkness) has been breached. There are some things that I need to take care on the physical plane and will accordingly – with reports to follow.

These darksiders have a lot of resources, time, talent,and money. Being alone and isolated is how they optimize their oh so dark and icky magick.

Collaboration and cooperation is the quickest way to end this nightmare that has been so carefully created for us.


Patric, the reprisals that followed your efforts are a good confirmation that you were succeeding, I think.

Corporations are thoughtforms, as are governments and religious institutions and these exert more control over people than anything else in the world could do. Sure, there are buildings that represent all this stuff but without the ‘forms’ that they’re representing they don’t actually mean anything.

Like fire or the wheel, I think thoughtforms are neither bad nor good in principle but as expressions of will they either harm or help people and it’s up to us to discern the difference.

The world order is a thoughtform that’s vested in keeping people entirely confused and purposeless; completly out of touch with our individual destinies.

By now, we can talk openly about this stuff but you and I may remember when any mention of real subjects got us ostracized and worse. Not many people are taking note of this current transformation, just like only a handful among the twenty million people who live in Los Angeles noticed that the smog went away after Don Bradley gifted ten thousand or so death towers, weather weapons, occult targets and water bodies by the middle of 2003. Anyone who watches movies that are filmed in Los Angeles sees clear atmosphere and even Sylphs over the middle of the city, so there’s no arguing that this didn’t happen, so why didn’t eveyrone notice it? Everyone sure noticed the misery that all the DOR previously caused, there. I submit that 20 million Angelinos haven’t noticed the transformation because institutional thoughtforms are keeping them hypnotized

Reading Patricks’ report and DB’s comments in this context caused me to recognize that all that etheric programming (TV and other media are etheric tools, after all) merely reinforces the hypnotic state. Notice how people who first come to the US are immune from all that. It only takes effect with the next generation of immigrants from countries that lack the infrastructure that’s required to accomplish mass hypnosis. That infrastructure was well in place in America when Reich arrived in 1938 because he was shocked and discouraged to find that Americans, previously of the ‘land of the free,’ had become just as fascist and intolerant as Nazi Germany had, by then.

When the $#!+bird agencies’ psi corps manage to blindside us, psychically, we consider it part of the tuition we pay, on our way toward finally getting clear of hypnosis and thanks to there are now, finally, some practical, non-dogmatic and efficient ways to hit back at these corporate predators, which is a public service, by the way. Tougher assailants, in my experience, are the militant pacifists who unwittingly enforce the Tavistock mind control protocols that have shackled countless millions of intellectuals in the West.

This is our version of individual and collective prayer, though of course it’s not the only effective version. I think that the old muttered-prayer paradigm, as promoted by corporate clergy, is nothing but etheric masturbation, designed to reinforce the hypnotic state. If one will take to heart the notion that ‘an hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship’ then one can start to pray effectively.


I will gladly take the daily b*tchslappin’ than go back to the way it was in the “good ol days.”

At least now there are more folks who realize there is a very open and in-your-face conspiracy as evident in the comments section of any published news article.

There are always a few comments that are genuine and heart felt and express the true nature of things – not some made up tavisock NLP meme recited by the peanut gallery

Developing discernment and personal integrity appears to be the evolutionary stage humanity is currently going thru (with the darksiders providing the opportunity), and no matter how difficult it may be, we will get through this together.

Most things can be figured out (meaning the Operators are whispering in our ears) thru meditation, contemplation, and critical thinking.

I guess you no longer need to have a master or be a chela (whatever that is).

Thoughtforms seem to be attracted to us when we engage in non-critical thinking about the things in question (corporations, churches, whatever.) I guess they float around in the ether waiting for a sucker.

Who hasn’t heard “well that’s not what we believe here. See it says so in this book.”


The Tavistock model wasn’t made up out of thin air; it’s based on thousands of years of practical magic, lately called science. I think that Freud flowered at Tavistock when he recognized that the ‘science’ of psychology that he had been pursuing was mostly about controlling people, rather than just ‘analyzing’ them. He evidently never cared much for healing, as his callous and underhanded treatment of Wilhelm Reich showed. The British aristocracy not only gave him an institution and free reign but also countless human guinea pigs, including thousands of German prisoners of war for a few years.

THE HITLER BOOK documents the way that the more compliant among these German POWs at Tavistock were chosen to ‘lead’ the German people after WWII. The prisoners who had character and integrity were all weeded out, of course, and sent to actual prison camps. The malleable, weak-willed but ambitious ‘elite’ who remained were treated like celebrities, then after the war were escorted into high government, corporate and academic positions in Germany.

Before Freud came to dominate psychiatry with a bully pulpit in the 1920s (not unlike the sneaky, sponsored way that John D. Rockefeller destroyed his competition in the same period) there were substantive people in psychology and psychiatry who were excited about studying the human miind in the context of exploring, understanding, and applying information about human potential and the unseen realms. Max Freedom Long was one of them, as were his mentors.

Like just about everyone else in his generation, of course (with the possible exception of Wilhelm Reich), Long was eventually prone to organizing, so a sort of church grew up around his recommendations after he died but I’m hoping people will read his earlier first hand observations and cataloguing of huna magic in the context of what is being recorded on : practical applications and realizations of unseen personal dynamics, used by millennia by the ‘darksiders’ and now exposed and available or productive, positive work.

The non-dogmatic stye of Long really appeals to me, personally. He had been ‘through’ Theosophy and other ideologies on his religious quest as a young man, before he was introduced to real magic, which is to say he didn’t drag all that mind-control crap into his later efforts. The non-institutionalized concept of The Operators fits nicely in those realizations.

Before Freud dominated the mental exploration scene the only obstacles to such an enquiry were Christian clergy. Even the obdurate mullahs of Islam never made much headway at preventing the examination of the unseen worlds, perhaps because the Qur’an explicitly endorsed that activity. The mullahs were never that powerful until the CIA, SS ‘survivors’ and MI6 managed to set up police states and Tavistock brain police in those countries in the 1980s.

I think we’ve all been conditioned to assume that there needs to be a ‘balance’ between ‘the forces of good and evil in the world.’ This is probably why none of the Big Cosmic Drama films and books end up with the good side resolutely winning any wars but in real terms maybe true balance is like a healthy human body in which the parasites barely make a showing on account of the predominance of vital force. I think that realization is the basis for the collapse of the corporate world order, which more and more people are seeing.

We’d be hypnotizing ourselves if we assume that the vast predatory infrastrucure of that order is no longer a threat to humanity, of course, but if we keep learning our lessons and paying attention to our intuitive promptings, individually, we’ll continue to safely wend our way through that ancient mine field and spook house that this old world order has erected in the lower etheric realms.

I’ve heard from lots of talented people, by the way, who took up an interest in astral travel, succeeded at leaving their bodies and were accosted by hostile entities in an apparent effort to scare them back down into boring 3D after that. Accordingn to what our psychic companions see, when they move ‘up’ past the lower dimensions (the $#!+birds can’t seem to get up past the sixth) is that the corporate world order are afraid of ordinary folks like us, who don’t belong to secret handshake societies or Theosophy cults, breaking these old mind control bonds and exploring the unseen realms productively. I think any of us can get to the finer dimensions and that our intuitive promptings, in that condition, are even more refined and explicit. The ones who seem motivated to do that more often are psychics who can actually look around there but it’s a terrific survival skill for the rest of us. is an absolute diamond mine of usable, empowering information.

I’ve been reading Long’s online book, which I’ve asked Ale to provide here as a link, titled, ‘The Science of Magic.’ It’s helping me understand some of what the psychics are reporting during the weekly international chat sessions. I’d love to pass this resource along to people who are also interested. There are a lot of people who are interested, evidently.

This empowering activity is exactly the sort of thing Freud’s Tavistock and the slightly older Theosophy paradigm were set up to destroy. People who are confined to 3D, after all (the old materialism paradigm) are more easily manipulated and suppressed by alleged adepts who can get a couple of dimensions over them.

Theosophy is an amalgam of freemasonry and regurgitated bits of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan (Vryal?) dark magic. I recently saw a stage presentation, in literal support of parasites (I’m not joking!) by a professional Theosophy proselyte who literally bent over backward to avoid mentioning Theosophy but his Hollywood-quality slide show featured an illustration of the planet with a Maltese cross superimposed on it [Image Can Not Be Found] . The odor of the presentation was unmistakable but he was physically lovely and oozed charisma and charm, also had letters behind his name. Otherwise he wasn’t saying anything explicit or worthwhile; he was hypnotizing the audience (all except me? I hate to think so). I wasn’t able to identify a single usable bit of information but the guy went on for over an hour.

Another way to identify the slicker disinformants is by their ‘carrot on a stick’ chicanery. People are induced to keep going back with the promise that something really important is about to be unveiled

The more we follow through on our finer hunches, the more we are getting familiar with the dimensions above these corporate parasites. Maybe it’s a numbers game. There are sure a finite number of corporate/etheric parasites, after all, and orgonite is pulling the DOR energy rug out from under them in 3D. That’s certainly a numbers game, too, and the incarcerated crew in Mozambique are perhaps being instruments of The Operators to pry the lid of obscurity off of this global, grassroot activity.

Maybe one of the keys to self empowerment (selfless service) is to get past seeing the bad guys as ‘worthy opponents’ or ‘teachers’ and rather see them as mere parasites. Theosophy programming stands in the way of that, of course, and it’s pretty insidious, never calling itself what it is. All of the present, unwitting Theosophy proselytes now say, ‘I’m NOT a [flaky] newager!’ for instance. Cute.

Flooding the body with vital energy (mild electric current; healthy ionization) causes parasites to evidently disintegrate into mostly reclyclable proteins. Flooding the word with vital etheric force (the good orgone) causes corporate parasites and their minions, including millions of CIA/NSA/MI6 baby snatchers, to either get a clue and stop exploiting people or to eventually go to jail, caught in the act.

It’s a pretty good analogy, I think. No need, any more, to ‘give the devil his due,’ perhaps especially since there evidently never was a devil in the first place. Notice that the only two paradigms that want to persuade us to believe in devils (dualism) are created by the corporate clergy (bornagain chumpism) and by a few very old corporate famiilies in England (Theosophy). It still amazes me how all of the destructive, oppressive mental programming in the West comes from those two sources.

Along with hearing from so many discouraged astral travellers, I’ve heard from a whole lot more people who rather pursue self-development as community service. These empowered people rather take Patrick’s lively attitude and see those threats merely as challenges and encouragement.

The corporate world order is a paper tiger in that context, after all. They’re not actually powerful; they’re just really good hypnotists. Hypnosis is a sort of contract. Any successful hypnotist can tell you that one has to agree to be hypnotized. The PJ folks crave constant hypnosis, for instance. The few PJ folks who stir in their sleep and dream that they’re awake flock to disinformation vendors. See how it works?


(Don) …there were substantive people in psychology and psychiatry who were excited about studying the human mind in the context of exploring, understanding, and applying information about human potential and the unseen realms. Max Freedom Long was one of them, as were his mentors. … I’m hoping people will read his earlier first hand observations and cataloguing of huna magic in the context of what is being recorded on : practical applications and realizations of unseen personal dynamics, used by millennia by the ‘darksiders’ and now exposed and available for productive, positive work.

Thanks for mentioning Max Freedom Long, Don!

It turned out my man had read Long’s book “The secret science at work” years ago and it was on our bookshelves all this time! So I blew off the dust and couldn’t stop reading ever since. It is such interesting material. And presented in an unmystifying, everyday practice manner. Much of the things I read remind me of the etheric work we all do in the chats and of Dooney’s energetic instructions.

What I particularly enjoy as an offered explanation for telepathy, are the “aka threads” Long describes: a sort of etheric cords by which we all connect to events and persons we relate to during our lives. I think this is exactly the practice of boosting, where we sent heart energy to people or events, thus creating a “blue beam of orgone energy” over which unconditional love and healing is transferred.

(Long:) The invisible aka threads or cords may be likened roughly to telegraph wires over which messages can be sent. They carry mana (: life force energy, CC) much as wires carry electricity. Just as the telegraph wires carry symbol messages to the receiving end, the aka threads can and do carry – on the flow of mana running through them – clusters of microscopic thought-forms. When received by a low self at the far end of the thread, these thought-forms bring mental impressions which convey the message. The recipient’s low self then presents them to the middle self as impressions which are similar to memories when they are presented – things that just “rise in the mind”

Fascinating! For during boosting one can definitely define common thoughts from intuitive impressions – by exactly this manner: intuitive hunches rise in the mind like memories – one feels personally addressed and connected to the information received. Like you “know” from experience.

Another thing I like is Long’s explanation that the low self (which he calls George ) distributes the life force energy to the other (middle and high self) etheric bodies – and no positive thinking can create anything in your life, without one connecting to this low self. Hehe, how’s that for spiritual refinement

I’ve only read a couple of chapters so far, but I really enjoy!
Hope you all download the link Don has put up.


Long´s book is really subsantial and great stuff.
Well documented and carefully elaborated.
Great piece of research.
And it is refreshingly free of all that nauseous theosophic terminology!
And the best of all: his use of language is simple and nevertheless very accurate.
Almost no need for a non-native speaker like me to have a dictionary at one´s fingertips.
Couldn´t stop reading, because his writing is even entertaining.

If he was still alive, I´d surely invite him to join the Etheric Research board.


Thanks, Carolien and Manfred. I’m glad to see that you’re as pleased by Long’s approach as I am! I don’t know if your book covers the ‘sticky cords’ related to the lower [sub]conscious spirit, Carolien, but that particularly rang a bell for me. Some other bells went off in regard to the subconscious spirit’s susceptibility to suggestion and its lack of critical thinking.

This is the realm where Tavistock, television, popular music, Monarch programming, newage chicanery and bornagain chumpism operate and these ‘psychologists’ who run those programs have refined ways to shut down the conscious, present and critical self/spirit in favor of the subconscious, which is why none of the doomsayers are held to account each time their predictions fail to materialize, for instance, and liars who have disinfo sites are also not held accountable when their lies are uncovered . I think it also applies to politicians. The disinformation sites aim heavily at the subconscious, too. More and more people are waking up from that mass hypnosis, though.

Long shows how the unconscious is essential to psychic and intuitive dynamics, though. Carol and I have been discussing this, based on what she knows from experience, and we feel that the souls that progress easily after physical death are the few who have made an effort to integrate all three of the aspects of the human spirit, including what Long calls the ‘superconscious,’ which might be a bit of what we’ve been calling, ‘The Operators.’ The finer cords that bind us all in the cleaner dimensions (worlds?) perhaps blur our individuality in some exalted world.

Pajama people work pretty hard at avoiding the integration of these aspects of the human spirit but we don’t need to be like that.

My brief, fragmented reference isn’t doing this subject justice, so I hope people will rather read Long’s presentations. I only hope to spark some curiosity, here. LOTS of bells go off when I read his stuff, regarding what we’ve been learning and applying in the chats for many years, thanks to the hard work and interactions of the psychics. It seems that The Operators aren’t honoring the old secret-handshake pacts to keep this empowering stuff away from us regular folks.

There are a few good, ancient secret societies who use this information for healing and education but, mostly, it’s used by the sewer rats to do harm, of course. Information is like fire, money, technology, transportation, electricity, food, water, etc.: neither good nor bad but it’s all potentially empowering for anyone who wishes to do good or ill.

The more practical etheric science that we can uncover, the more clear and evident it will be how these parasitic, corporate agencies have used it all against sleepy humanity, especially since WWII.

Sure, he’d have found a home on your science forum, Manfred, as many substantive self-starters no doubt will, shortly. I enjoyed your description of your friend’s culinary exploration as a good example of research, by the way. Science is becoming a grassroot pursuit, after all, and the corporate, harumphing whitecoats and the dried-up, institutionalized academics with their tenured technobabble are about to flee from our advance.

In the ‘miracles’ book he discusses the origin of Huna magic in North Africa, as still practiced by some Berbers in teh Atlans Mountains, vestiges of early Egyptian culture in the days when all of North Africa was verdant–that’s a LONG time ago. He was contacted by a British journalist who had lived among those Berbers for some time and documented his experiences.

I keep a dictionary on hand to interpret my own writing, by the way. Sometimes a word just feels right even when I don’t know the specific meaning. That’s when I often write the word and its meanings in the post

In today’s chat, Vitto told us about an Italian scientist who demonstrated the existence and active nature of the ether, by the way. I asked him to translate the gist of it if there’s no info available in English. Reich called the ether, ‘orgone’ and delineated several qualities of it. Long seems to describe this in traditional Huna terms.

Long had been ‘through’ Theosophy in his early years, after having examined several other popular ideologies. He was educated in psychology in the early 1900s, before Freud and crew poisoned that well

He also comments on the way practical magic had been adulterated and dilluted in India, which is where Theosophy mainly got its regurgitated ideology. Magic had degenerated to an instrument of the clergy, so had become a source of repression, for instance. Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh philosophy, made public fun of some of the less rational rituals in India in the 1400s and got into big trouble. He got hit from another direction, literally, by the mullahs, too. I love the Sikhs.

Carol and the other psychics have felt challenged to express certain dynamics and understandings without resorting to Theosophy’s terminology, which had become the default language for metaphysics in M.F. Long’s time. Judeo-Christian cultures castigated witches and occultists, of course, so there was no existing metaphysical paradigm in the West by the time people started breaking free of churchianity in the mid-1800s so the City of London trotted Madame Blavatsky out to catch these unwitting souls in their net. They already had an ‘irrationalism’ paradigm that they had created in Calcutta in the previous century. They used it to subvert the subcontinent because they knew they couldn’t get it done with soldiers, after all. They did it through corruptible Hindu clergymen, instead.

LaRouche’s associates did the digging and documenting of all that in the 1980s but it’s all out of print, for now. I should have kept some of those cool books.

Some of the old Sanskrit terms are simply economical, like ‘chakra,’ and ‘kundalini.’ I think ‘karma’ is a borderline-useful term because it’s so loaded with irrational considerations, like its implied justification of the caste system. Carol is quite adamant about the necessity of comitting to doing no harm when one determines to work in the etheric realm. People who are more inclined to self-love than to selfless service should stay out of that realm or else they’re going to get jerked around most unpleasantly. I personally don’t think ‘karma’ covers it because that old Hindu concept seems more like the heaven/hell infantile paradigm that influences the behavior of religionists who have no consciences.

Virtue is it’s own reward


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