Somebody wants me alive!

John L
26 Sep 2008 08:22

My short story has been a lesson in keeping my eyes and mind open to try and detect and beat off attacks from “Them”. Most important for me is to state right out that the following is my subjective account of what happened to me.

Up till a month ago I had decided to make some radical changes in my life. Changes that would probably have had negative results for both me and my family. Then, a few weeks ago during the regular Sunday chat-blast a chance remark by Stevo to “check if the thought is yours” to another chatter jolted me and I started down the path of questioning my thoughts too. Quite quickly it became obvious to me they weren’t. Where I am now is the best place to be and when the time comes to change it will be natural and not forced as I was going to do.

Then I let my guard slip. The result last week, on my way to Roma, was a head-on collision between me on my motorcycle and a car coming in the other direction.

I had passed a bunch of cars and moved up behind a slow moving lorry with the intention of passing the lorry a couple of bends up the road where there is a long enough straight road for a safe pass. Instead, this is where I tried to pass! Doooh!


Coming up to the corner the the word “GO” came into my mind and I accelerated. As I started to pass a car came into view, I feathered the brakes to pull back in but the bike went down. As it turned out this was probaby what saved me. I remember my bike hitting the car and then I was flying through the air like a rag doll. When I stopped in the ditch (the ground was nice and soft from rain last week) I managed to stand up and I could see the driver of the car was ok. He had some bruising where a gun he was wearing dug into him and a bit of shock, other than that, I think, the only problem he had was seeing me alive, he just couldn’t believe I’d survived. His car and my motorbike both ended as crusher food.

I was taken to hospital for a nasty laceration in my right shin that needed twelve stitches and a check up that required an overnight stay for observation. This short stay was again a reminder of how wonderful all the paramedics, nurses, and doctors are that staff Emergency and Trauma wards in hospitals. Absolutely the top!

Last Sunday in the chat I asked the psychics Carol, Stevo and Doooney to look at the events before and during the accident as I wasn’t sure myself if it was induced. Dotage was a possibility I had to contend with. And indeed it seems that the “GO” was planted and they “saw” time manipulation to bring forward the go command and I just went.

It seems that a minor reason for the induced accident was some of the past gifting activities, but my gifting has been reduced lately due to the arrival of our daughter in May. Another cause I would be happy to relate, but I feel it would be better for either Carol, Stevo or Dooney to do so if they would like.

29 Sep 2008 14:19
We feel very fortunate to still have John with us in 3D! When he related the story of his accident in last weekend’s chat, we were all amazed and Stevo, Carol and I immediately saw that there had been some etheric interference to push John into making an unsafe move on the road. I specifically saw time manipulation, with which Carol and Stevo concurred. I saw John being moved over a “fold” of time, so that to his perception it was the right time to pass. In reality, he was still on the unsafe portion of the road. It’s hard to explain in words.

This is a perfect example of how even a vigilant and aware etheric warrior can be attacked. We all have moments when our guard is down – I’ve had many such moments this year. John has been particularly damaging to the NWO with his gifting efforts and these are the folks who get attacked severely. However, he was also extremely well-protected, which I believe is the reason he survived a head-on collision. I believe we get rewarded, in a sense, with protection when we make an overwhelming effort to fight this etheric war. Carol and Don have been assassination targets too many times to count, yet they always survive. I think it’s because they have done an extraordinary amount of great work. Stevo and I have been attacked mostly etherically, also too many times to count, yet we always come out of it and usually garner helpful etheric tools in the meantime. No authenic gifter in this grassroots movement does this work for attention and accolades, and serious, selfless gifting has it’s rewards.

John is still alive, here to help his new baby daughter develop what I believe are unusually strong psychic gifts. In fact, several EW’ers either have a new baby or a baby on the way, and what I picked up psychically is that they are forming their own etheric network for the future. It’s my subjective opinion that the work being done in 3D is melding closely with the work being done in the etheric realm. I think that more and more we are going to be seeing evidence of the etheric realm in 3D. Time will tell if I am right. Smile


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