Someone Wants To Test A Cloudbuster For 6 Months

A friend sent me this newsletter from

Dear ****,

I have received a lot of communications about using Chemtrail Busters as an effective way to deal with the local chemtrail pollution.

Chemtrail Busters are an Organite technology that harvests “life force”, and can have a positive effect in your environment, including the dissolving of chemtrails. That is the theory, and many individuals have told me that they work, including close friends.

As you know, I never suggest, or recommend anything until I have tested it myself, until I see that it works, or for six months, depending on which one comes first.

So here is the suggestion, if you make Chemtrail Busters, or know someone who makes them, and would like me to journal it’s use for the next six months on my youtube channel, contact me via this newsletter with all your product details. We will review the products and choose one which will be the star of the video journal. If it works, this will be stated, if it doesn’t this will be stated.

Terms and Conditions

– Packaging and posting/delivery of the Chemtrail Buster will be covered by manufacturer.
– The Chemtrail Buster needs to be child proof (not dangerous for 6 year olds)
– The Chemtrail Buster needs to be esthetically pleasing (the energy of beauty incorporated in it).
– You may put your website or product trade mark on the Buster so it can be seen on the YouTube video.
– Whether your product is proven to be effective by me, or not, you will have your url and company description on the Ascension101 experiment journal and results article.
– The aim of the experiment is to find EFFECTIVE, stand alone tools that can help individuals raise their personal vibration and the vibration of the planet.

If you want to participate, respond to this Newsletter (info[at] with your details.

Looking forward to collaborating with you,

Inelia Benz

No idea what to think of it, I’ve never been on that website in my life, hence have no idea if that person is legit or not… It’s in california apparently, so for europeans like me it’s quite useless!
Though we might need to explain to that person that gifting is hundred times more effective than a single cloudbuster surrounded by loads of non-gifted antennas!

Hi I would not agree to make this deal. First as you write Tbs on right places are much more effective than one stand orgonite cloudbuster. And we know in a ungifted area the Cb would have a great effect the first days. After that time it will find a balance and if there are too many antennas you would not see that big WOW of the first days. Then how does he want to prove that it works? You need a deal where is written something measurable in a qualitative or quantitative way. Other wise anyone can say what he want.

Maybe with some dowsing, but I think it also that dowsing itself is thing to prove for such a man.

CHEMbuster (not CLOUDbuster) means they are expecing it to erase chemtrails.

So all it takes to “debunk” it is massive spewing during the test.

This test can be very deceptive for the ones not considering the darksiders plans.

I would tell her how to make her own simple CB. Anyone can do it. But this is just me.


I would be careful.

For me it doesn’t feel right, the “suggestions” sound like demanding and you’re totally dependant on others that you maybe do not know well, you have no idea how well
busted the region is and they talk too much about materialistic stuff, advertisement….

Just a feeling!


Haha, that friend asked me about that and I told her I would talk about it in a public place (where people from the US could be reached), so here it is, I’ve done what I said I would do. Now if no one is interested it’s another story
I’ve had a look at the website this morning and it doesn’t really appeal to me either… I feel this would be a fruitless endeavour and just a waste of time.

Amigos, just keep on earth piping earthquake areas and facilities and we and them be fine. Earth piping around the hood and down town is ok too.

I also receive the newsletters from Inelia Benz. That particular letter was a follow-up from a letter 10 days before where she reported a pretty bad chemtrail situation in California. Apparently some of the stuff was reaching ground, as she every day found white powder on her car. I’m quoting that newsletter at the end of this post.

I just wrote an answer to her and mentioned the importance of having the towers gifted, and that a well gifted environment backs up the CB, also suggesting that she makes the CB herself.

I get the idea quite clearly that she really wants to do something about the situation and also let others know about workable solutions. Then if there are vendors who go for the particular collaboration that she suggests, is a different matter. I would also think, as previously suggested, that it would be easier the closer to California the vendor is located. Whatever, the important thing here is that something is actually being done.

Ascension101 Newsletter of March 15, 2013:

Dear Kristian,

For over a week now, in Sacramento, the chemtrail spraying has been worse than ever before. There is not one piece of sky that is not covered with a chemtrail at all times, day and night. A friend who is presently driving through California, has just told me that it is the same EVERYWHERE. She takes this drive on a regular basis, and has never seen it so bad.

I woke up three days ago with a huge migraine, my body letting me know there is something seriously wrong. As you might now, I used to get migraines all the time, but by drinking distilled water every day, I was able to put a stop to them, and lower back pain too.

However, this time, and after over a year, the migraine is back. My body feels toxic.

And, when I joined the dots, I was able to get a clear “yes” from my body as to the origin of the toxicity. Chemtrails.

My car is quite dark in color, and every day now, parked outside, it is covered in white powder. I have not had it analyzed, as hundreds of other individuals have done so already, and the results are clear. Barium, aluminum, and more toxic chemicals designed to make us “heavy” and not able to absorb the new light from the sun, among other things.

It has never been so bad in Sacramento.

Now, as you know, I DO NOT give you bad news without providing you with a workable solution, so here it is:

• Process any anger, fear, frustration of hopelessness around chemtrails. (Use the text from the fear processing exercise page, and change the words according to the feeling)
• Once your energy is in a place of power, and not disempowerment or emotional disbalance, clearly state in a clear voice, that you DO NOT CONSENT to chemtrails. Or any other type of lowering vibration or polluting of Earth and our bodies.
Make this statement, write it, send it to all your friends, post it on FB, twitter, and every other social media network you belong to. Let the world know that you do NOT CONSENT to chemtrails.
• One more action you can take today, is to read and join this social movement:
• Another action you can take is to forward this email to everyone you know.
• Start drinking distilled water, it does help! By increasing the amount I was drinking, I was able to lower the migraine pain to manageable amounts. And also research and carry out a weekly detox for your physical body.

Yours in ACTION,

Inelia Benz

How funny this turns out !

I too received the same mail one or two weeks ago concerning the chemtrails and how bad that was . i also told her that a long time ago I already told her that she could use orgonite and gift her area and if it was not enough settle a cloudbuster in her garden. I received an answer from her secretary I guess telling me that Inelia already had some orgonite with her. Finally I received the same mail as Christian and Braïkar and I asked her if I could post it on EW to see if someone closer than me should be interested in this affair. I am presently still waiting for her answer which could be useless right now;–).

That said I would not seem to badtalk about Inelia Benz. I am sure she is a good person.

Well then,

those in contact with her, please encourage her to bring some tbs to the nearest towers, to buy or build a cb….

If its so bad in california (I don’t doubt it, I mean, if it is that bad – ) then the costs don’t matter, the work doesn’t matter, she should do it. Why waiting? Why doubting?
There is no risk buying a couple of tbs and watching the results…


2 yrs ago We flew through LAX the skies were fantastically blue and full of Sylphs which is a credit to Don Badley…
There is not many large airports that can make that claim with the exception being what Steve Baren did at Pearson international as Toronto is equally nice like la… Do We know where in California this c b is to be deployed ?

I was once offered a path to better understanding, but I didn’t like the colour the door was painted I needed to walk through…

“The Chemtrail Buster needs to be esthetically pleasing (the energy of beauty incorporated in it).”

This is why I had a bad feeling straight away. Utherwise it might be worth to bring her into a more constructive, less demanding direction.

This is a somewhat belated report about what occurred after I sent off that e-mail to Inelia Benz in response to her newsletter above. It’s just so tiresome to keep reporting about helicopter fly-overs that didn’t feel like it this time.

I sent the e-mail in the evening. The early morning after, at about 5 am, as I was getting ready to leave for work a heavy helicopter roared over my apartment and stopped a couple of hundred meters away having a clear view of both the house and myself leaving the house down the road. I’ve experienced this type of helicopter once before which was during day-time, while just being in my apartment. When I heard it coming, I first thought it was one of those heavy, green army or naval rescue helicopters, but it was in fact painted black and not as big. However it was bigger than than the one I exposed last year with photos in this thread: (

Gare asked where in California the CB discussed in this topic was to be deployed, and Sacramento is the answer.

A search on Sacramento on this forum reveals some information, however no record of extensive gifting (doesn’t mean nothing happened, of course). Some statements about Sacramento on this forum:

There are a lot more death towers in Sacramento per person than in the usual city. [Link/url:jgum9mzx

Somebody claims that the air in Sacramento is 10th worst in the country. [Link/url:jgum9mzx

The mention of a new gifter in Sacramento, but I find no subsequent info on this (Dec 2011) [Link/url:jgum9mzx

A huge HAARP array near Sacramento was gifted. Sacramento is at the north end of a valley of some significance. [Link/url:jgum9mzx and [Link/url:jgum9mzx

I reckon that TPTW (the powers that were) do not want someone with a rather big mail-out list and a website providing tools to a lot of awakening individuals, to move further from just endorsing orgonite for personal use and actually start endorsing gifting. And probably will not want large scale gifting to occur in Sacramento as well.

If someone is willing to gift in and around Sacramento, but is lacking funds for it, I’m willing to donate for a hundred TBs to get started.

Sacramento is the capital of California. Gifting in California seems important to me, not only because it has been my home on several occasions and in various locations in the past, but also because of something that Inelia Benz has been saying about California. Namely, something to the effect that it has the energy of transfering ideas to the rest of the world. For example, several philosophies have been brought to California and from there spread to the rest of the world.

Though the work of Inelia Benz is not about orgonite, I’ve heard her mention orgonite in some of her many interviews. As in many cases with people who are awake or energy sensitive and take interest in orgonite, it mostly seems to be about orgonite for personal use or use in one’s home, such as taking care of the “smart meter”, for instance.

A couple of my recollections of these mentionings include: When interviewed by a certain Dr. Kimberly, Inelia Benz recommends orgonite for the smart meter. Dr Kimberly then cuts in and says she loves orgonite and has her home full of it. In another interview, around last dec or jan, Inelia Benz recommends a caller to make her own orgonite in order to be sure to get the right thing. (I thought that was a pretty good recommendation, especially from someone who is not working with orgonite as the main thing of interest).

Considering there is probably a much larger number of people in the world who recognize the value of orgonite for personal use than those who know about gifting, what if we could get to a point where all of those could have some realisations about gifting? For example, a realisation that if orgonite works to neutralize the bad energies that have crept into our homes, why wouldn’t it work the same way for the death tech on a larger scale in the environment? Then their use of orgonite would have an even greater effect in not only their own lives but also help their neighbors and the rest of the community as well. If that could be accomplished, I think this unorganized gifting movement would have the potential to really take off around the world!

I do however admit that I think it doesn’t only take that realisation in an individual, but subsequently also the resolve to leave the comfort of one’s home, sort of speak, and go out and actually do the work in the environment. For those who do that though, great awards for their personal development may be waiting. Its like when one expands one’s own sphere of influence one also expands one’s own awareness in the process.