Spanish CIA Operative Outed!

Spanish CIA Agent Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez’s laid his reputation down and future with the CIA by attacking the Spanish Orgonite Gifters and their efforts to reverse the decades of drought and HAARP weather modification in their country.

It’s my understanding that Herbie as we call him is in a bit of a mess now that his name is making the rounds on the internet as being a covert cia operative.

If Herbie would like me to address the Outing issue he may DONATE a sum to his liking toward my Orgonite gifting and I will gladly say he is no longer a CIA Agent. My payal account name is [email protected] . Thank you, Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Herbie even looks like a Classic Smug Spook. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Not sure about Spain, but in France the government takes internet libel, slander and personal attacks seriously at least
when it involves minors.
The French government will go after you if you use the internet in that way, but in the case of outing CIA agents and other covert intelligence Ops I think governments would rather NOT draw any more attention to their spooks by requesting that the internet outing stop, besides I’m in the USA and O’bummer doesn’t like covert cia operatives doing wet jobs in other countries. [Image Can Not Be Found]
I wonder if Herbie knows UNC Child Neurologist and Mind Control Expert [Dr. CJ Malanga/url:7dipxb0a another Covert CIA operative who attacked me 4 years ago ?
Birds of a Feather Flock together. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez’s CIA handlers have ordered Herbie to debunk the existence of Chemtrails and Orgonite with an internet website targeting those who expose it and then defending the program by way of explaining it away.
He must be CIA to go this far. Someone should telll him that the argument that Chemtrails exist or not is so
1990’s. Chemtrails crisscrossing the sky all over the planet at all hours of the day and night somewhere makes it IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion to explain them away. Herbert wants to say they don’t exist. Give me a break. Herbert is also a psychologist, which traditionally has been a cover for CIA operatives around the world.
Maybe Herbie needs his own psychologist ? [Image Can Not Be Found];


UPDATE FEB 5, 2009, The website link above to the chemtrail debunking site (Parapsychological subject-matter) magazine of Canaries isles called Angulo13 has been removed ! No surprises there. If I read Spanish I would investigate further.

Thx a lot for posting HERIBERTO JANOSCH GONZALEZ’ mugshots, Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

Before he started slandering Je in Spain, Horrible Herbie was in the business of debunking UFO reports. You can see him in a rented costly multi-engine airplane or jet, which Alejandro says he flies around in the skies wherever UFOs have been reported. I never imagined that debunking UFO reports was so lucrative! I do know, though, that the US Air Force and its ugly twin sister, the CIA, have invested countless billiions of dollars trying to persuade the public that UFOs don’t exist.

Ale also told me that Herbie extends his philanthropy to other countries. He flew this plane around Argentina’s skies, proving that UFO’s don’t exist, for instance.

I suppose this is the CIA’s version of ‘renaissance man:’ a psychologist, publicist, educator and experienced pilot who enlightens the international public about how UFOs don’t exist and people who toss orgonite are terroristas.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and put a few words on YouTube about CIA Schmuckface. Let’s see if he’ll have the courage to move that campaign to destroy Jesús forward while people are laughing at him.

The server went down, again, for a few hours right after you posted the pics, Eric. We didn’t do anything about it, this time, because Carol and Javi were engaged in liver flushes at the time. Never ask a psychic for help when she’s doing a liver flush, by the way. I had the perspicacity (‘acutenes of understanding or judgement’) not to ask [Image Can Not Be Found]

In Seattle the previous evening, when teh CIA was savaging Etheric Warriors, Carol said she clearly saw Horrible Herbie desperately ‘urging’ the hackers. That was honestly the first time I considered that he directly works for the CIA, then Alejandro shared Horrid’s history and someone in Spain sent the photos of the jerk in the cockpit of that expensive airplane.


Can we please get rid of the US Government, now? I’m really tired of those gangsters messing up the planet and murdering milions of innocents each year. The CIA are the worst of the bunch and they evidently enjoy exploiting and murdering children on a massive scale. How is that patriotic?

A new zapper distributor in Texas, this week, told me that he had just started noticing chemtrails a few weeks ago, then called a Texas State Senator, his friend, who is also in the Texas Air National Guard. The Senator got pretty mad, apparently, then my customer saw a fighter jet from the TANG chasing a chemtrail jet over San Antonio [Image Can Not Be Found]

Texas, will you please be the first state to secede from this horror that presumes to call itself our federal government? I think it will only take one state secession to break that criminal syndicate apart and destroy it–no shooting necessary!


Exactly, the website of Heriberto Janosch González is : In this website he names me (Jesús Torres Toledo) on 87 times to insult me (it calls me a crazy topcoat) and it even gives my personal information, like my personal domicile. The worst thing is that he invents things that I have never said to prove to be a madman and to discredit my denunciation and work, which I consider to be very, very serious.

His skulduggery is completely disloyal and sinister, and personally I think dont have heart. That’s why, I feel compassion towards and all the agents who are collaborating in the plan to destroy our planet. I am sure that his plan cannot triumph now when we have the orgonite.

The linkage that Eric exhibits is not Heriberto’s web page but that of a (Parapsychological subject-matter) magazine of Canaries isles call Angulo13 in that the wrote a lot of garbage against me. In the texts with red parentheses of this document earlier was my name. I wrote to the magazine so that they should remove it. Unfortunately I could not have obtained it of the web page of Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez and all the lies on me continue there.

With regard to what Don says, the plane in which Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez appears (Boeing 727) is not his, not of the CIA, it is the plane that Jorge Polanco was piloting when the sighting UFO in Bariloche (Argentina). Heriberto was studying the case to find the logic and to deny a possible case real UFO. And it seems that it obtained it.

Here there is the web page that he reports as it did it: … Indice.htm

I think if Heriberto is an agent of the CIA and not a simple psychologist who has forgotten to take his medication, the CIA has serious problems, for which it demonstrates his ineffectiveness and obsolete form of work. Heriberto smells badly to million kms, I believe that it might not cheat a child.

I believe that the real problem in Spain is not Heriberto but the agents hidden behind supposed activists of the new age as for example Rafael Palacios (Rafapal). The last year he make a Cloudbuster video tutorial (i think the teacher Dave is autentic) where In this recording one heard his “friends” of fund speaking about drugs as a 15 years old boy, even a piece of recording had modified the sound so that there to were listened well these conversations about drugs. That was doing that any person would be saw the tape will think badly about the orgone topic.
Too, this agent public about Asthar Command and federations of saving aliens or fakes of free-energy and encourages the consumption of lisergic drugs for meditation. I think all this is pure garbage.

I think that the new strategies of “Inteligent” Agencies are more sofisticated now.

In Spain, the New Age Movement is the most important focus of disinformation now. All important info are mixing with reptilians, OVNIS, and stupids topics about satanics goverments or 11S evidences. My deep feeling is that a global change is prepared, where the strategy of the climatic change was very important, but also the strategy of making us believe that the national governments are very ineffective and that they are the culprits of all the evil of the planet for his corruption. But I think that this is alone the excuse to restore a new world order. Also I think that a false extraterrestrial invasion is going to be simulated so that the people demand loudly the world army. Then, the humanity will be lost.

I know my theories are put up against that of the majority of the people of this forum, but this is what I think.

I would like to know very well English to be able to explain oneself better and that had not understood badly.

All the best

Thanks for supplying factual information about Herbie, etc., Je.

You’re welcome to express your own understanding of reality and you don’t need to worry whether ‘most people’ will agree or disagree. I think it’s safe to say that no two of us agree completely on anything, after all [Image Can Not Be Found]

We do seem to agree that diversity of opinion is a welcome feature of this forum. We also agree that gifting is a worthwhile pursuit, obviously.

We’re in a chat session, right now, to see whether we can interfere with specific plans to ‘F%#k with the Jesús’ and while we’re at it we’ll see if we can stop the CIA from attempting to destroy the forum, again. [Image Can Not Be Found]


All my boosts to you Je, keep your integrity, I hope your personal details won’t be misused…
It seems the rats are so desperate they are doing disinformation that’s so obvious that either people will believe it’s nonsense and not get interested at all or the clever people will understand that something is terribly wrong with these topics and search further and will find REAL information.

Everything is backfiring on the rats! And by trying to keep control, they keep digging their own grave deeper and deeper [Image Can Not Be Found]

I found that today, I really believe it has some truth in it (I hope!! it would mean Obama is playing a sort of double agent) usually what comes out of this website is good intel…
[Obama Tells Putin US Ready To ‘Take Down’ Federal Reserve, Warns Of Violent Unrest/url:8mst69mr

I think that the new strategies of “Intelligent” Agencies are more sophisticated now.
I got into all these ‘conspiracy’ subjects since 9/11 (so 2001), and disinfo has been getting worst and worst since then, now they are mixing 50% of real info with 50% of garbage, so that it makes it the hardest possible to figure out what’s real and what’s fake… It wasn’t the case 5-6 years ago, before it was just pure disinformation, It’s true they are using more sophisticated tools. But hey they forget that as Don mentions all the time, this always brings the benevolent people to the real information [Image Can Not Be Found]
Even more, they put a lot of truth in their texts too, so there just needs to be a ‘trigger’ for people to realize what was disinfo and so the day that the people need to know the truth they actually will have read it all and won’t be surprised. So they are (in some strange way) actually preparing many Pj folks not to be surprised, because even if they don’t believe or believe, they still know it!

Sorcha Faal is KGB (the ‘eastern arm’ of CIA/MI6) but I sometimes read her stuff when it’s quoting news sources. According to her, O’Bomber has utterly destroyed Israel’s capability to influence US politicos but at his actual innauguration in June he promised to attack Persia on behalf of Israel [Image Can Not Be Found]

She could make a bundle as a comedy writer in the US.


Stevo discovered during teh chat session that the people behind Horrible Herbie are Al Gore’s sponsors who stand to lose billions of dollars over their present failure to desertify Spain.

Je and crew have really ‘gored their ox,’ apparently, hence their strong arm tactic of blowing up their own death towers and trying to blame Jesús for is.

Good work, Spanish gifters!!

I’m trying to persuade Jesús to post his priceless cartoons of Al Gore and the alien rescuer–Alejandro just showed them to Carol and I (and translated the captions) and we nearly fell out of our chairs, laughing. Je posted them on his Spanish forum.


Good job Stevo.

I do not understand as a plan as that of Al (Terror) Gore can go out of the mind of the qie it designed it, it is really really really absurdity. I think that control mental operations by towers are involved but, I do not understand it

[Image Can Not Be Found]……ososcuros/

Gracias, socio–

The Illuminati families obviously made a mistake, picking a buffoon; a half-wit politico to represent their Global Warming (desertification of the planet) scam. I think that they had a problem finding a poster boy who is both charismatic and intelligent.

Je, how can I persuade you to post your exquisite Ashtar ‘advertisement?’ I don’t know of a better way to chase away braindead newagers/layabouts than to show them this illustrated example of their own hatred of personal volition [Image Can Not Be Found] . I know you like to keep your threads on topic but the same mindset that caused so many people to swallow the Global Warming baited hook also induces millions of potheads and lockstep Theosophy ideologues to assume that spacemen are going to rescue us all from ourselves [Image Can Not Be Found]

One of my favorite pastimes is hammering newage nazis, the would-be enforcers and brain police of the Illuminati families’ now-defunct global genocide/enslavement agenda.

The funniest aspect of the fake ‘new’ global religion (Theosophy in all of its regurgitated variations) is that their once-charismatic ‘Youth Prophet,’ Maitreya, is by now a paunchy, middle-aged chump in London. When Benjamin Creme (the guy who painted ‘St Germain’) was ‘predicting’ the imminent manifestaion of Maitreya onto the world stage in the early to mid 1980s, the latter was still a young man.

It was a lot harder to make fun of the newage-sewage agenda in those days, when the Illuminati families were in their prime. Within another decade, after their failed atttempt to achieve martial law in America (hence, teh world) by blowing up the Murrah Federal Building and blaming the then-new Constiitutional militias, they had entirely lost their momentum to generate Armaggedon, though they’re still trying, of course. Right before they blew up that federal building, millions of the Russian troops that had been stationed in Eastern Europe were apparently brought to the US and warehoused in underground facilities and a closed-off national park, then when it was apparent that the martial law agenda failed many or most of them were put on the streets of American and Canadian cities to sell heroin and cocaine for the CIA.

I remember hearing news about how the Russian troops in Eastern Europe, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, were not allowed to return home. I guess we were to assuume that they just evaporated [Image Can Not Be Found] . Returning, unemployed soldiers are always a problem for any government after a war, of course. When WWI veterans conducted a peaceful march on Washington, DC, to demand that Congress fulfill certain promises to them, the US Army machine gunned the ones in front.

The Russians were apparently to have been ‘UN Peace Keepers’ in the US, enforcers of martial law. They’d have failed, of course, perhaps hence the millions and millions of death towers that were suddenly erected throughout the world in the fall of 2001, ten years after the Berlin Wall evaporated and concurrent with the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

I know some of what I’m saying seems off-topic but I find it hard to discuss one aspect of the Illuminati’s Big Lies agenda without drawing parallels to other aspects.

Notice how similar the prostituted academics’ claim about cow farts ‘destroying the ozone layer’ is to their medical mafia cronies’ claim that AIDS was caused by blue monkeys, for instance.

The picture that Je used to portray ‘Ashtar’ is a good Vryal image. When you see that, let it illustrate the following story that was confided to Carol and I by an active member of Eckankar:

This fellow had gone to an Eckankar convention and while the crowd was in the auditorium, doing a guided (read:controlled) meditation (generating a whole lot of psi energy) he slipped into the foyer and witnessed a small crowd of youthful-looking, blond and blue-eyed Vryal, sipping what he discerned was wine that had human blood mixed in it. The fellow is a pretty good psychic, Eckankar-trained, so we took him seriously in this case. All of the Theosophy psi cults are training facilities and screening grounds for MI6 and CIA psi corps. The discernment-obliterating, complex cosmologies that ‘explain everything but answer nothing’ ensure that the recruits won’t access their own hearts.

He told us that the Vryal were absorbing the etheric energy that was being generated by the chumps in the auditorium and that he figured this is partly how these old Vryal managed to keep their youthful appearance. The mind sort of shudders to consider how else they might be able to stay young.

I wrote a full report of our two trips to Pluto’s Cave, near Mt Shasta, to disable ‘St Germain’ by gifting his favorite underground ritual murder site–those accounts are somewhere in the middle of what we’re calling, The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft. After we finished the job nobody channeled that jerk, much, because his true identity was apparently uncovered. He’s sure not pretty the way Creme portrayed him [Image Can Not Be Found] but I suppose his mother loved him, assuming he had one.

So, newage sewage is ludicrous and fun to ridicule but the dark side of it all, based in Theosophy/masonic brainwashing, is pretty grisly and we probably shouldn’t overlook it.

The old world order was fond of creating evil twins. The twin to the CIA is the US Air Force, for instance and the twin to the newage sewage movement is religious fundamentalism (bornagain chumpism, zionism and the new murderous-mullah groupies). The bornagain chumps are so openly ludicrous that the imagination is challenged to count coup on them–‘Televangelists;’ enough said [Image Can Not Be Found]


In last night’s impromptu chat session, which we did to run some interference for Je, Carol and Stevo clearly saw Horrible Herbie on the run on account of his failure. I don’t like to kick predators when they’re down so we won’t do a YouTube presentation about him today.

We’re going to regularly check in on Je’s situation for as long as the CIA/MI6 are intent on harming him, though. We’ll do some more in Dooney’s chat session, today.

Some of us have been spending a lot of quality time with our livers in our efforts to displace the accumulated poisons that various sewer rat agencies have subjected us to over the past few years. When a psychic does a liver flush he/she can’t actually do the psi work, so they’ve been taking turns with it. In our household we’ve even made liver flushes a social event during Alejandro and Javiera’s visit, this month [Image Can Not Be Found] . It’s a little strange, but at least not as weird as drinking wine with blood in it.

The CIA defamation tactics that Herbie was demonstrating seem ridiculous to us because they only work on people who are unaware of where the attacks are coming from. Those clumsy tactics actually worked on most people, before, and probably still easily work on some others, especially newagers and bornagain chumps who ‘misbehave’ and have to be brought back into the fold or destroyed. The only reason they look so ridiculous to us is that enough of humanity are ‘growing up’ faster than these poisonmongers can keep up, I think.

That’s not to say that the CIA and the other corporate pajaros de mierda aren’t still intent on destroying us all, of course, and some of them aren’t stupid at all, so we need to keep our guard up for the duration. The psychics constantly watch for signs of new threats and I think we can continue to side-step the worst of them for as long as necessary, God willing, as we’ve mostly done for the past 8 years that this unorganized global effort has been growing.


Thank you very much for your support Don, Carol, Stevo, Dooney and all gifters and friendly psiquics. It is very valuable for me.
I am so happy that you and Carol did a liver flush (epsom salt, grapefruit and oil) because is very important. Some weeks back I had the need to make you understand the importance of this, but I thought that you were completely closed to the therapy of alone cure with the zapper. Sorry for my prejudice.

Also I would like warning you that it is very very important to clean the kidneys before doing more liver flushs.

I am 30 years old, and i did over 20 liver flush in the last 2 years and i still kept on throwing stones.
I cheer you up to keep on doing cleanlinesses of kidney and liver of alternative form until your liver is completely clean. ( too all the gifters in the world [Image Can Not Be Found] )

I show in english some of my favorites pictures here. If you need chage the place, please, do.

Ashtar Command and NewAge Lies (Is my personal opinion of course).
I found that Ashtar original picture have satanic symbols in logos i only draw this evidence over original.
For example in Spain, an agent disguised as activist (Rafael Palacios, Rafapal) denounces the illuminati sects but nevertheless it publicizes with a lot of energy the newage and the galactic federation of the commander Ashtar. Another absurdity.

This picture is a modification of original for show the incongruence of Asthar Comand graphic.
Please, sorry me if is opposite to your religious credences.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

People who make chemtrails are cowards ! (Yes, too all agents who hide it between the panic or hide it between madness )
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Dont think play golf !
[Image Can Not Be Found]……ososcuros/

Awesome! Standing up to tyranny by gifting, boosting and cleansing. BEING a clear spark that shines and is fully mineralized with vibrant super-food. It’s harder to fool someone that is cleaned out, fully mineralized and shining like the sun. This aligns with my experience.

I am currently in Thailand. Jomtien Beach and Pattaya specifically. Gifted about 60 towers. The Thai people respond so well to orgonite…they are so refreshingly curious and heart-smiling. I lost the keys to my motorbike for about 2 hours, then had them “miraculously” returned. I felt in a strange way that it was a test of some kind or simply a consequence of my absent mind…

Time for a baby coconut and green papaya salad on the beach!

Hong Kong Johnnny

John kindly introduced me to David Wolfe’s sunfood concept after David started promoting our zappers and I wondered who the fellow was.

After Carol and I met David and a lot of his associates last fall we started a three month liver/colon cleanse that has been a phenomenal boost for us to get past six years of poisoning by the feds. I think the feds (mainly CIA–the FBI are more inclined to openly extort, murder their victims violently or plant dope in their cars and homes & then call the local dirty cops) murder a whole lot of activists this way becuase MDs can’t (or won’t) track the cause of sicknes and death in these cases. Some of us ‘front row’ gifters were poisoned with various metals in would-be fatal doses: lead, beryllium, lithium, tin and calcium, also some radioactive ones.

Zapping has mainly kept us all from expiring, I think, until we could get competent professional help but now a lot of us are getting reacquainted with our livers, where most of the poison is directed. A few weeks ago, when Javiera and Alejandro arrived, all for of us in the Croft compound did an epsom salt liver flush–a strange concept for a party but productive [Image Can Not Be Found]

Doc Stevo, who has saved our bacon a couple of times, suggested that Carol do these regularly over a long period because she’s the most heavily poisoned gifter and so requires more time to get all of that accumulated poison out of her fat cells, through the liver. The thre-month herbal program we used has made it possible for her and I to finally be able to lose weight quickly, by the way. I feel better than I have since we started this journey together and she’s getting to that point, too. It used to be so easy for the monster agencies to kill people like us with slow poison!

I mentioned that because so many of us are being poisoned by the $#!+bird agencies in our respective countries. The CIA is apparently handling this project in Spain on behalf of Al Gore’s stablemasters. I got the following from their Horrible Herbie, by the way:


Heriberto Janosch González
Psychologist and Teacher

I had posted that I would refrain, out of kindness, from making a YouTube presentation featuring Dr Schmuckface, so now I’m back to considering it. Too bad Ale’s leaving this morning because he was going to help me do it. I sort of lack the techcnical expertise and the ability to get stuff like that past the hackers. CIA owns YouTube, I think, but there are so many people who are aware (and talk about [Image Can Not Be Found] ) censorship on the web that these Langley fartknockers are letting everything that’s substantive get posted on YouTube, assuming one can get past their hackers. Lots of people, including Ale, can get past their hackers.

Anyway, Stevo says Dr. Schmuckface, Horrid Herb, is no longer a problem. We’ll monitor the situation, of course, and will do whatever we can to keep Je safe in coming months. That fellow is really hurting the corporate world order, after all, with his successes in Spain and on the internet. He’s a riot in the chatroom, too [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m proud to have his graphic arts on EW! Going after the newager agenda is particular productive and helps our readers understand that we’re not from that mold.

We watched the movie about the 1999 Seatttle demonstration againstt the World Trade Organization. I was disappointed that the movie makers didn’t accurately portray the MKids whom the CIA sent in to break windows, which is what gave tgeh excuse to the police to savage the peaceful protestors, including women and children. Those MKids also scared the Pajama People into assuming that the peaceful protestors are ‘anarchists,’ whatever that is.

Most of the protestors, while genuinely heroic, were environmentalists, which means that their mentors get paychecks from the same corporations that rape the world through the World Trade Organization. Most environmentalists apparently know about what we’re doing but the brain police among them won’t allow any public discussion of orgonite’s demonstrated ability to clean up and restore the environment. This is the same sort of schizophrenia that characterizes the newage movement and bornagaiin chcumpism, of course.

It was the trade unions who got the mayor to tell the pigs to release all of the hundreds of abducted peaceful protestors, many or most of whom were about to be quietly disappeared into the American Gulag Archipelago. That was before the Patriot Acts, which essentially did away with the remnant of the US Constitution, of course.

Remember that putting orgonite in an area where a peaceful protest will be held will most likely prevent bloodshed from the police and also mayhem from the CIA’s skinheads. This has been proven again and again, though we don’t have those reports on EW, yet. I’m mentioning this so our readers will send us evidence of that when the opportunities arrive.

The peaceful protests against the corporate world order will probably continue to accelerate, worldwide.

Since Ale, Javi and crew grid-gifted downtown Santiago, Chile, there have been no protests, there. Ale told me that protests were quite common in that area, before, so if they stopped it might just mean that the CIA was staging them [Image Can Not Be Found]

Over the past few days we’ve been marvelling at the implications of Je’s victories over the world order’s long-range and now failed effort to turn Spain into a ‘model desert’ for their Global Warming scam. We’ll be posting about a lot of that in coming days and weeks. It’s HUGE; tremendamente importante! Ale and I believe that this may be the long-awaited key to opening the door to gifting throughout all of the latin countries.

No wonder the Langley [email protected] so thoroughly hate (fear?) this bold, resourceful guy in España [Image Can Not Be Found] and sent in Herbie the Horrible to try to take him down publicly with associated bombings of their own death towers.


Thank you again Don and all the rest gifters that you are giving me help and support.

I believe that it is necessary to denounce these agents but not to trample on it or we run the risk of putting ourselves at his low level. it is already counter-productive for us.
Heriberto Janosch González ( wrote to me an email, he is asking me to withdraw all the references that I have written to his in this forum and suggests me them you to force you to withdraw.
I think he wants we speak badly about he so that I could take to judgment, like it did already with other gifters in the past.

I think. Since I have already said previously Heriberto Janosch González was denounced by me more than one year ago, he was then when it became mad, he threatened me and published all my personal information and lies on me in his web and in others many, even hidden after other identities.

Later many web pages with subject-matter New Ager were created. For example, they speak about New world order, but I believe that it is a false world order, where they discredit the politicians as George Bush, and say that they belong to satanic sects that want to govern the world. Let’s see, I agree in that the politicians are not the good people, also in that there are sects and elites, but that is known long ago, and now those themselves play with disinformation, being denounced to if same to carry out the real new world order that consists of creating the new called religion newage in the newearth by means of a false alien invasion (holograms from antennas and satellites, as which we can see in the videos of false ufo fleets) that will pass the world army. This is for me the real world order hidden after a supposed revolution against our politicians and the states (marionettes managed with money and reputation).

Curiously the false activists speak about as our mind was controlled with MKUltra, but they do not say as they do it today from antennas and mobile phones. Also they speaks of as HAARP in Alaska can control the climate, but they do not speak of like today from all the antennas of our mounts. Another proof more that these false activists denounce obsoletestrategies of control to turn attention away and that does not discover the current thing.

Then it begins the stupid game and Heriberto starts attacking to blogs newager but always it does it together with mine, bony, whenever Heriberto was referring to the ridiculousness that newagers post it was doing it also naming me to me as if I had relation. (i think is the new strategies of “inteligence” agencies). Fodder that to ridicule me saying that I see ufos, reptils, etc… is the first step, the following one is to infiltrate false gifters who say bullshit on the orgonite or false gift operation publish to a true gifter never do and the installation stay without orgonite.

It is all these inconveniences because my denunciation is serious. I dont speak bullshit. I speak about pure physics and planetary laws, and about as the climate is modified from antennas and with fumigations, Of course I do not remain in the frightening denunciation, but I give the solution and demonstrate it. Now, it snows and rains in Spain of natural form, and the TV says that the end of the world comes. hehehe [Image Can Not Be Found];

Certainly, I am just in the middle of all the edicts. Rational oficialists and newagers of the new earth. And do they all attack me …. what onlooker not? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Meanwhile I will continue with my denunciation, knowing perfectly of what it goes quite. And I am not the only one.

This is i think obut fake of 2012 solar activities or fakes of ufo crop circles.

[img:1gyakl5a"/>[/url:1gyakl5a] … d58a_b.jpg

[Image Can Not Be Found]

planet earth nothing goes on to him absolutely if they leave it alone


It’s true that the shallower people will assume that a moron (BushJr) is capable of such monstrous crimes against humanity. This distracts attention from the occult/corporate order itself, which has orchestrated all of the wars, famines, plagues, economic collapses, etc., for the past couple hundred years and more, all designed to accomplish complete global control, genocide and desertification.

Je has demonstrated their failure better than any of us, so far. He prudently pointed out that exchanging tyrants is only a false solution. O’Bomber is provably being lined up, with Israel, to do a lot more damage than BushJr’s administration was capable of, for instance, and thiis one was successfully sold as a saint to millions of the politically-active schizophrenics who were so adamantly opposed to BushJr.

Alejondro showed me a lot of films of spacecraft over Santiago. These are the same sort of craft, apparently, that showed up over Windhoek, Namibia, on the day I arrived there in Dec, 2001. In the latter case, the prominent newspaper covered the event on the front page, with photos since it happened in daylight.

He’s not convinced that this is real and of course I can’t convince anyone that our experiences with UFOs and non-human sentient species is genuine because it’s too subjective. I did suggest that if he wants to get a decisive view of this stuff it may be useful to travel to Northern Chile where UFOs are being seen almost daily during the day. I don’t know the nature of those craft but when Carol and I witness these phenomena we’re just glad to see it, then I ask her to make an assessment of who they are and where they’re from. The earthly ones are usually obvious since they have halogen light fixtures on them. Seeing them up close is an advantage in this case. The incredibly huge ones that some of us have seen are probably from off world.

I used to also be more skeptical about these things so I sure don’t blame Je for his attitude. I started seeing UFOs before I met Carol, though after we got together I saw a lot more of them and quite a variety, sometimes up close.

I used to listen to Art Bell’s disinformation program before there was internet or somewhat reliable shortwave broadcasts. One of the CIA disinformants tried to sell the notion that crop circles are created by the CIA, usingi satellites and even ‘invisible balloons.’ It’s sort of like how ‘Major Ed Dames’ tried to scam Bell’s audience to b elieve that the massive display of lights from the north of Arizona all the way south to Phoenix, seen by many thousands of people, was done by a Hollywood special effects company.

See, the CIA and US Air Force (the Brits’ sleazeballs are only in a supportive role) cover both ends of the spectrum: they run all of the silly UFO groups and they also run all the debunkers, like Dr Schmuckface. The intent is to put the squeeze on anyone in the middle who approaches this with a rational attitude. The only thing to dissolve those agency influences is to go out and keep your eyes and mind open.

When DB was in the thick of the worst period of box surveillance and intimidation he took me on a walking tour of his neighbborhood in Pasadena and pointed out all the households that had agency and police assassins in them–all of them had moved in during the previous year, sometimes after the former owners had heart atttacks (sic). The house diagonally across the street, he told me, was the NSA neighborhood HQ. As we were walking by there on teh other side of the street, a sedan pulled out of that driveway, driiven by an apparent female with no ears, no nose, entirely black eyes and green skin. She glanced casually at us and I wonder if it was a form of intimidation or she didn’t know that she didn’t look human at the moment. DB and I looked at each other and grinned. He said, ‘You saw that, right?’ and I nodded.

Lots of folks have seen the hovering passenger jets and many have reported seeing passenger jets turn into flying saucers. I once saw a twin engine small plane hovering over me as I was taking off in my own plane. I saw it through the clear section of the cockpit, right overhead. I was too busy to look around until after I got some altitude but I flew in a circle and saw nothing at all in the sky. Carol and I watched a small plane come to a stop over us at about 2,000’ altitude when we were taking a walk, one day about five years ago. When it stopped, so did the engine sound. We watched it for a few seconds and heard the motor start up, then the plane accelerated to normal flying speed.

II’ve mentioned all this stuff before but I’m telling it again, in the context of Je’s post, to demonstrate that there probably are a lot of holographic shows in the sky, also perhaps some holographic disguises of genuine antigravity craft but that can’t explain a lot of the stuff Carol and I have witnessed, together. I won’t go through the entire catalog of that, here–just answering back with my opinion that this subject is bigger than perhaps any of us can comprehend at the moment. Just because disinformants talk so much about it doesn’t mean the entire subject is pointless.

Since all of the discussion of tghis stuff on Etheric Warriors is kept in the subjective realm nobody should feel that his/her beliefs or opinions are being threatened, though I think that teh schizophrenic mindset that causes people to swallow entire questionable ideologies, like bornagain chumpism, newage sewage (theosophy), corporate-sponsored environmentalism, materialistic science (Reich refers to that as a form of mysticism [Image Can Not Be Found] ), university history and archeology, etc., is fair game.

I don’t wish my experiences with aliens and weird craft on anyone. I think it’s entirely possible to live one’s life productively without ever giving this stuff a thought but on the other hand I don’t think we should ridicule something that reputable people have given some credence to.

LaRouche and associates avoid certain subjects like they were risking getting genital warts. Some of those subjects: ETs, organic agriculture and the advisability of discarding tyrannical, over-centralized regimes.

Because LaRouche and associates have such a formidable intelligence-gathering capability and because some of the writers publish extremely substantive material on the occult/corporate world order and its creepy history I constantly recommend those works, nearly all of which are out of print, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]

So, I don’t seek to change Je’s opinion but I reserve the right to answer back when mine is challenged. This is the beauty of open consultation. As I said, my experiences with this stuff leaves no room for doubt about its existence but I can’t transfer that confidence to anyone who hasn’t also had the experiences. If the CIA and US Air Force had left the subject alone we’d probably all be flying antigravity cars by now, associating freely with nice, benevolent offworlders (kind of like the dolphins?) and maybe wouldn’t have to work for a living. In my view, when that happy day comes it may have arrived on account of us making the present sacrifices and commitments. It’s better to earn something than to be given it, perhaps. If being rescued from the corporate/occult world order along with newagers, treehuggers and bornagain chumps were the only option, I’d cut my own throat [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think you know that some of us are willing to put our lives on the line to protect Je.

Today, I took Alejandro and Javiera to the Spokane Airport. They arrived an hour before their flight, which is enough time to guarantee that someone will get on the plane. The gestapo had marked their tickets with a red ‘S,’ though, and kept them in confinement past the time when their plane could still be boarded, so I’m going to pick them up at the airport, shortly. They didn’t have the red ‘S’ on their tickets on their flight from New York to here, apparently, so I assume this was on account of our outing Horrid Heriberto [Image Can Not Be Found]


Hi Don. THank you for reply.
I do not want to damage the religious ideas of anybody with my messages or designs, of course.

Its my personal opinion.

I was gifted in the night the very most big HAARP installations of Spain, in the top of 2000 m mountains and nobody came to stop me, not humanize, either alien, or strange spaceships or hostile military men.
Maybe tomorrow the newagers rats show me their theater and scared to me with holographic ufos in my gift operation, but then, already it is not going to work for that I will know that it is a theater to scare to me. Just what the agents claim when they speak about this danger invisible reptils.

I never see an UFO and never see a Alien(does´t mean that i dont create that there is anything there out), Reptil or other stranges things that you or other people said. But something is different in your way of narrating it, you do not cause fear or jipie absurdity as agents of newage.

I think that crop circles are terrestrial. (today) I am sure 100%. Also I believe that the appearances of UFO fleets are terrestrial holographies from satellites and I will not believe anything of the new age theories if I do not see with my own eyes the landing of an UFO and the departure of an alien that give us the effective solution to the tyranny and to the energy problems or that extracts a gun laser and exterminates us to invade us. 2 possibilities that never happen, only strange and mysterious sightings that support us worried and frightened, praying so that the NASA could control it.

This way I also control the world! [Image Can Not Be Found]

I have my mind very very very and very open Don. But too my aptitude to reason.

Other possibilities that I bear in mind the fact is that they exist already alien coexisting between us, and that as in the movie "They Live " they use us and the persons in charge of the whole tyranny, but in this case, then i return to the previous thing, nobody (no ET, no strange space ship, no humans) has detained me when I have gone to gift big facilities in the night without anybody close in dozens of kms.

Of course, all my messages are my personal credence and it does not try to damage the religious credence of anybody.

All the best

Sorry, yes i seen ufos.
I see them every day spraying on me and on the clouds. [Image Can Not Be Found]

This is by far the most popular thread at the moment. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I would like to report that I have not heard from Heriberto Janosch Gonzalez or received any paypal funds from him to
support my global orgonite gifting adventure.

I think Herbie should think wisely about his adamant opposition to HEALING the planet by the use of dispensing Orgonite to drought stricken areas, considering his profession in the medical field or one might consider him a dis-info artist and paid shill for the CIA. I’m trying to see the logic in his public efforts to discredit Je and of others who are making Orgonite.

Heriberto Janosch González has been written to me a second email warning that if I do not erase all my messages of this forum and force you to erase the others it is going to demand me and Don Croft to a judge.

Herbierto already reported and achieved that the first persons who spoke about the orgonite in Spain were afraid and were closing his pages.
This has not worked with me, and now other agents disguised as activists carry out other more sophisticated strategies, but really is the same team of agents !

It seems that to the CIA has not liked anything this topic and even newagers agents (Heriberto’s supposed enemies) ridicule and insult to me for speaking about the orgonite its a true defense, and for taking part in this topic , although theyone does not allude in this topic. Is the total prove that this activists are in the same team !!

Meanwhile, in Spain not of to rain!! and the threat of desertification finished !! [Image Can Not Be Found]
Thank you all Spanish gifters !!

Rain radar today
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Rain radar yesterday
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Rain radar before yesterday
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Diary reports … matica-f5/

continues the diversion

All the best

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