Spie or what? I felt he was some kind of agent

Hi, today I was sitting outside the back yard of the university I go to, a Mango plant was above me, and it was very calming sweet breeze. I was talking to a friend about some lizards/reptoids in the campus etc…1 minute before my friend leaves, there is this black guy, in his 50´s (looked like a teacher) and he sat ¿? in my back to my left, I felt he was some kind of agent, more like sent to investigate on me, I just got the weird feeling, that part of oneself that is trying to tell somethigs going on and one is more aware.

I looked to him from time to time, and he was playing around with some weird blue device…it didnt look like a cel phone, ipod, palm or whatever… the thing is that I start to send him energy and to dodec him, and in that moment he starts a conversation with me like if we knew each other…

He got my name and what I was studing cause he asked, anyways I sure did tell him something he already knew…anyways, any of you guys has experienced something similar? Ive read that trhey use radionics and stuff, or maybe he was spying on me…Ive been so messed up this year with attacks and stuff so there is absolutely no doubt that I represent some kind of threat, the powerfull (politics and diplomatics) voodoo people on haiti know about me and the threat that orgonite represents to them…

By the way, the guy said he is a teacher in Illinois University and was currently in the campus because of an inter exchange between universitys and that its related to the fullbright scollarship programs, he said his name is Guillermo (Latin name, go figure…). The guy is black type and has an accent that dont sound to me like very american…umm, any opinions would be appreciated, thanks


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