Spook harassment

The ferry guys found my keys later in the day. so it wasn’t a spook who took them after all.

I’ll still make a 100 tb’s just to be sure “they” get the message .

sharpening the sword

this is also a story of spook interference

last thursday night, i experienced an extremely intense attack wherein i somehow ingested some heavy biotoxin and a dose of heavy metals. the attack left me delirious and roaring out of my alimentary canal for twelve hours followed by another twelve hours of intense cramping, squirming and occasional technicolor yawns and such. so poigniant was the message i got, that i almost forgot to put on my zapper after the first twelve hours.

we must be hurting them badly. my only regret is that in their less than surgical dusting of my place my daughter , cara, picked up the same problem as me but went away to new friends’ and had to be ‘rescued’. the truth is they will go after your children and your pets… whatever you love, as well as you. sound like a war?

i’m much better now, lighter and more focused than i was when the attack occurred. i had gotten sloppy and paid for it.

i can relate the situation to certain toltec indian shaman types, whose prayers were answered by the arrival of the cruel spanish conquistadors. they wanted a petty tyrant cruel enough to really test their mettle and used the torture to become more flexible, clever, covert and cunning and at the same time used it to firm their resolve and seal any doubts they may have had about what they were actually dealing with.

the same circumstances apply to me (and any other front liner).

i now welcome you $#!+heads’ best attempts at bringing me down or thwarting my aim to end your parasitic infection of humanity. you have inadvertently enlivened me to take on more responsibility in assuring the completion of your certain demise.

we have firmly taken the entire u.s. gulf region from your grasp and the whole of south florida is a giant orgone palace. there are huge areas of territory worldwide that are now free zones, too many to mention… and we’re picking up speed!

let me borrow the astute words of your cretinous, treasonous white house occupant, resident bush, when i say: “bring it on”

oh, god! i can’t say that! it’s just too…. stupid.

the technical aspects of that little attack are these: sometime on thursday june 29th between the hours of 11:30 and 3:30, agents entered my house and dusted a downstairs countertop and an upstairs bathroom countertop with a concoction comprised of a distilled neurotoxin, similar to salmonella poisioning, and a small variety of heavy metals. the dose was set to be nonlethal, but debilitating, and aimed at all occupants of my household, principally me.


With a freshly sharpened sword, I second that motion, I’m in!

The evil cowards know I am after them every day, every night, all day, all night. They have perpetrated their attacks on me too and it’s only made me stronger. Thanks for the lessons, now I’m ready for a long, fast ride to guarantee your demise. My lungs expand, my heart explodes, and I kick your #%^&#@!!

Bring it on, if you can.


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