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Recently a friend gave me some books by a man called Steven Greer MD. he is the founder and international director of CSETI,the only worldwide organisation dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestial lifeforms(see also ‘’). he covers topics that we all know from being members of Etheric Warrios like implants and covert agendas. where he differs is that he says that there is a covert agenda going on to give ETs a bad name and that can be seen in nasty alien movies and the media culture of fear etc… that all species of Ets here are probably peaceful and would of been hostile by now etc…(of course i also take on board EWs view on aliens and am open minded).a close friend of his and himself were zapped and both got cancer, he survived. he claims that a covert group carrys out alien abductions to make people afraid of Ets. in one part of his latest book he says that while he was being zapped he remote viewed back down where it came from and saw the people doing it and put them in a forgiveness bubble, different to our blasting etc… also that this covert group have developed lifeforms that look like aliens to make the abduction all so convincing. reading about reptilians in hollywood was interesting but i cannot claim i ever saw one and those pictures don’t convince me. reading about Reptilians i think that so many lifeforms are out there but one cannot get paranoid. i am more a practical person and the groundwork and foundation in good intellectual thinking is important or else we can become paranoid. i like looking at all the angles. so any feedback would be welcome. i am interested in Dr Reich and wonder if the aliens he was fighting might of been the covert group that Greer claims has had reverse engineered tech for some while?? thanks for reading.

Hey Cornelius-

I have heard of Dr. Greer, and have read about CSETI. Seems like a good guy.

I also believe that the vast majority of all ET’s out there are not bad, and in fact that many of these ET’s are constantly looking after us.

I have also heard and read about the ideas he expresses, and like you, I have a very open mind so I don’t have a particular side to this.

I would be interested in hearing other’s insights on this.

~Ned Walsh

I am pretty sure from reading at EW and elsewhere that it is a fairly common belief that there are good ETs and bad ones, amongst gifters and native peoples.

Greer comes up with some good stuff but he is an Illuminati shill. I read his stuff in Nexus, which still hasn’t mentioned orgonite which tells a story. My jaw dropped when he was making out Clinton wasn’t up to his neck in it, and was some sort of president like JFK.

Stephanie Relfe

“Even though there is clearly no evidence – and I want to emphasize this – that these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to us, I think they are very worried about our hostility”. Stephen Greer. Head of the Disclosure Project. (Here we have the confirmation we suspected that aliens are behind this organization).

In reality negative aliens have been controlling this planet for a long time see James Bartley

 Thanks for the feedback everbody. John, i have looked at those links and one brought me to a very kinda christian jesus protection approach against reptilians while Mr.Bartley was interesting and thought provoking. i guess all that glitters is not always gold and it's a big area with lot's of self eductaion to be performed. yes Steven Greer does not mention orgonite and he has articles appearing in nexus and i don't like the vibes i get from that rag. will continue my research in this area. i must mention for the record that i am so glad that i have orgonite around me these days!

It’s good to read Greer’s stuff but I should share this:

Three years ago, after Wilhelm Muller was murdered, Greer’s assistant contacted me to ask, for G, whether anyone in our network is making progress with free energy tech.

I said, ‘No,’ but I told him that many inventors have ready-to-market free energy engines, etc., and specifically told him about Wilhelm Muller’s magnet motor/generator, which I’d personally experimented with.

I then mentioned Greer to Muller’s daughter, who was taking care of the business, and she told me that Greer swallowed the bait of an apparent CIA disinformant, Dennis Lee, who had stolen, then sabotaged, one of Muller’s demonstration engines in the US and claimed to be the inventor, also that he ‘needed a lot of money to perfect it.’ When Lee became generally known as a con artist a whole lot of well-meaning people (including Greer) who had swallowed that hook became quite discouraged about the possibility of finding a free energy device.

Muller was always careful not to publish any claims about his invention because he was under active surveillance by the CIA. He’s the one who showed me that one can block electronic surveillance by broadcasting a weak, specific signal–I don’t remember the exact freq, but 15Hz with a Succor Punch sure does the job. He showed me the little programmable transmitter he carried in his pocket and I eventually traded for one from a zapper customer in Belgrade.

The device was intended for therapeutic use but I never experimented with that. I do know that the Russians and, I assume, their former client states have advanced electromedicine leagues beyond what’s available in the West. I traded fifty Terminators for one of Doc von Peters Pro-Vitalizer Plus devices, which you can check out on This is a healing device; zappers are mainly curative devices.

I’m mentioning the Dennis Lee fiaso so you can factor it in when reading Greer’s stuff. Greer was apparently attacked a few times by the feds, like some of us have been. He got fast cancer at one point (typical way to take out activists) and maybe he found a zapper because he cured it.

His main approach had been to put pressure on the federal government to release info on aliens. It was in those days that he got cancer. Some of us are convinced that aliens are calling the world odor’s shots, of course, so asking this treasonous gov’t to talk about aliens is like asking the Mafia to talk about their business dealings.

He later scheduled a press conference so that the people who allegedly broke their secrecy oaths to tell of their experience with aliens could spill their guts to teh media. The media didn’t show up, so it was only shown on the internet, I think.


Thanks Don for the input. from what i know the media did actually show up. it was the biggest webcast reception ever, he got through to at least 1 billion!!  some covert group did delete by remote satellite control the first hour but it was all recoreded anyway for distribution. I think Steven Greer does a good research job and  from my own personal research a lot of people just knock him unjustly. the James Bartley guy with the reptilian info has tried to classify Greer as the very people that Greer has exposed! -namely the disinformed ufologists. Bartley for my money is a disinformant and his links should be vetted, he is in the fear business and offers no real counter productive stuff. Greer got that conference for the media together without funding etc..yes the Gifting, Blasting, and Boosting are tools i will develop this year. subjectively i more or less myself send a bubble blast of forgiveness to anyone who i consider bothers me and it works quite well. i plan gifting soon and will report on that. i will get back to the groundwork but wanted to share this.

‘Cornelius,’ I diidn’t wish to split hairs and I’m sorry for that impression but the internet isn’t the media I was talking about. The What To Think Network horde were invited but didn’t show up.

The reason I commented was that I want you to consider EW to be a solution-based, educational medium rather than a sounding board for views and efforts that are less than fruitful. There are people in the network who have had intimate interactions with non-humans, including the good, bad and indifferent ones, for instance, and that has inspired others to be more watchful. We never really needed anyone else, especially treasonous regimes like America’s, to validate this stuff for us. That’s the point I was trying in my clumsy way to make. I hope this helps.

We who have direct experience don’t seek to prove their existence because once one has had this experience he/she doesn’t feel compelled to proselytize about it, any more than one with direct experience would feel inclined to prove the existence of Kalahari Bushmen or Itari tribesmen. The evidence is already there, in other words, if one will be open minded but also discerning. Feeling compelled to get validation from Greer or anhyone else is not going to help one get the necessary direct experience, I think, but I bet that if you’ll keep up your gifting efforts and will keep watching what happens above and around you, then you’ll be getting your own powerful confirmations, which I sincerely hope you’ll share with us.

If anyone wants visual evidence of the existence of supernormal realities, one only has to watch the skies and see some of the visitations that result from one’s gifting efforts.

Please remind us who and where you are, by the way. Etheric Warriors is a forum for warriors, hence the name. I’ve lost track of that info, though I know I invited you to post here, based on your merits. We mustn’t try to hide from anyone when we post, especially since the only ones that one will end up hiding from are his/her fellows, which may seem disengenuous in these circumstances… The sewer rats already know who and where you are, of course, and our best protection is stalwart, sustained aggression toward these predators and parasites.

If your name is actually ‘Cornelius,’ I heartily apologize but please sign your posts from now on, okay?


Hi Don,

       Yes my real name is Cornelius and i come from West Cork in Ireland. i use Cornelius as my middle initials. thanks for the advice. when i have done some gifting i will report on the effects etc..i agree with direct experience and knowing rather than lots of talk and speculation.
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