Stewart Swerdlow dis_info artist

This is only a test to see if this post comes up at the top of the search engines for queries for (agent) and mind control expert himself Stewart Swerdlow.

This guy is sooooooooooooooooo bogus. What he does is that he claims to be an x mkid and to have insider connections with the Montauk underground base and the cia mind control experiments that go on there and that since he became aware of his x-nefarious cia connections he has decided to make big bucks imparting this knowledge to others for a huge fee of course. What his scam does is that he promotes and reinforces more fear based programming in the people who go to him to help them with getting over it in the first place.

Stewart Swerdlow is WEIRD. He creeped me out the second I shook his hand .

Stewart, the energy sensitive in an e-mail to me told me that orgonite does not create or enhance life force energy or that William Reich’s research had any value.

This struck me as odd, since over the last 4 years of making orgonite, I have met many people who have held my orgonite creations, some of which have told me they have never felt such strong energy coming off objects before. Some people have to put down the orgonite, because they were so sensitive to the energy and who felt that it was to powerful to hold. This direct experience coming from folks who have never heard of orgonite or orgone energy before, was really very confirming to me that my little tb’s do work.

Makes you wonder where Stewart is coming from when his website is called and that he himself makes $$$$$ on self promoting his version of life force energy for healing and for breaking free of monarch programming.

It’s the End Times according to Stewart, so if you do check his website, see if you feel more positive about life or whether you feel drained by visiting it. I feel totally drained by seeing his face or reading anything from his website.

Feel free to send this prankster some orgone energy.

Stewart Swerdlow,

Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow,

Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow, Stewart Swerdlow,

Stewart Swerdlow,, ,,

I’m going to make some orgonite tb’s later just to balance the ill effects I’ve gotten from writing this. Boosting Stewart now.

Maybe Janet would like to invite me to her myspace ?

Orgonite coming to your neighborhood soon.
Sending Janet some orgone energy now,

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