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Recently i decided to check the “net” for top of the heap predators incase our list of “money changers” as founding father Madison called them is incomplete. An article on reminded me of an angle i came across in 2004 which i shelved at the time on the “that’s a hard sell” shelf. the gist of the article is that the Jesuit general is working to give the pope temporal power over the world. Jesuits operate with a fake policy which is given to the public and a secret policy which is the actual policy. According to the theory the Jessys use among others, the labor zionists as front men. Jessys control all the world’s secret service agencies. They have been running China since Mao, the USA since after they killed Lincoln, England since (i forget which King), Japan etc….all the countries. they wrote the protocols of Zion, the Koran or at least the roman catholics did under the jessy direction.etc.etc. A website that describes the history is . there is a guy Eric Jon Phelps that endlessly talks and writes about that version of history too. part of theory deals with the idea that the jessy’s council of Trent mandate is still in effect. They want to permanently squash the reformation that took man out of the dark ages of Papal world domination.

Anyway, reading the above site’s info will cover the idea of geocentricity. it seems there is a famous experiment, written about here: (near the top of the page), called the michelson-morley experiment. they were trying to prove that the ether would slow down light if light was going across the theoretical “ether wind” which they thought was the medium which light traveled in. the full explanation can be studied online. Briefly, as i understand it: the light didn’t slow down. this left two hypotheses for them-1 the ether didn’t exist, or 2, the world is at rest and not orbiting the sun or turning on it’s axis. they decided there is no ether, and came up with the natural theory of relativity. not sure why they didn’t say there is an ether that doesn’t slow down light, and the earth is spinning.

would someone debunk this page?..… , because it makes good points that the geocentric theory is accurate, not that i am totally sold. this guy also has a few convincing arguments…………nless.html
there is also a page here with over 1000 satellites to view earth from. Supposedly if you collect the screen shots every hour from one satellite you see the orbit of the satellite and notice that the earth never rotated. i haven’t collected enough data from one satellite yet, but it is an interesting test. the page with a graphic of satellite orbits is here: -at the bottom of the page-the graphic is actually a link to another site’s active graphic.

this michelson-morley experiment seems relevant to the EW forum because it claims there is no ether, which we know to be false yet the experiment effected the natural theory of relativity which is a huge deal in mainstream science to this day. although some current scientists are still working on fine tuning the results and proceedure of the 1870’s experiment.
would love some feed back on the geocentricity topic. especially proof of heliocentricty(we rotate around the sun). also thoughts on the list o’ predators topic. there are lots of names listed on and Phelps’ site/lectures mentioned above.

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