Streetwise psychism

Where about streets have had the influcence to slow me down annoyed and wondering.

Very often I found out it turned out as stickers on trafic lights or lighting posts, and the graffity. Unvariabily after removing the stickers, the feelings are more adjustable. For the graffity it will take a lot of painting, but graffity never lie. You have to look for those that are like signatures that converge downward like a angle or for those that are heads (head = capita in latin), those that are stylised and symbolic, for example may resemble a butterfly.

I foresee a long overdue war and fighting at this symbolic level.

It is occult it was used to close people vision of harmony, creating the laissez fair. Street wise example a group of females with a baby toddler on the bus dont dare to ask the young male for the seat on the bus he is pubblically degrading his DNA with a smart phone.

One example, bus stop feel bad, the lighitng pole has a sticker made a 5 points star with red and black, in the middle top there is a circle it reminds the eye, there are other objetcs, something could be a sort of tube, it has a writing below ‘Since 1312’ Behind this bus shelter there is a circle of trees and a round place with a fountain. There are no police cameras there in that narrow spot ;-). Their places have markings and symbols. Going to bring more examples.

Also have some drawings taken from the dining room a wing of the geriatric hospital that feels, more calm and quiter than the other.

Ps. shush!

Here’s the pastel drawings from the refectory that is a better feeling location in the building. It is not possible to say, unless one start appending the same in the other refectory. All drawings have curved objects and smooth colors that, minus one that is purposedly made with separate angular objects similar to fragments, in an ‘entropic’ way, (some angles reminds me of the Peavey brand logo, of musical instruments and amps), also in this painting the colors shades are different. Deliberate or unconscious response of the artist. This drawing reminds illness and the others inpire more harmony and healing.

In the mean time there is a war wrath and story from mum. And waves dont like to be blocked by rubber feet their desire is to travel.

Couple of HHG down the line. The story that my mother asked me to remember and mention to people is this.

The 25thg April 1945 was the final fall of Nazi Fascism in Italy, that is when Milan was liberated. From her window, behind the shutters she and her mother Pierina could see the shooting in the street crossing outside. That street crossing had the railway track of the tobacco and cigarettes national manifacures, the train would come out of the factory, across going to the train staion about 1km up. (The high chimeny still there after the ugly industrial building conversion to flats which is takin about 6 years into completing for some reason).

She said between that crossin and the next one, where is now Asturie street. There was a kind of mound a low hill, and she dont know who was shooting to who. And she recalles, my dad was not at home. Why? Because he was at work at the main newspaper the Corriere della Sera (evening national paper) keeping it from the nazi or perahps criminal minded people to disrupt the newspaper functioning, occupy it and steal machinery, goods, equipment.

The story conitnues

One fascist worker threaten to the companions to surrender, to abandon the picket, or otherwise people will be executed, but he got kicked. Simply too late for this fascism.

Now the wrath in this house is part of the remembrance, Every year on the 25th April liberation anniversary, a small comitee, comes about all the places and houses where there have been victims and they put on a fresh wrath.

From the photo you can this house (about more than 100 families) had 6 losses, lost marines, lost partisan, unkown, and also Mathasusen concentration camp. My mother knew the family of mr Esposti reported died in Mathausen.

The stone with the nails was placed in November 1948.

Bag jobs… or war dont get supertisious or I fill it all the way to Berlin.

Here went two brothers at this site, Blancato their name, you can see the wrath is new. flipside there is a large pubblicity poster opposite. Talking logos, can u see ‘them’ on this poster? This is next the major geriatric of Milan the ancient ‘Trivulzio’. All hospital have a -1 or also a -2 floor if you get to it. Near chapels or mortuary service, there could be a double ceiling where to put the HHG or what have you got. Is not difficult to plant some orgonite in the gardens in the evening, outside camera view.

Will be posting the ‘Manu Invisble’ from the Lido where there is that fountain (gifted). Got off the tram suddenly the other day, got a ‘Freaky Bangers’ the drawing was kind of obscure, the lighting pole thanks.

EDIT, try a serch of ‘freaky bangers’ here’s found a ‘freaky pizza crust bangers’ image.

Here the search from the freaky pizza crust bangers gathers round the graphic artists full into scope.

many pizza here:



pizza baphomet

pizza cat

duck predator

crust banger 5 logo

devour life

kitty purry

… edit more

boytaur (note in purple)

in pizza we trust (note pyramid and one eye as on the dollar)

upgrade (robot)

stay puft smore (note strange head with top, the inside of cavities is purple)

hot dog costume

pizza booty

pizza infinity

pizza pyramid

pizza jesus (note embrace)

trash (note pink color of blades and fluids and pills)

alice in dreamland (note prepuberal girl with playboy bunny ears, cross necklace and praying like a virgin)

The above link with all the images from Pinterest has changed the content, those I had saved as preacaution can be seen here. had used the precaution the screen snapshot, there is the 'Login with Facebook or Google window. The images that I listed have disappeared.

This happened the same afternoon that the images were listed here. Its a demostration how sly is the snake, actually there are more than one snake to kill.

One moment they are doing business and is legit, the next moment they hide it from us.

They only hide the images from here, but they still do business.



many pizza here:




pizza baphomet

pizza cat

duck predator

crust banger 5 logo

devour life

kitty purry

… edit more

boytaur (note in purple)

in pizza we trust (note pyramid and one eye as on the dollar)

upgrade (robot)

stay puft smore (note strange head with top, the inside of cavities is purple)

hot dog costume

pizza booty

pizza infinity

pizza pyramid

pizza jesus (note embrace)

trash (note pink color of blades and fluids and pills)

alice in dreamland (note prepuberal girl with playboy bunny ears, cross necklace and praying like a virgin)

So in terms of determination and effectiveness, get lethal, arm both hands like in any terrorist event or a hollywood movie when you are out there, also fringe movies. :-)

Here is the archived webpage for the art gallerry zpizza and for the lookhuman site. Please take a look.

Gifting don’t stop

“we work in the same way, only in different areas”

Sinatra Elvis, All my dreams com through (manifesting) + witchcraft.

Maybe this answer the question about magic mafia. Note Elvis lift index finger, shus mouth, wording witch-switch (possession)

Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop, Gifting dont stop,

On the way back by bus and after the gifting, one woman with alien skull and eyes and dark skin Indian features next to another with latino looks, where doing something to my brain. The ET was reading it and empty it from recent memory the other was inserting misery.

It is okay to have fear, maybe why the Fire brigade got an HHG, in the area near via Boscovich the jesuit, and the Lazzaret, there is a mix of Indian Pakistani, blacks in this square area. Also plastered with the low down hotels on the via Vitruvio and Via Plinio, traditionally with the day and night prostitutes outside. Now with internet its probably different, more pizza maybe?

I dont remember if I have seen a ‘pine cone’ a widespread symbol of the occult on the building of the Fire Brigade.

Perhaps not so much the wicca but more the masonry and the ecclesiastic side of things.

Piazza Aquleia gfting count gone up got 2 hhg. There is more for this area next the ancient prison.

Showing you here Piazza Aquleia demon, If they dont assault me or else there is a chance this is going to become a long account of the streetwise psychism.Note the sticker, the green toungue has a drawing that resemble UNESCO but with a dynosaur and a child. The inside of the mouth is purple.The other demon is a stucco on the palace on the corner. Gifting dont stop,

Ok from the Lido of Milan where this thread started. The ‘Manu Invisible’ sticker. At the 98 bus stop overpowered by a spell ‘to not look around’. Strange since its like a park, why people there dont look or walk around. Then started noticing the dodgyness of some people, the again felt look away. There was also a feeling of uneasy madness, such as losing own control of the mind, after the looking around, as a side affect, so it was best avoided not to dare looking.

In fact after i buried the cone near the bus stop near the circle of trees with the low fountain inside, and with the backdrop scary graffity with the black dragon at the back I felt fear and that I was chased.

Only now, I discover the graffity the backdrop with the black dragon. During last week I buried a HHG, now also added a HHG outside a highschool in the next street. ‘Liceo Conti’ and also another school is there.

This is part of their spell, that kabbala that keeps things into the framework. This is untill some orgonite starts to be added into their operational theatre.

In the photos, the entrance of the Lido with the bas-relief of fascist era, the nasty look of the guy, (oh touh that wonderlust made to descend the misty valleys, travel across the seas…). The Radio Marconi big antenna toward the city, with the Allianz skyscraper.

Radio Marconi used to be Nova Radio, it is a christian network of radios, but they are not radio station that broadcast religion, its mostly music without commercials. For a few nights in the winter at about 3 am I noticed that the programmig of Marconi Classical played some lyrical contemporary tunes that sounded eerie and I started getting the feeling that phantom like beings were manifesting somewhere in the ether. Quite a strong impression, I switched the radio off.

Ask why many times you add orgonite to a place and only after your mind start noticing more details from the place. Walls talk.

You can enlarge the images to see the details that I mentioned, please take a look. There other images also from the Piazzale Aquileia that is in the previous post, that is the skull and bones chapel, there you can see also the pine cones, the inside where there are some skulls with the phemor bones as well. Behind this there is ancient church but is normally closed, they built a large modern church to St Francise that is entered from the street behind instead.

One image is a kind of blurred, from the bus route 98 just after gifting the high school, a strange guy came sitting there and you can pitch him in his multidimensionality.

There is a simple anecdote that Don asked me to post about who gives the seat on the bus to old people. Probably post it here or separately.

Touch wood then!

You can love look of wood, but wood is also esteemed for the touch feeling just confirmed by a frame maker I asked, the probably curing and ealing properties beside magical. The variations of the sound, you can try by dropping a small piece of each wood on the table and also hit with the wood the angle of a wood furniture or anything like table leg wood. Like something small the size of things for holding the washing or the handle of a wood spoon.

Beech wood undervalued by makers of modern instruments luthiers but much appreciated by plane makers. Woods are called also essences.

There is a inner city ring story of humanity that has evolved but not yet recounted. This is an anecdote that Don asked me to report.

There are is a particular bus route that has quite a bit of human history in this city of Milan, actually is the 90 and 91 circular. The bus are made of 2 joining carriages. They station at the Lido which is called Piazza Lotto (the painter not the 666 logo = money national lottery).

Over a period of years the travellers over these bus routes have been struggling, pushing each other, smelling others odours, fighting, for a place standing … al sort. The bright side, neer ever to have the bus fare checked. (you ll laugh if one or two people stamp the the bus ticket all round the bus circuit).

The bus has unspoken rules, where different ethinic people would place on the bus, the more destitute at the back. A really old Italian woman was offered the seat by a thirty somethiung Egyptian or Syrian man, I was sitting next and she commented that she was not expecting the same thing to happen if the guy there was an Italian native. Would be surprising the other way. Please see the photo above from the last post, how the young Italian guy carrie himself on the bus.

I told the old woman that she must look for good example every day coming from the low, that at the top there is bad example. That there is much less brutality and violence in this city, so that in order to find brutality she has get it on the Television. I told her to switch the TV news off, throw the medicines unless life saving and make herself a orange juice instead!

It is not the first time I saw that these men from the look of being Egyptians, or Syrians behave. Other nationality behave differently, so at least in this respect these men are more attentive, partecipating to the reality around them, less tunneled and more appreciated from the average Italian granny that dares to board this bus route.

With the occasion I have a fantastic announce to make pertinent with the inner city life and public transport, plus a fresh HHG there.

Since about the last 9 months or a 1 year there is a central Tram route that has become ticket fare free. Here is the touristic thrill, the tram 10 joins these stations Central Train Station, North Railways (Ferrovie Trenord), Sempione, and Porta Genova Railways.

Every day some small groups of 2 to 5 young blacks, get off right where there is the RAI the National State Television, the address is Via Alberto Riva Villasanta. The history say this road is named after the last Italian soldier that died during WWI. (!!! they counted until he was shoot, then it was all over?? It was not in vain private Riva!). The other thing about this central street is the Police is there, the special tributary police Guardia di Finanza (the yellow flames). So these these tourists get off punctually in Via Villasanta but they never return. They never travel back on the Tram 10 to go back. What is so particular, there is a railway track at the end of Via Villasanta. It seems to act like a magnet for a special tourism.

I have to thanks the municipality, the RAI State TV, the GDF for hosting the special place of interest and now I can go to the geriatric hospital and do not need to care about the ticket fare. Have a pleasent journey travellers from overseas may wonderlust be of luck for you all. They conned you to come over.

The report is I added a HHG at less than 200 mt from the main antenna of the State TV, there are already tbs at the other side towards the Jesuits schools and neighbour army place. There are other antennas because there is also a radio station, anyway any central avenue needs gifting, so the story goes. Key location gets more orgonite, in the winter have already put plugs in poles in and around Corso Sempione and 3 HHG about the park.

The devil in the metal work decor of 2 palaces, its on the entrance and on the balconies. See the geometry. This is the Via Sardegna opposite piazza Tripoli.

EDIT! Was being bashed for taking a photo of 5 aliens on a tram 10 they got off at the state Tv via Alberto Riva Villasanta, the chief of them that came at me had dilated pupil despite the plentitude of light, he was going to sort the matter right there, even when I probed I shall get off the tram number 10 of Milan in Corso Sempione (cheerio Open Borders George SoRosso), Alberto Riva Villasanta the last man standing in WWI was not in vain!

Are you gettin off then, sure? He probed back (in English) Alas that would have been HIM getting off at the spot with me with the last standing HHGs. The chief’s legal for taking that chance?

The chief was not a total fuse, it still made sense that I showed him the camera batteries had being emptied and I was sayin ‘No photo, no photo sorry man’. He conceded that it was down to asking the permission if ever (STREETWISE! check it!).

There were only girls on the tram but the driver. No more prematures then!

Chaz Mingus anyone?

Laissez Faire is the main inculcation. They will never programme too much rebellion in us, there will be always a Rambo or Rocky cassette to watch instead of the grabbing the wire cutters. ‘The praying with Eric - meditations for a wire cutters’ Mingus is a schizoprhenic case, but the other side of it is the programming.

Laissez Faire and you still can get what you like. Dont forget what you were fighting for soldiers…

This is from one guy that worked a few day as a projection techinician at the mafia trial ‘Operazione Infinito’. At the site of Piazza Filangieri 1, the first bunker tribunal that was originally built for the the trial of the trials like of the Terrorists Red Brigades.

Who was in that bunker, mafia sure, one guy was a doctor or a white collar from Pavia, associated with the Catholic president of Lombardy Mr. Formigoni (serving 6 years), (from Azione Cattolica heritage). The mafia had just cut to pieces Lea Garofalo the wife of a boss. The Italian justice system had not given her the protection scheme as for a justice collaborator. They eventually chuck her in a bin and burned her in Monza, San Fruttuoso. I put a HHG in the park dedicated to her in Via Montello Chinatown, the mafia HQ was there in Via Bramante.

Those areas used to be the life, full of artisans and shops, in the eighties was roamed by a crazy man with dogs and his chariot, he use to shout ‘They kill you with the waves, The Vatican kills you with the wave’. His name was CT, there are no longer village fools, alas. I hope China takes sides, all I can do is gifting. He painted his crazy concepts on the floors, not on walls. Just about like the old freedom fighters partisans were taught.

Something is not changed in the New World the soldiers and the coppers that work in the rich Milan still come from the destitute south of the nation, from Naples, Sicily, Latium, etc. Laissez faire take a break.

Here is another girl, one week in the hands of the italian fascists, just like the mafia. Obviously SHE KEPT THE KNOWLEDGE TO HERSELF.

Irma Bandiera, rip 14 Aug 1944, it reminds me why I started doing this, reading the book from Giorgio Bocca partisan from Piedmont. Whilst being gangstalked pysoped in Acton Town and Ealing Broadway in London.

IRMA BANDIERA body was dumped in the street outside her house. Remember the aliens will fight you for the truth of the photo but they they will not fight the enemies of Irma. Check it…

Laissez faire fashion and graffity. Shush boy, look down or away.

Re: “I hope China takes sides, all I can do is gifting.”

I’ve subjectively concluded that the same side owns all the sides. And that “East vs. West” is just another divide-and-conquer ruse.

I offer three supports for that thesis:.

  1. If I ever go to China I’ll make sure to go visit “The Pit of Blood and Hair” at the Temple of Heaven, one of their largest tourist attractions…no change in management in China that I’m aware of, then to now:…id=6156068

Human Sacrifices at the Temple of Heaven -
The Temple of Heaven is one of China’s leading tourist attractions. A tourist attraction that most likely has a sinister rarely discussed past. Human sacrifices.

  1. “Chinese and Japanese breeders are used for Gray Hybrids, as has been the case for thousands of years. Ever wonder why the big symbol of the Chinese culture is a RED DRAGON. That’s the Beast, dude. And you don’t even want to know about the REAL origins of the Chinese empire, do you? I didn’t. I was sick for a week.”
  • Don Bradley, 2004
  1. The Gobi is, needless to say, in China:

"I wonder if the Mongols, in those days, were directly controlled by the dark masters in the Gobi. It’s a subject that institutionalized historians seem to avoid like genital warts, so that means we probably need to dig into it to get a leg up on destroying this ancient corporate parasite that calls itself the New World Order. The psychics in the chats have always seen the dark masters as other than human but not reptilian or draconian. ‘Count Ste. Germaine’ seems to be related to them, as does old, ageless Pindar, the white-haired NSA jerk who had DB shot and one or two others we’ve encountered. These have been the only predators we haven’t been able to affect directly, at least until someone can get out to their Gobi rathole and drop a few dozen earthpipes into the sand from an ultralight airplane. I bet that region was green and fertile when they arrived. They’re kind of like an Algore in that they’re only happy in a lifeless environment, so they make their environment that way.

  • Don Croft, 2010

Not to sidetrack your thread, but “China coming to save us” is a real hot-button for me.

Sidetracking is welcomed! My presumption was side tracked by the odour of a small dog on that tram which I had programmed to despise dogs when they trample you, then I was almost derailed off tram.

The same day on a bus, the tickect was checked by the transport company inspectors (only not on the route 10 as we wish). The bus 81 had been boarded first by plain cloth police, 2 men then after a few stops down the line, the ticket inspectors from the transport company boarded and asked the ticket to the passenger. Also a woman boarded with them. The police didnt reveal his badge until a passenger refused to show his ID card.

Er that was me, and so on…

Today at the corner with Corso Venezia, where the innner city ring with the pay to enter starts, I met the soldiers of the ‘Safe Streets operation’ what the soldier had not seen was a sticker on the sign post, ‘STOP WAR NOT PEOPLE’ it had a logo in 2 colors ( I think was white and amber) like the infinity sign.

By chance a girl passed near the soldier, HEorSHE looked at female body dutifully, I looked straight at the soldier so he noticed that after I walked to the pole removed the above sticker, and as I walked past I put the sticker in the garbage bin, he and his comrade didnt say anything that I walked in and out the posh palace they were placed by.

Just to say I prefer not to learn from the cyberspace but to watch out the mapping of the matrix in the real 3d free space. Same with aliens, the next day after there was that alien Indian looking woman on the bus I realised was a friend and my preconcepts made me doubt about it.

China I refer to is from first hand day to day, I never read anything of what you are talking about. China they have strong families and when the earthquake stroke their community offered money from Milan Chinatown to Italy. That’s a 3D hint of the dragon to me.

Sure I am certain that there are white boys philantropists in the shadows that do well to others without the politics, they dont get side tracked.

For China I hope that they also notice and speak about the flow of clandestines. Or they provide more expertise and training for STREETWISE martial arts practices.

There is concern when a big building for infants has bricks on the windows. Needed to post these for a while for their contrast, It’s 3 buildings, we are at the back of the geriatric, via Soderini. One bulding misses all the windows, one building is underground work center, the other it has glass. I dont know who the guy on the phone is, it could be part of the forces maybe he was on that bus. The windoless building is the central implant of a orphanage institute or young handicapped the ‘Piccolo Cottolengo Don Orione’. The big Cottolengo is in Turin.

Carabinieri police (Carabinieri motto is ‘Fedeli nei Secoli’) car passed friday, guy in the back seat take a look at me, a sign of respect indifference is worst. Yesterday pacific rally of all the foreigners in Milan. The MSM: Milan is 'Receptive (has in hospitality) and tranquill. Back two days ago a 20 something with 2 blades gets at a cops and soldiers in the Stazione Centrale Main Train Station. On a light note picked up in a bookstore ‘Rivoluzione’ by Macron, I was wondering such a common surname, in Italy there Marcon in Venetia area, Marcona, Marconi, De Marchi, then I put the book down from his place just on the angle of the table at Hoepli Books, Bollati Boringhieri publishes Great Blavatsky, by Serra a Italian Woman Teacher from Geneve. Will post the logo of the community and work center Soderini, and a little Rivoluzione Comunista flyer taped to the pole. Artfully made clockwork mind control events.

Ah, Genova! Giuliana is about to receive some German Orgonite.Thanks!

Peado fishing stuff?

Milan nuisance just a passing cloud, however I recall never seeing people like visitors going in or out the Don Orion. Is there something fishy. WTF is this website on about, it contains dozens of strange hypelinks, all their TEXT is messed up in uncomprehensible fashion, and the images are also very odd, I started as I write to archive some randomly opened pages.

got hacked to a different page, I won a Samsung phone.

Saving this post

It’s a NSA phishing pedo or a shield? When you browse the site you can surf, when you use it automatically redirects the to a the ‘survey page’ interesting very much.

THIS IS THE WEBSITE (work by copy paste the links into

  • Edit there is also a page about a narcotic Lorazepam (Ativan) -

the home page does not have links, enter from the above and click on the links at the bottom of each subsequent page, the links in the text paragraphs exists but oly render blank white pages.

I saved a few as a .pdf file, will be mailing them to some EW contributors. If anyone has a better luck at archiving let us know.

Check the heart i hearth jewel on the above page. Of the dozen pages I opened, they all have strangely ordered language and codes, and all open at least 15 new pages. Is quite big, in .html

This thread is now fully derailed, will be posting the images from Genova, hopefully visitng the Bartolomeo degli Armeni church where there is that Jesus image, search brought up also a Maria Maddalena church in Bordighera (a city on the Genoan coast) and with San Bartolomeo Armeni.