Struck by lightening

(judylubulwa) #1

My internet cafe got struck by lightening this week. Since then, the net goes off and on every few minutes. Lots of my equipment has been destroyed, especially network cards, switches and hubs which connect my (15 or so) clients in their homes. This has also translated to fewer and frustrated customers in the net cafe

Our true source of income is the people we connect at home, many of whom have lost equipment (even though it was turned off during the storm), like fridges, cookers, computers, UPS’. This has set us back almost $1000 just to replace the equipments. I guess it will also mean no payments at the end of the month.

Don feels this may be a reprisal, and if it is, then its an efficient way of distracting from the work to be done here. Nairobi probably has the greatest DOR in this region, which I am dedicated to clearing. Georg, you’re right: attacks on prosperity can set one back. However, this is only making me more determined about what I need to do. I’m going to gift like me life depends on it – and it does!


(Anonymous) #2

Hey Judy,

Please send me a message, i can send you good working replacing second hand equipment for (almost) free!



(Egoli.buster) #3


just think of those westerns: When it’s really getting bad the cavalry is around the corner to rescue the beleaguered fort.

Only problem with that metaphor is that I always sympathised with the red indians in those movies, but you know what I mean…

Always when you think you can’t bear it any longer, something will happen to change the situation for better. So over time you build trust that things will be alright.

See you soon in Nairobi!


PS. for every attack, do one extra gifting round. So "They" always have a high price to pay for hurting you