Swiftdeer Workshop Book

Workshop book http://whale.to/b/swiftdeer_b.html

this is the Swiftdeer workshop book from about 20 years ago, where Jon whale http://www.whalemedical.com/cd1.html picked up the assemblage point (AP), for healing, knowledge. So, whatever they say about Swiftdeer, this knowledge came out thanks to him. Can’t think of anything more useful offhand, cured two people I know of depression in 2 minutes (one, my wife, from her dad dying, was off to get antidepressants which can addict you in 2 weeks).

Jon cured a friend’s ME as recounted here http://whale.to/v/ap_int.html

I would have called it shamanic knowledge. There is also other knowledge of moving it (AP) with the hand/intent to change state of consciousness, called the ‘shaman’s blow’, from memory.

The petty tyrant info is interesting, must be what I’d call alter egos. I know one with a pretty active petty tyrant, very well. [Image Can Not Be Found] Sure taught me detachment.

I can send this to anyone in word format [email protected] I’ll take it down in due course. No idea how to contact Swiftdeer, Jon has tried in the past with no success. I doubt if he knew he was giving out the knowledge, at the time.

I think it has been secret for long enough.

This is reptilian book http://whale.to/b/reed_b2.html author was found dead late last year, drowned.

Word version Swiftdeer http://whale.to/b/swiftdeer.doc

Alot of info there, I will have to check it out. I’ve read all of Carlos Castaneda’s books so I know about the assemblage point and the nagual’s blow. Just wish I had a power guide.

I’m in the Army so I’m in petty tyrant heaven/hell but it’s been a great experience in the end!