Sylphs & spraying devices

It’s a pleasure to post and share with all you, first some photos and more subjects in a short future. I’m posting from somewhere northern Barcelona, Sp., and I’ve been invited by Don, So, Thx a lot!!

I’m adding several links same for extremly nice sylphs … …:

1º []

2º Look at the effect once phjoto is solarized


3º [

4º Fantastic look Sylph hologramme


… and for aweful "Sprayers" devices

5º this photo with 2 spray pods on a truck come from an us navy base somewhere on the East Coast


6º Pod mounted under a wing


7º [

I still have another pic of a warehouse showing 2 spray pods already finished but nor hunged yet at imageshack.

Warmest Regards


Nice sylph photos 13th Level. What does “solorize” mean?

Well, first of all, I did not write it correct.

Solarizing photos you can get weird effects such as to stand out certain images. With other images it works different. I’ve realized solarizing Sylphs shape becomes more … …

Here you have more details (it’s the first site I’ve found right now while typing)

Warmest Regards


Bienvenido 13th Level, thanks for the sylph photos!

For what it’s worth, Wio of has been solarizing images for several years, an effect which, she claims, brings out “reptilian” features, implants, and a number of other odd things. Her website and bio are both extreeemely interesting, for her bio you need to scroll to the bottom of her page. Believe me its worth a look!

Wio also has a web forum which is over-ridden by mindless chatter, unfortunately. Her substantial posts don’t stand a chance for the most part.

Look how spoiled we’ve become!

You’ve got to have a strong stomach to look at the wiolawapress site in the morning… yuck…

thx to you all for accepting me. Truth is I hope to learn a lot from you all and also I am begging you a little bit of patience since my English Grammar is not as good as you could believe.

So, I did not know that wiola site. Another thing is I’m not any photo expert. I’m currently using an old v.6 paintshop pro and from time to time I like to solarize and turn into holograms some nice pics. Just because effects you get. On the other hand, I do not think so these sort of effects “show” nothing in particular other than weird effects. Of course I can not support what I’m saying but I became very distrustful with all this stuff and I’'l tell you why:

When Twin Towers were “demolished” (I do not want to start a thread about this; just mention “photo effects”) many of you probably saw those terrifiying “faces in the smoke”, … … but that was not real. I browsed a lot of time till finally I found some programmers had modified a software originally written to show “faces” in landscapes (woods, mountains, etc.) to “show”, now, “faces in the smoke”. Any of you have seen The Recruit??? Wow! I can’t forget that sentence “Nothing is what it looks”.

Warmest Regards


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