Texas Flooding (No Tornadoes ;-)

Greetings! My name is ++++ from Texas, and I have read about orgonite, you as the founders of the magnificant discovery, and how it works. I am fortunate to find a website, http://www.ethericwarriors.com , so that I know I am not alone to fight against NWO, mind control agenda and such.

Here is a thing that happen in Texas around the last week of May 2015, if you have read the news: First come heavy thunderstorms for a few hours, with heavy rains, hails, and winds at the same time. Some places in Texas got flooded very fast, killing at least 10 people, left thousands of people homeless, and thousands of cars left defected. Intuitively, I don’t feel like this is natural at all, and I am thinking if this is caused by weather manipulation by secret agency. Although I have 2 chembusters and gemstones to assist them at my home, and I think they help reduce the effects of the so called disaster in my area, I don’t feel like it’s enough to actually fight back against weather abnormality.

I would continue to support the best of humanity, and I would be grateful to know if there are more Texans knowing to use orgonite technology to reduce/eliminate weather control, mind control and such

Best regards

Good to hear from you, ++++, and congrats for finding EW, which is the only orgonite forum site in English that isn’t operated by the NSA/CIA. We actually like the relative obscurity because the flakes get filtered out and I mainly get to deal with substantive people, now.

In fact, the USAF has been conducting weather warfare against North America for decades and in recent years tornado deaths had been increasing almost exponentially. Four years ago, Carol and I decided to see whether we could stop them, as we did the hurricane agenda in 2006. We’d moved to Florida in 2005 when the hurricanes were increasing in intensity and deadliness.

So she dowsed the US map to find the air force’s primary weapon arrays. My daughter was getting married in Boston that fall, so we did the arrays along the northern part of the US. Some Canadians took care of the one near Winnepeg shortly after that. Tornado severity and murders sharply declined the next spring except in the deep south. Last fall we did the Southern targets and I don’t think anyone has been killed by tornadoes yet, this year.

Orgonite cloudbusters (we’ve never called our invention ‘chembusters;’ that was foisted on us by disinformants) will balance local weather for about a 30 mile radius and floods are highly unlikely to happen within that area. There are scores of them in and around Houston and the rest of the area where the flooding happened and, generally, when storms overcome the effects of CBs it’s the result of considerable effort by the air force and related agencies. These days, it probably takes ten times more effort for them to achieve these effects and I suspect it’s a ‘diminishing returns’ situation for them. Note the absence of tornadoes, even though the conditions were perfect for them ;-)

The media will play up the flooding, of course. If you know people in the disaster areas, ask them about the real situation. Weather Channel lies a lot, we found out in Florida. As the internet becomes more established, more people will automatically disbelieve what they’re told by talking heads on TV. That said ,most of the alternative data on the internet is NSA/CIA disinfo, of course. This only causes us to exercise more discernment and these parasitic agencies are no longer able to censor us, after all.

All of the death towers and weather weaponry in and around Houston were flipped by a group of people over ten years ago. Typically, the sewer rats won’t build enough new death towers to restore a poisonous atmospheric condition. I suspect that the damage done in your area was achieved remotely, perhaps from hundreds of miles away and from several directions. It’s only a matter of time before all of the millions of death towers and weather weapons have been turned into life force generators with simple orgonite. It’s a numbers game but our numbers are growing and this is not an organized effort, so it can’t be infiltrated and neutralized. It’s a grassroot movement that’s not based on personality.

There are a lot of people doing this in Texas but most people who do this work don’t like to have a public profile, nor do they network online. I think that’s a positive feature of this grassroot effort. Fortunately, one can achieve miraculous results with simple methods, so a support group isn’t really necessary. Without this international forum, though, there would be no credible record of any of these amazing achievements and our record is only a very partial one, at best.

I’m posting your note anonymously and if someone in Texas whom I trust contacts me and would like to network with you he/she can contact me at [email protected]. When we travel we see evidence that a great deal of this work is being done across the continent.