The 8 pipe CB post

Ettore Bilinski , one of my closest associates in Italy , and an hobbist radionics asked me to post this 8 pipe

CB picture , he says that the number 8 could be better than the 6 because in nature and fractal geometry

it represents harmony , ancient Tao also take the numeber 8 in very high consideration.

Psychics tell me what you feel about it !

And for the records, we’ve reached the number of 22 “official” CBs in Italy , with the first official one in south Italy ,

and still counting !


Hi Igor,

I am no psychic, but I can sometimes tell about CBs from photos. The 8-pipe one does not seem to be working nearly as well as a standard 6-pipe one.


Do aluminum pipes work fine for cloudbusters like the copper pipes? thanks, Jose

Hi Igor,

I have viewed this picture several times to give a clear assesment.

To give quick background, I am certified to weld aluminum pipe,

and have use Swiss made, Hufftegger welding machines to apply high frequency current to aluminum pipes to weld, in a Helium/Argon shield, a mig feed .

This CB has a similar energy signature as the electrically charged aluminum pipes that I have welded.

I find the energy plenty strong but, screechy like fingernails on a blackboard.

Not the sweet smooth waveform of copper pipes.

This is the first aluminum pipe CB I have seen, and am thankful for the opportunity.

It is effective.

What stands out for me is the frequency generated by the aluminum pipes.

This is NOT a vote against this type of construction, but the difference is noticable and curious.


Thanks, Kelly and Dennis, for the insightful comments and thanks, Igor, for extending the enquiry. I hope you’ll play around with your friend’s radionics suggestions some more. a ten sided figure is reputed to aid radionics efforts, so maybe I’ll try a little ten-pipe CB/weapon to aim at those dark lenticular clouds we’ve seen occasionally and then ask my wife to evaluate it in the field. I now think those may be the interface with HAARP for the ‘spacemen’ that Dr Reich told about. The basic orgonite cloudbuster design that CArol and I conceived is a glamor-challenged workhorse, not a racehorse or pet pony. The more people will experiment with other configurations, the better our understanding of the dynamics will be, perhaps.

Much of what folks have been trying has worked. Kelly’s method of twisting the pipes around to enhance the parabolic energy pattern creates a speciic effect, for instance, and adding items to the ‘nexus’ area, somewhere above the base of the CB, also generates some good effects.

Africa’s first cloudbuster, in Namibia (Gert Botha’s, June 2001) was half-scale and had a hodgepodge of aluminum and copper pipes of various lengths and diameters but that one stopped every sandstorm in its tracks, causing a visible wall of falling sand at the hundred-meter-diameter ‘eye’ of calm in the middle of the raging wind, gradually stopping the apparently HAARP-generated storms altogether for the first time in living history.

Nobody can make an argument that any metal is unsuitable for CB pipes, of course, though others agree with Dennis that copper is desirable. Carol and I traded
Gert’s hastily-made one for a bigger one and we put Gert’s in a place of honor: the big, reptile-infested vortex on Brandberg in the Namib Desert to the north.

Someone intends to experiment with Oruruzing a CB, and I encouraged him to do it, then report on it here.

One drawback of this research is that just almost everything works so well that it’s sometimes hard to find the ‘supriority’ margin and now that there are so many CBs around it’s been difficult to find a ‘pristine’ DOR field in the atmosphere, anywhere. It’s a nice problem, though

I finally finished the egg-shaped CB base mold (a thousand bucks spent on silicone–sheesh) and will make one of those this summer to try at sea. I just have a hunch that it might work better out there than the regular base shape might. We’ve been easy meat for HAARP (or space jerks?) on our sea-gifting safaris and I aim to stop that. I got the idea, years ago, when Carol and DB said that the field shape generated by the CB base is egg-shaped, with the fat end at the bottom. I’ll use longer, slightly wider pipes for that to increase the range a bit and I’ll load up the base with interactive material, since we’ll be using it personally muchof the time–will also add a Succor Punch with obsidian added, as that’s seemed to work very well for us. One of these days, someone will put a CB on a cruising boat, long-range fishing boat or ship.

Some things don’t help at all, like adding a pipe in the center or using plastic pipes or magnets on a CB. I leave it to more energy sensitive folks than myself to offer advice on stuff like this. There are a few reputable ones in the network now, thank God, and people are seeking them out, which is gratifying to Carol and I.

Thanks Don , Dennis and Kelly for the precious insights, I will translate and report your comments

to Ettore , he’s impatient to hear from the network.

There are now so many people in Italy emailing me that they’re going to biuld a CB that I think we

will soon be the first european nation for the number of CB present , I expect the number to surpass

the 50 units before the end of the summer, in a small country like this isn’t it an overcrowding of CBs ??

Nice problem tough