The Agitated Birds

Theres been lots of talk lately at my local "whiskey, amunition, post office and gasoline store about the birds acting very agitated in the mornings. Ravens were of particular note to me, perching close as I walked to work and yaking, as I walked they would follow and yak. The little song birds sound agitated, not the ussual melodic morning ritual.

The weather has been hot in the day and rain in the night. there is moisture about 18inches deep. The crops and gardens are growing like crazy. A far cry from 4 years ago when people from eastern canada shipped out hay bails to help us out.

Theres been little attempt to “spew” the sky here, and some times they try to make the sky go rippley but with little effect, not like years ago when they did it with impunity. Me thinks there trying something new, any thoughts?


Well, I found out today why. On monday August 14th a tragic thing happened not far from here. The birds saw it. The birds and animals do try to communicate. I will have to try to be more receptive.