The boosting request

Dear EWs,

I would like to ask you for some boosting help.

My life has recently gone through a transformation, (I’m sure in no small part due to orgone!), one of the results of which is me having returned to study at university. My daughter has just started school and my wife is just finishing her ceramics degree, so we are all at school now!

Part of my reason for going back to study is the intellectual fulfillment and grounding, and the other is having the qualifications to access the income that I need to manifest my vision for my family and community. Thestudies side of things is going great, themoney side of things not so… I am getting chased by tax people for @£1500 of their made up amounts and have got completely refused any financial assistance for my studies. I will be appealling for my student finance and will engage the help of my reichian devotee magistrate friend for the tax stuff.

Any boosting you could offer would be gratefully received

Warm Thanks,


P.S. I am working with a lady who does biolumanetics, (to do with making our bio-energy coherent), to develop orgonite pendants that contain specific frequencies that she works with. I’ll let you know how the experiments turn out!

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