The Chasing Spooks

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of freeway blogging and gifting north of Boston in

Boxford and Georgetown MA, on the overpasses along RT 95.

Yesterday was a calling all SPOOKS out day .

My latest freeway banner going up around Boston is "911 an Inside Job"

I make them out of 3’ rolls of paper drop cloth, spray paint and packing tape to

stick them to the chain link fencing installed along the bridges going over the freeway.

In the month since I started putting them up, I’ve seen a MA State Trooper rip one down with the vengeance of a mad man on steriods. I then had the pleasure of having an Officer Friendly from the Weymouth MA police department tell me right after I put one up to take it down, because his Sargeant ordered him to take them down.

He told me his trunk was full of the torn up paper and packing tape.

He did say I could keep it up if I stayed with it though, so I did stay an hour and half and then I took it down that day .

His demeanor was I"m a lazy SOB, with a brain the size of a pea and I do what I’m told, since I have only 18 months left in a 30 year career of eating donuts and sitting on my lazy ass and to hell with Free Speech or Exposing the Truth about 9-11.

YESTERDAY took the Cake though .

I had put up 4 banners, 2 south of Boston and then 2 on the north shore.

I had just finished putting a banner in Boxford when I noticed a late model

blue pick up truck pulled off to the side of the road a 100 yards away from the bridge.

The driver was wearing a blue bandana over his heard, had sunglasses on and pretended he was on his cell phone.

As soon as I passed him he took off and got behind me and followed me for a few miles until I came up to the center of town and pulled into the supermarket parking lot.

The whole time he was following me he had his flip phone pointed at the rear end of my car.

The SPOOK followed me into the parking lot and stopped next to my car with his camera phone still pointed at us. I said to the SPOOK, let me get your photo and he said don’t bother I got yours. I then said no, no, I’ll take it.

I grabbed for my camera and got out of my car to take his photo. He realized I was going to take his photo so he stepped on it to leave the parking lot.

I ran after him through the parking lot until he spun out onto the main rd.

I was yelling at him too, I wont repeat what I was saying here.

Well, MR. SPOOK, since when are you to engage the target and get in his face making it

soooooooooooooo easy to get your picture taken and posted on the internet, potentially ending your career with the agency ?

The exact reason for the tail , I don’t know since I’m not inimidated by them and in fact I am all about taking their photos and putting them on the net. This loser obviously was new at this game. Anyway, he left, we left and we didn’t see him again,

but the banners were ripped down shortly after I put them up,

which means they are spending huge amounts of resources to follow me and locate the banners and then the energy having to rip them down.

WHY LOSERS are you doing this ? Do you understand that they keep going up whether you take them down or not ?

2 hours after they took the banners down I put another 2 back up !

What a way to reveal the criminal spook apparatus by following me around and the me taking your photos ? Next time I go freeway blogging I’m going to wait at the overpass until you come along and then take your photo ripping it down. Better yet, I’m going to video it and put it on YOUTUBE. Are you ready for that ? It’s going to happen if you take anymore down.

Telling this story to a few friends has them wanting to put banners up too.

So, Spooks by getting in my face yesterday you just got 3 more FREEWAY BLOGGERS activated and eager to help raise awareness, not to mention any folks on the internet who also get encouraged to do the same after reading this post .

Yesterday was a win for the Truth and a loss for the Spooks.

Spook photo being uploaded shortly

The "911 Ripple Effect
Media Complacency, Explosions, External Equipment, And More

Paypal gas money for gifting and Freeway Blogging to

[email protected]

Omg, I hit a nerve.

Just like last week and the week before and the week before that, the CRETINS are working overtime to REMOVE my FREEWAY BANNERS .

Yesterday was no exception.

I put up banners on Cape Cod and within hours they were removed .

The best was the 2 I put up on a bike only bridge crossing RT 6 the main highway on Cape Cod in Harwich.

The LOSERS had to walk a 1/4 mile to get to them to remove them, since there is no car ramp at the bridge and the nearest parking lot for the bike trail is 1/4 mile away.

Needless to say, I went back at the end of the day and put another one up in it’s place.

Why are they so determined to remove the and 911anInsideJob

banners ? I don’t get it. If the freeway blogging the Truth is so important for them to stop, I urge any able bodied person to do the same on a freeway overpass near them .

Then take a digital photo of and post it on the internet.

If you want to support this effort, but can’t physically send me some gas money to

[email protected]</a> You will feel great for helping the Awakening .

There is a huge death tower less than 1 mile from the bike bridge, so I gifted that at the same time

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